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Oh... my... God. What the hell happened?


Photoslave, you took the words RIGHT out of my mouth.


"When Toners Attack" Tonight At 5!


Did the printer/copier have a major potty accident? Did it eat something it shouldn't have and upchuck?


At least the girl in the first photo seems to have a good attitude about what looks like a nice pair of pants getting completely and utterly ruined. If that had been me, I'd have to be escorted from the building by security after breaking everything within a 5-foot radius in a fit of rage.

fitty sense

that is not a good attitude at all.
look at her again. those eyes say "im a-fixing to kill some fuckin' body." her teeth may be showing, but that is not a grin, its a barely controlled prelude to a blood-curdling scream. the sheer near-to-boiling energy coming off that photo would stop a charging rhino.

The Last Archimedean

This is where I offer to drive her home so she can change. Just to get her away from anyone else so they don't become victims of her lashing out. She looks about ready to take an EM gun to that printer.


I can understand it shooting straight up and falling on everything...but there's no toner on top of the printer that I can see...I could understand it if there was a spray pattern in one direction...but a lower level spray in all directions...who pissed off the printer gods?

Xero the Manic

Clearly, this was the work of the scan demons performing printer genocide.

Book Baby

WHO wears a shirt like that in a professional setting?


Holy hell! Remind me to NEVER taunt the printer!


Book Baby, it is entirely possible that she normally wears a jacket but took it off to work on the printer. My sister wears shirts like this under jackets and other shirts at her accounting job.

NC Tony


heavy melvanova

Looks more like a bathroom scenario, but probably smells better. And I'd be sending someone a cleaning bill/replacement bill.


This is why you don't let Fatzilla photocopy her ass. The printer throws up and it's just a mess...


Hmmm. Techdeath has a point, actually--from the spray pattern, it looks like the toner bottle got dropped, and then exploded when it hit the floor. Note that the woman has toner on her pants and arms, but *none* on her chest and face (of course, this could be a case that she *was* wearing a jacket to start with, and took it off for the picture). Honestly--I'd say this was self-inflicted.

~Bookstore Slave

Dear god... there are NO voids in the spray pattern within three feet of the inksplosion. Nobody was near that thing when it inkgasmed all over the goddamn place. All I can think is "Holy shit! she's three hairs away from bellowing "THERE IS NO DANA, ONLY ZOOL!" and levitating off the floor at some poor bastard.


I've never seen a 5 gallon toner bottle... that looks PILED in the middle. Best bet is to just put a carpet over it. You'll never get all of that out...

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