Bad Valentine's Day Gifts
Queer Geek's Food Court Encounter With A Salesman: This Explains Why I'm Single


Queer Geek

So sad. So true. They should have also added. Attach gift receipt. I can begin to tell you how many women return their gifts after Valentine's Day (and yes even diamonds) because they wanted something bigger and better. V-Day can suck it!

Drug Store Diva

The best part...."I was just looking for the bathroom"

I hate Valentine's Day. If you love your significant other, you don't need Hallmark telling you to buy cards, candy, flowers, stuffed animals (dust collectors), or other random crap because you waited until the last second and the stores are now sold out of everything good.


Wanting bigger and better diamonds? Sheesh! How shallow and self centered! I can understand if it were a clothing item that didn't fit or something...but when it's something as expensive as grateful hussy!
My forite part of Valentines day is all the half priced candy afterward, and the half priced decor in pink/red and hearts....cause handtowels or drinking glasses with hearts on them aren't too terribly holiday specific.

Queer Geek


I use to sell Fine Jewelry and it always made me mad when I'd take the trouble of showing something special to a gentleman for a lady friend only to have it thrown back in face because she wanted something bigger that some random celebrity wore. (For the record, celebs rent jewerly. Very few own it.) I hate it when custys connect the two.

Book Baby

I bought my DH a Kindle book for Valentine's Day. He was thrilled. Think outside the box. He is dieting, so specifically said NO candy. Plus, it's one of his (and my) favorite books!

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