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Horrible Hellspawn Boy Gets Told by Intelligent Little Girl

HeavenspawnThe Last Archimedean again.

Earlier today I was doing some shopping for a few items I really needed at my local grocery store.

I'm waiting in line behind a frazzled mom and her devil-child.

He's about 11 or 12 and has been fighting his mom the whole time as she's trying to get him to behave.

Earlier as I was browsing the aisles, on 3 separate occasions I saw this child throw a fit when his mom refused to buy an item he wanted. Twice he tried to snatch an item out of her hands as she was putting it back on the shelf and telling him she wasn't going to buy it.

So he reaches over and grabs two candy bars. The mom says firmly, "Only healthy food in the house. And you're way too old to be throwing a fit. You *know* the rules, we don't eat junk" as she wrenches them out of his hands and puts them back.

Then he completely loses it and SLUGS her, hard. She grabs his wrists to restrain him and he starts kicking her and screaming in rage, a full out tantrum like you'd see a 3 year old throw.

"I hate you, Mom! You never let me have anything! Why won't you buy a bag of Oreos? RAWWWRRR RAGE!" [I cleaned up the cursing, but he was throwing in a few expletives I hadn't heard since my time in the Navy.]

Skullies 3aSuddenly, a sweet little girl who had to be about 8 or 9, who had been standing in line with HER mom directly behind me, glides over and taps the raging monster on the shoulder.

He stops screaming at his mom long enough to snap, "What the [expletive] do you want, b****?"

She gives him an angelic smile and says in a very sad tone, "You make me ashamed to be a kid. Please don't give us a bad name."

Then she returns to her mom.

The raging demon-child was so stunned, he shut up. He didn't say another word from that point until he and his healthy-living mom walked out the door.

Hooray for that little girl!

She deserves some sort of award.

May all your customers be sweet.  

-- TLA




I don't know if I should be throwing this out there, but clearly the boy (a pre-teen!?!?) has to be evaluated for mental illness....We also don't know what the mother is like in her own home -- so we really can't make any quick judgements on the boy.

... 12 year old boy acting this way is NOT normal, so there has to be some mental illness, or a form of PTSD due to abuse (mental, physical, etc). present..

The Last Archimedean

I didn't get a chance to ask, and I haven't seen them since [there was a delay in posting, so this happened a few days ago.]

Maybe he was just gaving a bad day. I know I hated going on shopping trips as a kid, even at 11-12 years old. Maybe he was short on sleep. Maybe his parents are divorced and his dad loads up on junk food and he's not used to someone not stocking it. It's all speculation.

I'm just thankful the little girl was there!


Kid has issues.


Sounds like the boy may have autism or some other behavioral issues! I feel for that mom!! I kind of know what she's going through! All though my child is not one to use curse words or get quite so outraged and out of control (But my child has/does have some pretty bad meltdowns)

pizza pimp

I second Kat's point. I have a brother with autism, he's 12 and he would through this kind of fit on a daily basis. Non-verbal though, but the same thing.


I like all these people crying out 'mental health issues! You can't judge!'

Ever stop to consider that some people are just utter shits, and this kid may have been one of them? You don't need to have mental health problems or past trauma to be a dick.


Brayn, I guess we're all hoping that the kid has underlying issues and isn't just a jerk in the making for no reason, seeing as how his mother seemed very reasonable, if a tad light on discipline. It would be sad and disgusting if that truly is the way the kid acts and how he's going to be as an adult.


@Brayn, well, when someone acts like that, there is usually an underlying cause. When that person is a child, it's especially true. It's more likely the kid has a behavioral/emotional problem or has a mental disability than him being an "utter shit", however, being an "utter shit" is possible.


I have a cousin who acts just like this. There's nothing wrong with him, he just likes to act like a little psycho shit because he knows he can get away with it without any real consequences, unlike his older siblings, and he's been that way since he was a toddler.


Brayn, I was just pointing that out because a pre-teen does not act like that on average. You need to seriously fall back and stop looking for angles to start flame wars on public forums. Expressing your point is one thing, but the diction expressed in YOUR post suggests you have a more expansive agenda than just playing devil's advocate.


and keep this in mind: the child is 11 or 12, meaning his brain has not even been 50% developed yet, but it is past the development on basic social cues: including public disturbances and what is appropriate.

I was just making an educated suggestion, and I can't believe how immature some of the responses I'm getting are. This is worse than some custy's I've interacted with.


We just like to believe that a child can't be like that on their own. @Breezie, it sounds like the parents raised the kids with discipline and discipline them when needed, but since he's the "baby"(is he?), he can do anything he wants.

The Last Archimedean

Update: I just got back from doing a bit of early-morning shopping and encountered the same child, this time with his father [and calm]. The dad told me his son is being hit incredibly hard by the divorce in progress and ever since his mom moved out of the house, he will at random have bad days. And the kid blames Mom, even though it's one of those no one's fault deals.


@Last Archimedean. That's ... really intense. Hey, you brought up an interesting discussion though: is it HellSpawn, or Demon Parents? P.S: Sorry for any bantering initated via post replies... I just strongly advocate for Mental Illness patients, and Autistic children.

Queer Geek

Sounds like my toddler nephew is going to be like that in a couple of years. I don't know if this kid is autistic or just a plain demonic spawn (my sister, his mother, and her husband are not exactly going to win parent of the year awards). His behavior has gotten so out of control that none my family, especially my parents, want to deal with him.


@TheLastArchimedean. Well, the kid may have it in his head, for whatever reason that it is his moms fault. He's not going to just give that belief up. Perhaps it is because she is the one who told him? Or he is closer to the father? Or whatever. Either way, this kid needs counseling because he's only going to hurt himself in the long run.


Developmental delays, mental health issues, autism... those are all cop-outs. The fact is, 9/10 times, when you see a kid behaving like that, they're just plain Hell-Spawn, and the parents are to blame for letting Junior run the show. No discipline, just asking, nay, begging Junior to "please stop shouting", "Mommy asked you to stop running", and then giving in to the child's demands for a box of Super Frosted Sugar Bombs or some stupid toy they'll only break five minutes after opening it.

Just about every time I've run into a DD/Autistic child, they're extremely well-behaved (if occasionally loud or exhibiting little sensory quirks, like touching everything), and the parent(s) are going out of their way to keep the kid on track, occupied, and out of everyone's hair. (Yes, including removing said child from the premises, if needed.)

Please, PLEASE, stop assuming that bad behavior automatically equals disability (developmental or otherwise)!

As for this child? Family counseling, man. Help the whole lot of 'em hash out the divorce thing.


I can understand the divorce issue. A good friend of mine just went through a very painful divorce. They had seemed to be a great couple. Even my friend, the wife, thought they had a great marriage. They had been married 15 years and had two kids, a 13 year old girl and a 7 year old boy.
Then one day last year the mom came home from school dance recital with her daughter and her husband had packed all his stuff (in front of the 7 year old) and told both his wife and his children that he was in love with another woman and was leaving. Just like that.

Not only has it been emotionally devastating, but also financially devastating as well. My friend was no where prepared to take care of all the expenses of the home--she had been a homemaker (at his request) for the last 14 years. And is having trouble getting a good job in this economy. And her soon to be ex-husband is spending all his money setting up a new woman and her 2 teenage children up in a new home.

But the 13 year old girl, who has always been such a sweet child can now be a real pain at time. While she is pretty good for her mom, when she is out with her father, she will drive him up the wall with doing some very similar things. A few months ago I came across them in a Best Buy where this once well behaved 13 year old girl was screaming and rolling around on the floor crying because she wanted an e-reader and he wouldn't buy one for her.

Part of me wanted to tell the girl, "give him hell, honey, keep it up" but the other part of me intervened and got her to calm down. And then the father was like, "I don't know what has gotten into her. It must be her mom telling her to do this stuff...." UGH I hate that man.


WMDKitty, I doubt you're qualified to make those sort of generalizations. Please, PLEASE stop accusing us of using that as a cop out for 9 out of 10 situations, when we are specifically speaking on this situation. 12 year olds, no matter how "monsterous" they act, do not normally throw temper tantrums like toddlers in public.

Usually, 12 year olds that have "hellspawn" tendencies try to act like they're more "adult" than not, hence "throwing a tantrum" is something they'd probably likely make fun of. The behaviors these people tend to exhibit from what I've observed tend to be more rebellious, "authority" defying behaviors; NOT "I DIDN'T GET A COOKIE, WAHHHHHH WAHHH WAHH"......


and by "authority defying" I mean:

- cussing and using sexual explictives/inneudoes
- smoking
- drug use
- alcohol use
- vandalism
- attempts at scamming.

By 11 or 12 years old, people are either ABOUT TO, or have ALREADY BEGAN puberty. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY, AS WELL AS UNUSUAL, that a pre-teen would throw a tantrum like a 2 or 3 year old ... OVER COOKIES. Because it is UNUSUAL, THERE IS PROBABLY UNDERLYING MENTAL AND SOCIAL FACTORS.... which is what THE MAJORITY OF THE RESPONSES are SPEAKING OF in reference to THIS SPECIFIC SITUATION.

There. I apologize for the caps, but I figured I'd emphasize the specific reasons as to why THIS IS NOT "coping out" or generalizing behavior of hellspawn.

Dental Bitch

Umm....not to be a dick, but the dad just told you what the deal was with the kid? He told a complete stranger what was going on with his family and why his son is such a shit? Really? Thats not something I would blurt out to strangers but maybe I'm weird.

Ted the 'Flayer

Developmental problems are not an excuse to act like that. I have several myself, and not only did I not get special treatment, most of the time I was made an example of to "prove" that I got no special treatment. Although one might argue that being singled out negatively counts as "special treatment", but I am poor with semantics.

The Last Archimedean

DentalBitch: I think the dad was kind of hoping I would spread the word to the store employees that his kid was not a troll, just dealing with parental issues. I didn't ask what his motivation was, but it's kind of obvious I'm a frequent shopper at this store, since I've encountered the same child twice, with both his parents, in about a week. Honestly, if either of my kids was going through that I'd want to defend them too.

Divorces can be hell on kids. I experienced my parents divorcing when I was a kid, saw my half-brother's parents [my dad and his mom] split up when he was a kid and had a chance to see the effects, and am a divorced father and have seen what happened to my own sons. So I have seen it from every possible angle. If the kid blames his mom he may deliberately be trying to cause her grief every opportunity he gets.


@Ted The 'Flayer, I'm going to be blunt: Your post was a fucking non-sequitor. Mental health issues (including autism) do exist, and how many 12 year olds do you know throw a temper tantrum over not getting a cookie in a grocery store? Point blank. Not toddlers. not "kids", not "7-8" year olds. 12 year olds. 12 years old, when some kids testicles drop..

Then come back, and speak to me about "semantics".

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