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Walgreens Writes Up Cashier For Not Working On Easter

DrugstoreDiva2Sorry to say, DrugStore Diva is no more.

I have quit Hellgreens.

When I interviewed I was told they had no problem with me having off on Sunday for church. I soon found out, they lied.

One of the managers made a mistake putting my availability in their system and ended up putting me down for Sundays. I tried several times to get them to fix it and they never did.

The last straw came when the schedule for Easter weekend was posted. I was scheduled to work on Easter Sunday. Christmas and Easter are the two main Christian holidays. Jewish take off for Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah, Christians take off for Christmas and Easter. When I said I couldn't work on Easter because it was a religious holiday I was told that if I didn't work I'd be written up.

Since I have been written up in the past for going to church instead of work, this would have resulted in termination. I decided to save them the trouble and quit.

Of course hindsight being 20/20, I should have stayed and let them fire me then collect unemployment. I've been job hunting, putting in applications but so far no luck. However I did decide to go back to school and get the degree that could get me out of retail. I start my first class in May. Once I find another job I'll come up with another 'handle' and make a new graphic.

--Formerly DrugStore Diva




Just so you know, you can file for unemployment whether you quit or were fired. In either case, your state UI will need to make a decision on your eligibility. Couldn't hurt to try!


You could always do the stereotypically american thing and sue them, sue them hard. Get a really republican lawyer and make a huge deal about them making a good, god-fearing christian work on the sabbath.


File for unemployment, and consider suing their asses. I'm not sure what the law is regarding this case, but any good lawyer could tell you quick.


Pretty sure Hellgreens, like the big box employers, have to abide by non-discrimination policies and thus deserve a righteous kick up the rear for discrimination on religious grounds. It's pretty ridiculous that no one ever cleared up that one little mistake, and in fact that management seemed to go out of their bumbling way to blow it up into an issue that caused you to quit. If you've got the energy for it, you've probably got a good case in court.

Definitely file for unemployment, and hope the job-hunt turns up something decent soon!

Retail Pirate

I thought it was illegal to do that?

On the subject of suing them: Do it. You were discriminated against by your employer and one of your fundamental rights was taken away in violation of labor law, which Democrats won't like, and the right which you were stripped of was the right to not work so you could attend a religious observance, which is going to make Republicans angry, too.

The Last Archimedean

Good luck. At least try to file for unemployment, the $$$ will come in handy.


File for the unemployment. They gave you an impossible situation and it was religious discrimination.

DrugStore Diva

Thanks guys. I have thought about trying for unemployment. Worst case they say no.

I am excited about starting school 42 years old, it's long past time I decided to make something of my life instead of retail slave (might go for a corporate job just so there's at least one person in corporate who knows something LOL)

DrugStore Diva

I just finished filing unemployment online. I did get it when I left my last job for the same reason (basically, that one I had the time off then later they took it away, Walgreens never gave it to me to start).

Worst case, they say no. Or Walgreens fights it.


My mother had to work on Easter (she works in a grocery store deli) and she told me that she wasn't given holiday pay because, according to them, Easter "isn't a religious holiday".

O.O Right, because what kind of religious figure is the Easter Bunny, anyway?


Surely you could have made a compromise. Maybe see if you could've worked in the afternoon or overnight for you could still make it to church.

But I guess if it's motivating you to go to school, then it's overall positive.


Good luck with going back to school! :)


Boho, observers of Christian faith are not supposed to work on the Sabbath (which most Christian religions recognize as Sunday). So a compromise would have been to give the day off - not much of a compromise I'm afraid.

Still apply for unemployment - you should be eligible based on the fact they stopped you from practicing your religion. It all depends on how you fill out the application. There should be a community advocates group that can help you complete the application.


That sucks, but I have a few issues with your story.

First off, unless you have your boss on record as saying something like, "I'm scheduling [person] for Sundays because she is a Christian", you're SOL on proving you were denied Sundays off due to religious discrimination.

Your fellow employees were, most likely, also Christians. If there isn't a pattern of discrimination against them, you're SOL on proving discrimination.

I WANT TO give you the benefit of the doubt -- I DO -- but I'm feeling like there's more to this than just, "oh, I requested such-and-such day off and didn't get it."

I hate to be the one to say it, but this just isn't passing the sniff test.


Also, Jewish is a religion- Jews are those that practice the religion. Also, they have to request their respective holidays off just like everyone else. Being Jewish doesn't give you automatic rights to a specific day off. Same goes for every other religion. Need to day off to observe your holiday? Request it off like every other retail slave


Y'know the real bitch of it is when you request a day off (or put yourself as unavailable) for religious reasons and you're not part of a "recognized religion" if you're not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim you catch hell that "you're lying" or "that's not a REAL religion". Now THAT is discrimination.


No offense to you DrugStoreDiva (<3) but I agree with BellFlowerMoonFish. As a non-Christian, I've been discriminated and told BY A MANAGER IN A WORKPLACE SETTING I am being "disrespectful" for saying "Sorry, I don't really follow Christianity" whilst in the break-room with other retail-hens discussing Ash Wednesday, and asking me "where is your ashes"?

True stroy.


Jennifer UlesooGood luck on your Geology test. You're certainly tiknag some challenging courses, April! Kids are stupid and annoying (have we turned into the older generation ?? Argghh!!) Have you seen the article in The Onion called, Babies Are Stupid? It's hilarious!!

Hellgreens Slave

Ok since I've been away from this site for awhile I have to comment: YOU simply ARE a DIVA & will not find permanent work if you continue to be a diva. Schedules are made 3+ weeks in advance.. if they schedule you for a shift & you can't work it it's up to you to find coverage. I'm pretty sure Hellgreens isn't the only place that has this policy..... 7yrs & I've NEVER been written up. Besides, regardless of your religion it doesn't mean because you're religious you automatically are entitled to have that religion's holidays off.. no, the store is still open & thus they need workers.

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