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The problem with stuff like this is how it tries to use humour to sell things, which glosses over the horrific fact that a poor innocent child was brutally murdered and abandoned in the woods like so much garbage.

Whatever your thoughts on the mother and her role in her child's death, I would expect most people would be deeply offended by signage like this, and fail to find anything even remotely funny about it.

Hopefully the deli owner got an earful from a lot of people and found sales plummeted while this sign was up.


I think you mean "In Poor Taste Deli Signage"

First of, the public forming it's own opinion and advertising it on a sign because 'everyone knows he/she is guilty' is a soft version of the mob/witch hunt mentality that has ruined a lot of lives. I'm not saying I think Casey Anthony was innocent, but I think it'd be better if we stopped giving her attention
And more importantly, the reason she's famous is related the death of a child. Maybe not the most appropriate thing to use to sell sandwiches?

The Last Archimedean

Arrggghhh! Seeing that just turns my stomach.

Durango Deli Slave

Good Godess! I work at a City Market and there are so few, I have to wonder which one this is. We would get fired if we put a sign like this out...


Wow....that's....well, as chicajojobe said, in poor taste.

The Worst

Definitely in poor taste, no argument there.

Side note though, I get very frustrated by people who take offense at things that are clearly meant to be a joke. Obviously it's not up to me to tell people how to feel about things, and I can see how one would be justified in feeling offended by this, but if it was my deli and a customer came in and complained I'd want to tell them to stop taking everything so seriously.


The Worst is kinda right. I'd go in and might say "Really? Really?" but most likely I'd just pass it by with a roll of my eyes. But then. for a person who may have suffered the loss of a child, it could really hit home.


I think this is the one on Bellevue Ave. in Capitol Hill, Seattle. They change them every week or so, one of my favorites was a Herman Cain one.

NC Tony

That's just fucking tasteless.

swing and a miss

Too soon.


You know, something can be both funny AND in poor taste. This is one of those things.


I don't see the funny. I just see it being tasteless and pathetic.


Some people just have dark humor.

Portia DeMonkey

It would have been funnier if they used Susan Smith... she took a lot more kids with her


Really guys, calm down. It's been over a year since the case. It might be in poor taste, but it was clever. The only reason why I'm saying this is because the people who find things like this TOO offensive are the same people who think making jokes about JonBenet Ramsey is funny (remember the 1996 beauty queen who was killed?) Granted, that was 8 years ago, but most likely 8 years (or less) from now.. the same people who think this is "tasteless" will think jokes like this are hilarious.

GED Online

Words can't say how much I appreciate what you've mentioned here... Thanks a lot for this info.


What is this fuckery!? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

And no, a JonBenet Ramsey joke isn't funny now or 8 years from now.

The murder,and possible sexual assault (DNA found in her bloodied undergarments) of a 6 year old is never going to be funny. There is no joke on the face of the Earth that could possibly make this funny.

Rather I should say, any joke involving the death or assault of a child will never be funny. Not now. Not in 8 years. That possibility doesn't even exist.


Wow. Even with my macabre sense of humor I find that pretty tasteless.


Pagemaster, on the note of "fuckery",

Shut the fuck up.

The idea that the parents got away with murder, and this Casey Anthony did as well is the dark humor in it. Now everyone has their own taste in humor, but to sit here and get your panties in a wedgie because you want to feel validated that you're offended is obnoxious. It's like, would you go to a comedy show if you're not expecting the comedy to be on edge? It's like you're purposely trying to miss the context because someone isn't giving you enough attention in real life.


Normally I wouldn't respond in an aggressive manner, but for the PUTRID accusation that I find sexual assault and rape funny is completely uncalled for, and to ASCII flick me off in the process? Really? You be glad you're over cyberspace.


What I'm trying to say is, what is "funny" in the sardonic sense is that our legal system is so beaucratic, it allows for loopholes that let MURDERERS fall through the cracks. The fact they are found "not guilty" when all evidence points otherwise shows the fallacies in our legal system, it IS funny. The joke is NOT in the context that sexual assault/murder on kids is funny.

I really thought readers of this board took the time to bring their minds beyond the visible; but I guess bandwagon rules here. If the webmaster really felt that the acts were being condoned, he would not submit this post officially in the first place. Obviously, the intent was social commentary on how sick and sad the world has been getting.

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