Old Lady Hell at the Summer Movies
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DrugStore Diva

That's about typical of what I see kids make for themselves at Old Country Buffet (and leave half melted on the table...not on a dish, on the table).


It being 95 degrees out today, I would so totally eat that whole thing, but it would have to be vanilla ice cream, lol.


Oh dear god, YES. Although, that would take some skill.



As a kid I had a Summer job every year in a rock shop (seaside rock, or sticks of hard candy with letters through it for those on the wrong side of the pond) underneath Blackpool Tower; attached was an ice cream booth, where my brother worked. On slow days - Blackpool, height of Summer, gales, torrential rain, about twice a Summer actually, due to it's microclimate - we would hold competitions to see who could carry the most bars of rock in one hand, or who could make the tallest ice dream cone; my unbeaten record was one taller than the 7' machine! (The boss was not amused ... but the owner was sort of my honorary grandfather, so ...)


Yeah, BTW, you do have to crank up the machine, so it over freezes; otherwise the base melts before you get to the tip. So, not good for the machine, and NOT RECOMMENDED!

NC Tony

*puts on Mr. Obvious hat* That's a lot of ice cream. *takes off Mr. Obvious hat*

The Worst

I was ridiculously jealous... until management apologized for a long and boring meeting by setting up an ice cream bar in the break room with six ice cream flavors and eight different toppings. =)

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