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This Month's Stupid Custys At The Cell Phone Store

DumbasscustysList of this months stupid customers

Hi, RHU :) Cell Circuit chick here, with my monthly list of stupid customers - and in cell phone hell, you see a lot. I'll try to keep each one short.

Ebay Lady:

This lady came in to the store and had apparently bought two blackberrys on ebay. She tells me she wants to activate them. One on prepaid and one on a month to month. The one she hands me for prepaid, I can tell can't be activated on prepaid because it's an older model.

I tell her this, and she shows me the other one and asks about it. I notice on the bottom of the phone, very clearly written, is the name of another carrier.

Dumcusty7I tell her she has to go there. I look at the second phone she hands me, and it's for a carrier in the US ! I let her know this, and she gets mad and asks (well, yells at) me - as if she expected me to do something - "Well, what am I supposed to do, now? The seller told me I could do this."

I told her IDK and it's up to the seller if they'll return it. (and I wanted to say don't be an idiot when shopping online..)

Tweezer Lady:

This one came in with her phone, which she jammed in the memory card backward and got it stuck. She asked me if I had anything to get it out and I told her I had a plastic pair of tweezers that we use for getting phone cases off, but they would be too thick to get out the card.

I let her try them anyway and they didn't work. She then asked me if I had a smaller pair of metal tweezers or a screwdriver in the back. I tell her no, we don't - all we have are the ones I gave her.

She asks me if I'm absolutely sure, and I say that I am. Another coworker comes out and she says to them "This young lady, here, seems to think you don't have a screwdriver or metaltweezers in the back room."

As if she thought I lied to her. CW gives her an odd look and says "We don't." and showed her the exact ones I did.

Dumcusty2And finally, the featured entitled customers of this month.

We charge for paper billing. If you don't want to pay it, you can do ebilling. That's just how it goes. We have customers who will say they want ebilling and then every month, come in to the store and ask us to print their bill. While we can see their bill, we tell them that we don't print bills out here and if they want a paper billthey can pay the $2 for it and have it delivered to their home. Other than that, we'll tell you what you owe, but that's it.

Of course some will say "well, someone did it for me last month !" to which we just repeat ourselves - pay the $2 or check your email.

Sorry ! Why would we waste ourpaper to give you something for free that everyone else has to pay for ?

Until next time ! 



NC Tony

Gotta love it when customers pull the "Well what am I supposed to do now?" or the "What are you going to do to fix this?" when you tell them that you can't do whatever impossible thing it is that they want you to do. Like it's YOUR fault that they're too stupid to realize that they made a mistake and it's up to them to fix it.

The Last Archimedean

I've said it before... the total amount of intelligence on this planet is constant, so with the population increasing steadily, there's less brains per person. It's the only explanation I can think of for why there are so many dumba$$es around.

Seriously, how dumb can tweezer lady be? You told her what you had. She didn't want to hear bad news, I guess.


It's the old 'Don't you have one in The Back?' As if the back room is some magical place filled with unicorns and elves that can just fart out whatever you want at an instant's notice...


@Last Archimedean...Idiocracy much? :D I like the way you think, good sir!

The Last Archimedean

Dawggone good movie, SGM. I didn't find it funny because it hit too close to home.

As the great George Carlin put it once, "Think about how stupid the average person is -- and then remember that half of 'em are stupider than THAT!"


People apparently watched Star Trek too much where all they had to do was ask for something and the computer would produce it for them. Just think of it:

Kirk: Computer.
Computer: Working.
Kirk: Coffee, ham sandwich with swiss cheese, spicy mustard, and a dill pickle.
Computer: Working. *beep, beep, beep -- swish!*
Kirk: Thank you, computer!



@Humor_Me -- Gaaaaah, I hate humanity so much sometimes.

Cell Circuit Chick

I was just confused and ticked off that this woman would think I was lying about something as silly as tweezers ! We sell cell phones ! The fact that we even had plastic tweezers there was surprising enough. CW thought she was nuts for even asking.

@Last Archimedean I've been dealing with a lot of idiots lately, and I've said it to my boss, many times -- we should be able to administer some sort of IQ test for customers. If you're below a certain level of basic intelligence, no phone for you !


Question 1: Your cell phone has no connection. What is an appropriate response?
A) Examine the phone to make sure it's not in airplane mode, check the signal bars, turn it off and back on again.
2) Pound it on the table because that works for the kids.
III) Call the helpdesk and screech like a howler monkey, before giving the person on the other end of the phone any information at all.
Quatro) Take it into the nearest store that sells phones, whether or not it's a company store, or even where you bought the thing originally, and shriek and fling poo until you're tasered in the genitals.

If you answered anything but the obviously correct answer that humans would give, please report to your nearest landfill for interment.

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