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Retail Hell Memories: Annoying Manager Calls Repeatedly During a Rush and Gets Told In a Surprising Way

BookstoreslaveOkay, so I have a memory from the Bookstore Slave's D-GAS scrub store where we had no managers.

Now when I say we had no managers, that means there were no managers in the store, and none gave any damns to help us out from other stores. Not that managers wouldn't harangue us constantly; because they wouldn't help us, but they chewed on our asses till WE helped THEM.

Get this. It's 10 am. The store's been open for all of an hour. A sale has spurred customers to come in our rinky-dink-out-of-the-way store and we have a line 5-7 deep, all waiting patiently for the one poor cashier --me-- to ring them up. I am the only one in the store at this point, which normally isn't a problem because most people don't shop at this hour in this boondocks part of the mall. And I get a call. From a manager... at our sister over an hour's drive away.

I answer the phone even though I've got someone in front of me. The manager wants me to go find a particular scrub shirt that she wants for her own personal shopping. Why she was calling me on store time for personal shopping I have no idea. I tell her that I have a line 7 people deep and can she call me back in like 10 minutes?

10 minutes. We usually know how much time that encompasses.

She says yes and I ring up the lady in line in front of me. She JUST finishes her transaction a whopping 30 seconds when the phone rings again. I again answer, and again it's the same manager demanding that I drop everything to go find this shirt.

OCTOCAROL 351Me: I still have a line. You only gave me 30 seconds. I need 10 minutes. I can't look now.

I hang up and help the next two ladies, 2 minutes pass. The phone rings again. I still have a line of 4 people and another three have wandered in from parts unknown. I grit my teeth and answer. Same manager. Same shirt.

Me: I still have a line. I said 10 minutes. I MEANT 10 minutes.

Manager: Why can't another employee look this up?!

Me: Because I'm the only one here!

 So I hang up.

If you guessed the phone rang AGAIN a minute later, pat yourself on the back.

By now the whole line knows that this is going to be one of those days and groans audibly and I, Bookstore Slave, slipped up. I take one look at the number calling and yell out "GOD DAMMIT!" before the whole store.

The retail gods were smiling on me this day, because one of the customers at the end of the line takes pity on me and storms over.

AwesomecustysBlessed Guest: Is this the same number that's called four times in the last 5 minutes?

Me: Yes. I'm sorry about the delay--

Blessed Guest: Gimme that thing.

BG answered the phone and barks out: This is a customer in the store! We have a big line and you're slowing us down! Every time you call, this poor cashier has to stop what she's doing to answer it. There is NO ONE to help you find a shirt! Call back later or come over yourself and look for the damn thing! If you call again in the next ten minutes, I will be calling whoever the hell it takes to get you written up!

She slams the phone down to applause from the audience and grateful tears from me. Then another miracle happens. She goes to the back of the line and waits her turn. When I'm done with her and the crowd has dispersed she continues to hang around, keeping an eye on her watch. She's actually TIMING it. When 15 minutes pass and no further phone calls occur, she smiles at me, wishes me a less stressful rest of the day and leaves.

The manager never did call back to get help with the shirt she wanted, and if she came in person, it wasn't on my shift.

May all your customers be nice,

--Bookstore Slave

Tax Office Hell: Parents Bringing Their Hellspawn


I miss you guys!

Now that tax season is over and my H&R Chock office is closing, perhaps I can share with you some of the interesting people I've had this season. I must admit that working in a place that people consider to be an office is much nicer because people tend to behave a little better.

There are a lot of creeps. Creeps file taxes.

I had funny adorable old guys hitting on me (low on the creep meter), to middle aged guys trying to rub my back (mega-fucking-high on the creep meter).

And sometimes there are mega tools who think they're the center of your universe. But I guess that's like any other place :)

Mostly I sat around and did nothing and got paid for it, so not too much to complain about. I do have a request for you parents out there.

DON'T BRING YOUR CHILDREN TO THE TAX OFFICE. There is no place for them.
We have a tiny office and just.....ohhhh so many children. They love the water cooler too.

One child took a cup, filled it with water, and poured the water onto one of our chairs in the waiting area. And repeated. Again. And again. And his mom just watched and clucked. And I stared in horror, went home, and took a whole pack of birth control. :D Hehehe.

So now since the tax office is closing I'm job hunting.....really, I've been job hunting for weeks, but no luck. I have to be a bit picky about where I apply because of my shitty allergies.

Wish me luck :)

--<3 T-Shirt Sponge

Custy Retail Balls: Entitled Racist Icelandic Custys Gets Told

FreddyballsRHUer Bitterbookaddict gets a Retail Balls Award for

Oh my f'ing god!!!

I went to my local grocery store yesterday (Saturday) and watched the rudest, racist 2 women I have ever seen in my life!!!

Now the back story to this is that I went to my countries equivalent of Wal-mart. This store has shitty pay and no one wants to work there except immigrants, especially eastern European immigrants.

Now their language and my language are in two different groups and aside the fact that my language is notoriously difficult to learn. I can also imagine that it's even more difficult to learn as there are very few language courses available and they are very expensive.

Back to the story.

OCTOCAROL 052I went to the store and got the food and everything else I needed and went to the register. In line in front of me were two women who were maybe 40-50 years old. They were friends and were talking all the way through their transactions, they mainly talked about how "these damn foreigners were stealing jobs from those more deserving". Now I shop at this store regularly and the woman on the register can speak the language very well except for the numbers.

She tells the first woman her total (in a very simplified way) and she just sneers and hands over her gold card.

While the second woman is being rung up these woman start bad mouthing the poor check out girl right in front of her, calling her a dirty pole, that she should go back home if she isn't going to try and integrate herself into Icelandic society.

Like I said before she can speak Icelandic quite well and she understands even more and I could see she was on the verge of tears.

She tells the second woman her total in the same simplified way and the bitch said: "If you can't say the total in correct Icelandic I'm not paying".

Jason2 073aNow the check out girl had no clue what to do so I had to step in and be a bitch!

I just had too!!!

I asked that entitled racist bitch if she would like to work the registers in that particular store. She said no, I asked if she wanted other people to talk about like she was a moronic piece of shit right in front of her again her answer was

I told her that if she didn't want to work here she had no right to judge people that did or treat them like they were shit.

I also added that if she was as rich as she pretended to be she wouldn't be shopping in this store and just shut up and pay with your platinum card and leave the poor girl alone!!!

I knew my countrymen were racist but I have only witnessed it once before in my 29 years.

Check out girl was thankful for the help but I have been so fucking angry since this happened I had to share this with someone!