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Blogskull12Hey ya'll, this is Samzilla from the comments. I lurk, I comment, and now I post.

I come to you seeking advice. I'm trying to move May 1st from NJ back home to PA. Not that bad of a move, but it's still 1.5-2 hours away. Most of us know the stress about finding a place to live, and what's more is the stress to find a new job. For me there is no transferring since I work at a law firm, and I plan on never working in an office environment again. I'm going to be applying for overnight stock jobs so I don't have to face custys.

Here's my dilemma though. Even though I'll be applying for jobs and living spaces at the same time, unless the gods are smiling down on me, I won't be given both at once. So what do I do? Do I take a job without knowing where I'll be living or if I'll be able to get a place? Or do I find a place to live (have enough for deposit and 1st month rent) and apply and call everywhere in hopes of getting a job?

Another question that just popped into my mind: How do I make sure to get over minimum wage. The county I'm moving to, it's where I grew up and where all my loved ones live, but it's also expensive. I wouldn't be able to survive on minimum wage, living in the cheapest place in the county and be able to afford utilities and pay back my student loans. I am looking into a roommate, but it's hard finding someone who is not only willing to live with me, but someone I trust, since last time I had roommates I ended up moving out with almost none of my dishes, wii games and controller :/

Thanks in advance for any advice and help I get. I'm hoping this post makes sense as I'm stressed and haven't had a good night's sleep.





Jobs are harder to find. Once you have a job, look for temporary accommodation like a sublet or month to month lease until you find what you want. Might mean moving twice but at least you'd end up with the job and place you wanted.


Well, theres plenty of websites for looking for roomates. You can either move IN with someone or have someone move in with you. Theres lots of info on the site and you can get to know the person, meat up and all that, you can also set restrictions, such as age, non smoker, male/female. Etc. So I suggest looking into those. Look into getting a job now, I say. Even if you don't have a job secure, perhaps you can live with a loved one? And pay a rent to them/do chores in the house.


I'd say job first, then living space. Worse comes to worse you could rent out a cheap motel for a week or two until you can find something at least temporary. Good luck !


Sounds like Bucks County, PA for me... I feel your pain! I say job first...


I have to concur. The availability of places to live will always be there (though the choices may not be up to your desires or standards) but jobs are never a sure thing. There is no point in waiting to get a place since if you don't find a job you'll be out on the street the second your money runs out. Look now and look often and (sadly) look everywhere. I understand not wanting to deal with customers ever and I don't know what the city you grew up in is like, but it is hard to get a job that pays significantly more than minimum wage, especially one that does not deal with customers in some way or is also not in an office, so you may have to look at retail positions. Me and my friends are poor college students/new grads with bills to pay and little money to do it with (especially those of us with college loans and masters degree that have few job openings), so I hope everything goes well for you! Good luck, Samzilla!


Hey guys thanks for the advice. I should have mentioned I have 3 cats so it's a bit harder to find a place plus loved ones tell me I have to get rid of my cats if I want to stay with them. I guess when I go up to the area next week for a dentist appointment I'll start applying for jobs everywhere.

@Dev: Close-Montgomery County and I'm trying to avoid living in the ghetto this time


@Sam - I definitely feel your pain. Bucks and Montco are so flippin expensive.


You might also go ahead and take a minimum wage job to start if one becomes available. That way you have something to live off of while you continue to look for a better job. This is especially true if you are going in with no experience or local references. Everyone else living there wants more then minimum to survive as well, so those jobs are flooded with applications. There is no magic trick to making a higher salary, even if you have the education or experience to back you up.


Since you're not moving for a couple months, I'd say get a job (or two!) lined up first. You don't want to get a living space first, look for a job, can't find one, and then have burned through all your money and be in a bad spot. Like other people have said, it may mean living in a motel for a few weeks until you find something more permanent, but it sounds like the safer option.


@Ladybelle: I had 2 past jobs be in retail. So hopefully That experience gives me a small one up, plus I don't do drugs and that gives me a huuuge one up since the areas I'll be in aren't as...clean lol.


Agree, job first... You can always grab a short term place on craigslist. Mall security is almost always hiring.. And they pay ok. Don't need any special skills either. Except king of Prussia..... I think they're a little stricter.

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