RHUer Needs Advice With Spa Custy's Angry Misunderstanding
Crazy Electronics Custy Turns Fowl Over The Phone and Gets Told



I would cry. That didn't look safe in the first place!

Versatile Vegetarian

All I've got to say is that those are some cheap-ass, poorly made shelves! I work in a distribution center, and I've seen damage from a lift hitting a shelf, but they would never just buckle like that!


I think the person is dead.


@Slayer: If this is the gif I'm thinking of, the guy turned out to be fine.

I wouldn't know where to begin cleaning that up. Just burn the warehouse down and start over.

Joe the Cigar Guy

@Versatile Vegetarian: I'm with you on that one. It looks like a house of cards: no way that was properly constructed!

The Last Archimedean

If the person is OK, they should thank Zeus. That was very scary.

As for the warehose, just destroy it and those cheap-ass shelves. That's ridiculous that they totally imploded like that.


When I thought it was going to stop, it kept going, and going, and going.

Anyone else notice how quickly the other forklift driver got out of there?

Oh, and it's being looked at by top men.


I'm with Aunty; burn the whole thing down. It's the only logical response, and rebuilding will create more jobs!

Bitch Boy

Clean up in warehouse!

NC Tony

I was gonna say clean up on aisle five, but Bitch Boy beat me to it. Also nice Indiana Jones reference by alshara.


"And that's how NOT to do it! Any questions?"

Actually, those look like normal warehouse shelves. They work by balancing the load evenly. If you take out a corner support like that, the top becomes unbalanced, and as you can see, creates a cascade effect. Most places will have a steel bumper around the corners that's bolted to the floor for just that reason. Obviously not here.


I THINK (don't quote me) that was in Russia at a Vodka plant (and he was drunk...)

If not that one, there's is another similar one from Russia, in a vodka plant, with a drunk forklift driver...



NC Tony

Dev's right. I've seen that on "World's Dumbest" (and other viral video shows) before.


is this why amazon keeps sending me scratched up dvds that are floating around in the box unattached the case?


No need to burn to down or clean it up - just put a huge sign outside saying "Free!!" and leave the door open. Vulture crustys will pick the place clean in under an hour, I guarantee it!

Book Baby

All I could think of was the song, "Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho" because the walls came tumbling down!

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