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Old Lady Hell at the Summer Movies


From an RHUer:

My wife and I went to see "Snow White and the Huntsman" the other day. One group of three elderly ladies were in line ahead of us, and no one was behind us.

I knew we were in trouble when I heard one of the ladies asks her group, "How many tickets do we need?"

The old hens then start clucking amongst themselves, finally deciding they needed four, the extra one for the driver, who was parking the car. Then she starts asking for the total, then turns around and says, "I need everyone's money!"

There's a few moments pause while she gathers the money, then I hear... one... two... three... four...Do we get our senior discount? How much is that....? One...two...three...four...oh, just take this and count it. I'm sure it's all there."

Finally they get their tickets and move on. By this time the line is about 10 people deep, and I move up to the window. I ask which movie they were going into, so I could make sure we avoided them if possible. Thankfully, they were seeing "Prometheus", of all movies.

I get my tickets and we head inside for popcorn and drinks, and guess who is in line in front of me?

I hear the clerk give the total, and the old lady starts in again with "one...two...three...four...."

Thankfully, another clerk stepped up and waived me over and took my order.



Queer Geek

This reminds me of a Looney Toons cartoon episode.

Old Lady walks into a bank with main character right behind her in line and addresses teller.

OLD LADY: I want to deposit these pennies. One...two...three...four...


I think I've mentioned it on here before, but this reminds me of when I got stuck behind an old lady writing a check for $6 and change for food at the state fair. Ridiculous


*head desk x5*


NC Tony

That's when you get that "Oh, come onnnnnnnnnn!" look on your face.


Okay, blatant ageism here but it really does seem like the older you get the more it takes a conference to decide what to do when out.
Not that it doesn't happen with younger people too, but that's generally because they (we) are goofing off. Once everyone focuses you can resolve things in 10 seconds.


Oh man. I was at a local fresh market. I went to the express checkout with about 4 items. Of course, there are old people in front of me with a huge cart full of stuff. Note that this place is always packed and changing lanes wouldn't have helped. Anyways, the cashier finally rings up all their stuff and what do they do next? Write a check, of course.

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