Departmenet Store Retail Hell Worsens After Two Days Off
RHU Advice: Drug Dealing Lazy Coworker Gets Special Treatment


The Last Archimedean

It could have been worse. The student could have tried the Imperius Curse, or worse yet Sectumsempra. *laughing*



Queer Geek

I guess Voldemort was this kid's teacher.


At least he didn't call her a filthy mudblood.

Drug Store Diva

Makes me wish Harry Potter was popular when I was in school. I had a few Muggle teachers.


The student should have walked up to the teacher and in the sweetest voice possible say:

"My you look quiet erinaceous today!" and then have the student walk off.

See if the teacher got it.

Bitch Boy

Aren't Muggles just people without magical powers?


@Brianthewerewolf -- *snork* But hedgies are cuuuute!

@Bitch Boy -- Yup.




Teacher should have called him a Squib


What kind of teacher can't deal with being called "muggle"? At my middle school I swear there wasn't a day that someone didn't get written up for calling the teacher a b*tch, or f*g, or what have you. Kids are kids. Some are hellspawn, fewer are heavenspawn, and all of them are hormonal wrecks of nature that go through an age where curse words are a wonder.


I'm betting the teacher was a squib.


Did the teacher even know what the term meant?

And are we teaching our children to be that sensitive when they grow up? I understand you have to be respectful but this is really toeing the line.


This wouldn't bother me. I do draw the line at kids swearing in my class though. Or using derogatory terms. But muggle? Oh well.

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