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ARSFrom Book Diver:

Hi, everyone!

My first submission is a story of thanks to a wonderful gentleman who went the extra mile for me.

I love Old Country Buffet for not only the variety of entrees and sides, but for their sugar-free dessert options. (I have fibro with hypoglycemia, so this is really important.) In addition to sugar-free frozen yogurt, they had a tray tower filled with sugar-free cookies. TASTY sugar-free cookies.

After a great meal, I went to get dessert. No sugar-free frozen yogurt, but it's okay, it happens. The tray tower had no signs proclaiming the sugar-free status of the delicious cookies. I'd had some orange chicken already, so any more sugar would be a problem. I grabbed a cookie and hemmed and hawed over my desire for snickerdoodle tastiness but wary of getting sick and needing to crash in bed for three hours. 

One of the gentlemen clearing tables came nearby, and I asked him about the cookies. He wasn't sure, but went to go check the trays. Seeing no signs, he offered to go ask in the kitchen. I started to say that was okay, not to worry, but he wanted to check in case I was diabetic. He came back and gave me a thumbs up sign, so I signed it back and started chowing down on sweet (but not sugary) cookie goodness. 

That wasn't the end of it. He came to my table with a dessert bowl heaped full of the cookies. He said that he tried one and it was awesome, and he didn't even like coconut. I couldn't eat all of the cookies, so ended up bringing some home.

Unfortunately, I didn't get his name, but am very grateful he took the extra time to help me out. It'll be an excellent reminder to do the same for my own customers. 

Thanks for this opportunity to post,

--Book Diver



The Last Archimedean

Wow, that was just full of good feelings all around.

Retail slaves make the best customers. We know what not to do.

And that guy was awesome. I'll bet he's very well liked by the regulars.

My faith in humanity has been slightly restored.


Sugarless cookies and frozen yogurt? Yummmm! Sounds like an AWESOME slave. I'll bet he's a favorite all around.


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I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undesrantdbale.

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