Bad Parent Encounter At Porn Store
Ice Cream Store Hell: Crazy Spoon Crustys


Bored at the Bookstore

Would probably wait until they went on clearance, then buy a set for a certain party-hearty type I know....

Joe the Cigar Guy

Just to be clear, they ARE red Solo cups on glass stems, right?


I like these, but the bases need to be plastic. For $5.99 you should get a whole mess of 'em, y'know?


It looks like some clever store owner had an abundance of the glass candle holder he couldn't sell, so he glued the solo cups on them and voila! ELEGUNCE Y'ALL! Worth every penny!

NC Tony

Well for rednecks that probably IS elegance... y'all. The only thing missing from that sign are the words "Yee-haw!"


Red solo cup... you're not just a cup, you're my f...f...friend.

fitty sense

theyre kinda fun, kinda silly, and people with plenty of money to spend will probably buy a few. they sort of poke fun at wine snobs, AND rednecks, so ppl will have fun with them til the novelty wears dude who had this inspiration will probably start a lucrative trend, at least locally.

Table Jockey

Lol! These were at the cracker barrel I ate at tonight. I about died laughing when I saw them in person! They have plastic bases, and the sticker says to hand wash only, lol!


Lol, Photoslave I was so going to go there. I hear that song about 6 times a day at Salmon Spice (one of my jobs).
Best Part?
"A red solo cup is cheap and disposable And in 14 years they are decomposable And unlike my home, they are not foreclosable Freddie-Mac can kiss my ass. Woo!"


for $5.99 no way - as a dollar store joke item yes


I totally want those cups...


I prefer the Mason jars glued to wine stems. A little more durable.
I live in Kentucky - I know people who not only own them, but use them as an actual glass. Not novelty for parties, but for their breakfast milk.


Aunty, we have a little shop here in my Michigan town that sells those as "redneck wine glasses!" Though about getting a couple for a friend who loves wine. But now I think I'll make me some of these.


What sells it for me is the "Proceed to Party" on the shelf.

"Red Solo Cup, I fill you up! Let's have a party...! Let's have a party! Red Solo Cup, I lift you up! Proceed to party...!" *hums the song*


Somebody doesn't know how to spell "sophisticated". Although if this IS your idea of "Sofisticated", spelling probably isn't one of your strong points either.

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