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McHell Pet Peeve: Custys Who Lie To Your Face

FASTFOODHELLInspired by Bookstore Slave's rant about custys who are too stupid to read signs and then lie to you about it, it is I, Mollywobbles, with a quickie on one of my (many) pet peeves of Retail Hell - custys who will straight-up lie to your damn face.

For some reason, I've been noticing it a lot more recently than in my entire three-and-a-half years working at McHell's (possibly because they've been putting me in the pick-up window more than taking orders in drive-thru lately), but I know it has happened.  People too stupid to read signs or menu boards, get up to your window and tell you "Yer sign sez [item] is [price]!" or something to that effect.  It's frustrating as hell because not only do I have to tell a customer that they are flat-out wrong, but I have to do it tactfully and usually apologize several times for their stupidity/inability to read.

The specific examples I have in mind don't necessarily have to do with prices, but rather store policy. 

Example One:

Our store has had drinks called Frappés for about two years now, and until recently, they come in two flavors: Mocha and Caramel.  I can't even tell you how many times I've received an order for "a Mocha Caramel Frappé", which does not exist.  We literally cannot mix the flavors.  But, to further add to the confusion, we have drinks called Caramel Mochas, which are made with a specially pre-mixed syrup and come hot or iced, and SO MANY PEOPLE think that the Iced Caramel Mocha and the Frappés are the same drink - until they receive them, see that they are, in fact, NOT the same, and go "That ain't what I ordered."  This is where the lying straight to my face comes in. 

MCHELL2I explain to the customer that this drink is an Iced Caramel Mocha, which is what was on my screen, and is therefore what I made and assumed they wanted.  They may have, in fact, said those exact words to the person who took their order.  I also have to explain that the Mocha and the Caramel Frappé are TWO SEPARATE DRINKS and we cannot mix them.  Then, to put the icing on the cake, they look me straight in the eye and say, "Well, they did it for me the other day!"

THAT. IS. A. LIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEE.  NO ONE in the ENTIRE store has the capability to mix the two drinks.  PERIOD.  I can give them a Frappé in one flavor or the other and send them on their way (the drinks cost about the same) or I can give them their money back.  Either way, it's a hassle, and it's freaking insulting.

Example Two:

Our store policy for sauces with the chicken nuggets is you get one extra, but any more after that, we have to charge you 25 cents per sauce.  Similarly, with salads, policy is one dressing, and any more than that, we have to charge 50 cents per pack.  Period, no exceptions.  We cannot give two nugget sauces for chicken sandwiches, wraps, or fries without charging, we can only give one (those things cost the store money, we DO have to pay for them when we order them), and SO many times I have heard the excuse "Well, I got chicken sandwiches, I need sauce for them, you should give them to me!"  Yeah, that's not how it works.  I had a gentleman order a salad and wait until he got to the pick-up window to ask for an extra dressing with it.  I informed him it would be 50 cents, and he threw a fit, saying "They never charged me for extra dressing before!"

OCTOCAROL 349Once again, YOU. ARE. A. LIIIIIAAAAR.  The sauce policy has been in effect for the entire three-and-a-half years I've worked at this particular store, and the dressing policy has been in effect for...I want to say two years.  If he'd been to my store and ordered extra salad dressing within those two years, he has been charged accordingly.  Once again, to imply the opposite is insulting and rude, and he did decline an extra dressing and drive off in a huff.  Well, good riddance, who wants to be in the company of a liar, anyway.  Goddamn.

Oh, and on a slightly related note, if your town has more than one of a particular restaurant and you get bad service/missing food/etc. from said restaurant chain, please make sure that when you call to complain, you call the right goddamn store.   We had a customer call our store yesterday to complain that they'd gotten food poisoning from a supposedly raw burger that they'd supposedly brought back and supposedly talked to a manager and all of that.  It was probably a good 45 minutes of my managers calling one another asking if they talked to this individual, how the situation was handled, and even repeatedly asking the caller if they were sure it was OUR store they had visited and OUR managers they had spoken with before the moron realized that it was, in fact, the OTHER McHell's ACROSS TOWN. *commence tearing out of hair*

Jeez, turns out I'm a liar, too - I said at the top this would be a quickie.  Whoops.  At least I don't argue store policy with an employee.

May all of your customers not be great big lying doodie-heads,



McSparkles Banking Adventures

Mcsparkles2aDear, sweet monkey bread, how long has it been? 9, almost 10 months since I submitted something here? I recently started a blog about My Little Pony’s main character, so even though I’m not at the Golden Arches anymore, “McSparkles” still works for my moniker.

Aside from being distracted by drawing purple ponies blogging, I’ve also not really had many reasons to write in about work. The bank that hired me has been an amazing job experience since I started here.

Let me tell you the things that I actually get to do at the bank that I couldn’t at the Arches:

-If I have to pee, I CAN.

-If we don’t have any customers, I CAN SIT DOWN.

-If I get thirsty, I CAN DRINK SOMETHING.

-If I have a question, I GET AN ANSWER.

-If I need a moment to hide in the back and cry, I CAN.

-If I need time off for a vacation, I GET PAID TIME OFF.

I also have the best co-workers I’ve ever had in my job history. I mean, we’re topping my coworkers during my time serving the Mouse, here! They’re THAT good!

This isn’t to say the job is without its flaws. I do still have the occasional customer who is a complete and utter moron.

Some smaller examples include those who get pissed because they want to withdraw money, but can’t since they don’t have their ID’s on them. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to give you money just because you SAY you’re Mr. Numbnuts. I need the plastic PROOF that you’re Mr. Numbnuts, so that I know you’re not really Mr. Cockknocker trying to steal someone else’s money.

This is especially mind-boggling when they don’t have their ID’s with them in the Drive-Up. Yeah, good luck if your brilliant ass gets pulled over.

There’s also the customers that constantly overdraft their accounts, and then get mad at us for it. Oh, yes, it’s entirely my fault that you didn’t keep track of what was in your account, and I used my Dr. Xavior powers to wipe your memory of the minimum balance requirements and service fees you were warned about when you opened the account...

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll get into the more specific, hilarious incidents I’ve built up soon!