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Blogskull3Brian The Werewolf:

I’d like to have a bit of a discussion about a problem at work that's beginning to really get on my and everyone else's nerves.

We have an employee at work who has the annoying habit of showing up when he wants to, going on break when and for long he wants to, and just sleeping at his desk when he wants to for over a year and from what everyone says, longer than that. For example, yesterday he was supposed to be clocked in at 9:00 but didn't show up until 10:40. He left on an unapproved lunch around 12:15. He didn't return until well after 5:00 PM and left barely two hours later for the night for the end of his shift. 

For the two hours he was here, he slept at his desk, took one phone call, got up and walked around, talked to other supervisors and agents half a call floor away in a totally different department, slacked off, etc. What bugs me is that he has done these kind of stunts for well over half a year and has even exploded in the face of our call center director and yet he still has a job. He has never once been written up for this, not sent home, nothing. He does right in front of the OPs manager and the supervisors.

They laugh with him and smile. Last night I logged out of my phone for less than two minutes to wrap up an account and I was being yelled at within thirty seconds of logging out.....how does this guy do this? Simple. He sells drugs to the supervisors and staff and they can't punish him without exposing themselves. The rest of us are expected to give a one line explanation as to why we are late if we are late by email every time. I have yet to see this asked of him.

A2I'm going to be late this morning on purpose by maybe 10 minutes to see what happens and see if I get in trouble for it and if I do, I'm going to start raising some serious questions because every time I've brought up this guy's behavior, the response "he doesn't work for me." Then who the hell does he work for as there are only two supers and an OPS manager if he doesn't work for my supervisor, he surely has to work for the other one and damn sure he does for the Ops manager.

How in the world should this be handled? What should I do or say? The vendor I work for has no drug screening policy to get hired. There is also the risk that if its exposed, the client could pull the entire project from the vendor, costing us over 2,000 jobs, mine included. Yikes.

--Brian The Werewolf



Lady red

Hmm that seems like a tough situation. Is there someone above the Supervisor that you could go to and voice your concerns? Because the behavior of that co-worker is completely unacceptable.

Bored at the Bookstore

Yikes is right. The guy definitely has someone's goodies in a bag. Or he's the CEO's son-in-law. There has to be some reason no one is willing to face him down - blackmail and extortion and nepotism; any one or a combination of the three would do.

I feel for you. The only way would be to cautiously probe upwards on the food chain until you find someone who isn't obligated to or afraid of Mr. Entitlement... But you could be putting your own job on the line if you don't reach high enough on the very first attempt.

If you can prove the drug dealing, maybe you could drop a dime on him? But that would require something other than just office rumors before the cops would be able to react, of course. And you might then also take out Mr. Entitlement's buyers as well... Possession is a no-no, too, of course, but a larger amount with intent to sell would net a stiffer penalty. Are you prepared to be a whistleblower? Because those who do quite often face retaliation in various forms.

Or you could just wait for karma to finally catch up with the office slacker... what goes around, comes around, if you're patient. Maybe a new, sober/teetotal-type boss?

The Last Archimedean


Maybe you could go to your local police department an volunteer to wear a wire, then become this guy's best customer until the police have the evidence they need to bust him.

Or maybe you could make an anonymous report to HR, if your company has such a department.


This place is awful for drugs. The police are out there every other day and if the cops see you driving by with a parking tag or wearing an ID badge from the call center, they have permission from the city to stop you and question you and search your car for drugs. Half the supervisors are on the take and the employee handbook is so forgiving with drugs its hard to say what could if anything be done. I think I will just hunker down and bear it for a few months until I can get a job in Marion and move up with the hubby now that we have our apartment secured and mostly moved in. I just hope I don't end up pulling my fur out in the process. Thanks guys and gals for the advice. You guys always are awesome.

Bitch Boy

This is just an idea:

Plan A - Find a pay phone. Make an anonymous phone call about a drug ring within the company being led by Mr. Sunshine. Make sure to "speculate" about the bossmen being part of the distribution system. End call and wipe your fingerprints off the phone.

Plan B - Find a pay phone. Make an anonymous phone call to HR (gruffing your voice a bit). Tell them you've seen Mr. Sunshine dealing drugs on company time to the managlement staff and then seeing managlement distribute to other employees (even if it's not true, they are still part of the problem). End call and wipe your fingerprints off the phone.

Su Chan

Two words: "Anonymous tip-off"


Here's a crazy thought: he might not work there anymore. (remember Office Space?) He could be a former employee where management "forgot" to deactivate his access because he's their supplier, and all this guy does is come in, supply his contacts, make a few calls to his other “clients” and then goes to do whatever. Stay strong and hopefully you get out of that hole sooner rather than later.


Wow, this is literally like something you would see in a sitcom, except for it being hilarious it's horrible. That guy is a loser and hurts reputations everywhere. I have friends with green cards for legitimate physical problems. They would never sell, much less get special treatment for it, and all of them are good workers for the few jobs available to them. They don't slack off or sleep, they control intake and work through it. Sorry for the mini-rant, it just annoys me that this guy chooses to do drugs and mess up at work and is covered by it because he deals. No bueno.

Anyway, I think you are between a rock and a hard place and you have to decide between 2 really ugly choices: grin and have to deal with your current work place condition (except for lazy guy and that unfairness, is the rest of the job at least okay, like no sexual harassment, cheated of hours, or the other usual stuff we see here?), or you can risk the job and your company to turn them and the upper level bosses in. Either way, this needs to end. There are so many people who could use the jobs that are responsible enough not to let their personal stuff affect office politics, these bums need to be replaced.

Whether you do it now or do it when you leave, please get them turned in. It's not acceptable in the slightest. And while it is admirable that you want to be the one to question the behavior, please don't purposely let yourself get in trouble to do it. I know you want to make a point, but is there another way to do it without letting yourself get in trouble? No one wins if you get fired. I hope everything gets sorted out and that you can be in a work place that is fair and good (oh pale dream of RHUers everywhere).


Just an FYI on a similar situation, I left a large corporation for a smaller firm. The original "Manager" would come in late, talk on the phone, make lunch (we had a small kitchen), then spend 2 hours cleaning up and then leave early! All in all, she did about 1-2 hours of actual work each day. After 1 year of dragging her ass around, bringing the computer system into the current century, and taking over the majority of her work, I told the boss it's me or her. He chose her due to the fact she had been there for 17 years. I left - they have had 3 more people in my position and are on their 4th. Sometimes it is better to leave.


Instincts are saying tell the cops, either straight-up or anonymously. If you want to keep your job for now, maybe wait until just before you leave?

I don't know how they work it, though--if you're connected to it they may pull you in for statements or whatever, which'd be hard if you're moving. But again--clueless here.

Best of luck!


Document, document, document. Dates, times, witnesses, names and incidents. I can't stress this enough because it will be the thing that saves your skin if you are fired or about to be fired. Make sure if you have to confront your manager about this, you make a copy of your documentation and bring that, not the original, in case he wants to grab it and tear it up, or attach it to a write up. If you don't give him a copy, you may never see your paper again. Also, if you are fired, you can use this documentation to show why you shouldn't have been fired so you can get unemployment. If worse comes to worst, you may even be able to get a lawyer and sue if you have to on the strength of what you've recorded. One other thing you maybe - and this is a big maybe because it can backfire on you if you're caught - can do is to carry a small voice activated recorder in your pocket if you have one. That way when something happens, you can play it back and transcribe at leisure and not worry about getting yourself further in trouble by stopping to write something that just happened. Good luck!


Kelly: That's all well and good, but Brian the Werewolf should know his state recording laws first:


Otherwise, any recording he does can lead to a lawsuit on HIM for violation of privacy. I'm lucky, I live in AZ, so only 1 person has to know I'm taping, and that's ME.

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