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Update On Karebear's Creepy Coworker Stalker Situation

Blogskull23Wanted to give everyone an update about what happened with the whole coworker stalker situation.

I swear it felt so unreal to me, like I was in some sort of twisted movie. All happened over the course of the weekend too.

In the comments section on my first post, I said that a really good (male) friend of mine came into the store, and I ended up helping him. Pet then pulled the same stunt on my friend (who I'll just call Tank from here on out - because he is basically built like a tank.) 

After telling Tank the story, he agreed to take me to the police station to talk to them. We dropped my kids off at my mother's house so we wouldn't be distracted. I talked to a really nice (but tough) female cop, and she seemed concerned and took me seriously. (I was honestly worried that the police wouldn't or couldn't do anything.) When she got his name, we found out that he had, at least, 3 warrants out for his arrest. I'm not entirely sure why, nor do I really want to know because if I learned it was something for murder, I'd probably freak the fuck out. 

So, we left the station with about 4 different ways to get a hold of the female cop. Tank offered to let me and the kids stay at his place until something was sorted out, so we were on our way back to my house to pick up some clothes and shit. 

Well, pulling up to the apartment, the first thing I saw was Pet trying to break into my house. (I still freak out wondering what would of happened if the kids and I were there at the time, rather than out talking to the police.) Like I said before, I live on the bottom/basement floor, so my window is right at ground level. Pretty easy to break into if you don't mind getting cut to pieces from broken glass.

Tank and I parked in the back of the lot and called the police. (Think I had to nearly sit on Tank because he kept telling me he wanted to go punch Pet out and/or cause his major harm. Didn't want to bail him out of jail!) That female cop and about 10 other cops were there in less than 5 minutes. Must of been flying because I don't live that close to the station.

So Pet has been arrested, and most likely not getting out for a while. Or if he does, he won't know where to find me anymore. (Plus I got the restraining order.) I quit working at the store, basically told my boss I wasn't coming in ever again because I worried about my safety. Tank had a job opening in his little company, and basically said "Take this damn job so I can keep an eye on you." So now I get to answer phone calls and do other office duties. ^.^  More hours too, yay!

I also moved out of the apartment. My landlord let me break my lease, but said that I could move into one of his other 20 different apartment building for the same amount of rent that I was paying before (even if it really costs more.) Right now I am staying with Tank until I can decide which apartment I like best. Also looking at other apartments, but I really liked my landlord, so I am thinking about moving into one of his other buildings. 

Also talked to a lawyer about what I can do against my former employer. He says I have a 110% chance of winning the case. So guess I will have to see how it plays out. 

And I wanted to thank everyone for their advice. When I wrote it up I was still debating if I should go to the police or not (not sure why I was against it now, other than I was flipping out thinking Pet would hurt me before stepping into the station or something), but with all your advice, I knew it was the right thing to do.

So thank you everyone! Big internet hugs to you all *hugs!!!*





I am glad things are for the better, Karebear. Tank seems like an awesome friend, and I would shake his hand and give you a HUGE hug if I could.


I'm so glad you're safe Karebear! Thank god Pet's out of the way and behind bars! How'd he even get hired if he had arrest warrants out? I thought employers checked up on that before hiring anyone.

Super awesome that you now have a better job too! It's great to see life looking up for ya! *hugs*

Burger Bitch

Jesus Cuntfuck, that is so scary. I'm glad you're ok, but please keep us posted. We're all nervous about the safety of you and your kids.

Best of luck!


Oh sweet Jesus, I'm so glad you are ok! I've been checking back looking for updates constantly. What a movie-style ending to it all though!

Also so glad you got a better job out of it, and are taking your old job to task for what they did. Give your kids a hug and take a vacation soon.


Oh thank god it turned out okay!

I can't believe that fucker tried to break in to your house! Holy SHIT, what would have happened if he'd made it in?!

If he's got warrants out, he'll have those to deal with, too, and on top of the lawsuit I KNOW you're going to bring down on his ass (at least you'd better, or I'll be mad at you >:[) is going to keep him off the streets for at least a little while.

Pepper Spray needs to be a 'Must Carry' from here on, don't ever expect these fucking creeps to listen to a restraining order, and keep up the 'Only I get to pick up my daughter unless I give you 5 days notice, written notice AND I confirm on the same day' process to get your daughter from daycare.

Paranoia saves lives!


Holy crap, I'm so glad you're ok!


I want to echo Kramer. So very glad to hear that you and the kids are safe and everything worked out at last. And tell Tank that he is an amazing person. We all need friends like him! Hopefully Pet will get locked away for a LONG time so he can't hurt anybody else, and your attorney will shove the legal system up your ex-boss' ass!

Duke of URL

Such a relief to know you're safe and the situation is, if not over, at least somewhat defused.


I am SO GLAD You got help. That freak tried to break in, so there is no telling what would have happened if your kids were home. If he had that reaction with a customer, where he freaked out and claimed he was your BF, then I can only imagine what would have happened if he saw your kids. I'm really happy both you and and the kids are safe.


WOW. Glad you're seeing a lawyer. Who knows how that guy got hired! Keep your documentation up and your guard. Unfortunately I have learned from personal experience that jail does not fix these sort of problems. Find out if you can be kept informed of his status - in jail, bailed out, on parole, etc.

The Worst

Oh man that's terrifying! Thank goodness you were out talking to the police and your kids were out of the house! Congrats on your new opportunity work-wise, and I hope you stay safe and happy and creeper-free from now on. <3


Great update and I echo the others in saying I'm glad y'all weren't home at the time. Also, Tank sounds like a great friend. Buy that guy a beer.

On a bit of a tangent, I would recommend everyone read Gavin de Becker's "The Gift of Fear."

Fortune Cookie

*snugs* We're all glad you're safe!!!

Sales Agent Guy

A lot of employers don't bother doing pre-screenings nowadays from what I've seen and heard. Hence the reason Pet probably got hired without a hitch. Or maybe he gave a pseudonym or something.

Either way, with at least THREE warrants on his case, if he's bailed out or something, I so hope he's got his life insurance paid up, because I will personally hunt him down and eat him alive. Seriously, no judge in their right mind would allow someone with three warrants at least to be bailed out.

And did you say he pulled the boyfriend thing AGAIN?! This guy is a sicko. He needs to be locked up for life. And I really hope you can sue your employer too, because what they did was wrong. Keep us posted!


Very glad you are okay. I agree with seeing if you can stay informed of Pet's status, and stay paranoid.
What a terrifying situation. Internet hugs to you, your kids, and to Tank for taking care of you!


So glad you're okay! Hope that cocksucker stays in prison for a LONG time!

Bagel Bat

I only just read the previous post and was quite frightened that someone could be that scary :( But I'm so glad you got help and the police came quickly! I don't blame Tank, I would have wanted to kill Pet too, he was trying to break into your apartment and who knows what he might have done to you and your family!

But I'm really glad you've quit that job and are safe from that creeper!

Sondra Yates

*feeling both relieved and triumphant*

Good of you to follow everyone's advice and put the creep in prison where he belongs. Now go get that idiot who insinuated that you weren't "cute enough" to be harassed! >:D


Be paranoid - and then be MORE paranoid. I have had friends get stalkers or people who beat them up arrested - even WITH warrants - and the criminals have gotten out of jail anyway. 'Jail overcrowding' is a catch-phrase used for dumping dangerous jerks back out on the street.

Give your old boss contact info that does NOT give your current address [or Tank's]. Have your contact address be either a POBox or [if convenient] someone like your parent's address. Do not give the old boss something he can 'accidentally' give to Pet or let Pet find [JIC old boss is a vindictive jerk when you sue him].

Be well and be safe!


Congratulations on coming out on top of the whole debacle! It's great to hear that everything came together and worked out on multiple fronts - it's about damned time you can sit back and relax now it's all over.


Okay, so happy i read this - saw this on the FB and didn't want to respond for work reasons. I HIGHLY second the idea of a private network that's either through FB or a private/non public forum. I've been harassed at work, but nothing too serious; however, i'm a mommmabear when it comes to my friends, and i've been following long enough to have seen/heard of several people who've posted here die, of illness and other reasons, and honestly, for situations like this - emergency ones, where someone's life, and that of their kids are in danger, I think a communal back-up/support system would help. I'm very thankful that you have a friend like tank there to help you, but god forbid you didn't, were too afraid (as many are), and he broke in, hurt your or your kids. You're very lucky to have gotten help when you did, and hearing about how Pet was acting, i'm shocked he didn't try something like that much sooner than he did. Good luck, thoughts, wishes, and hugs!


so glad you are safe :)

The Last Archimedean

Thank Zeus everything ended well.

Give Tank a beverage of his choice, I'm buying. Hope you find a new place soon, and do NOT let your ex-employer know where you are. Hope you end up owning the company after you sue them for every cent they've got.

Be safe. We're all pulling for you.


So glad that The situation is improving! The two parts of your story sounded like I was reading a plot-script for an episode of Law&Order:SVU! I hope that creepazoid gets locked up for a good long time so that he can't harm you or anyone else.
I know you're going though a lot of challenges with setting up the lawsuit against your former workplace, and making sure that Pet stays locked up and away from you. I'm glad that you have people around you that are eager to help you stay safe through getting a new job and a new place to live.
I'd like to add in one more suggestion for things you may want to change. You may want to change your car...I know getting a new car can be expensive, but he knows what your car looks like and if he got out, he could find where you live and work by finding your car. Even if you could just get your car repainted, which would be less expensive than a new car, that'd still be a bit more disguse for your safety...also I'd reccomend changing your hair color/style.
I know that it sounds like a lot to go through...but considering that you causght him trying to break into your home at the very last minute...who knows what he'd try to do if he gets out.
Like some others have said, paranoia saves lives...and it's not being paranoid if it's true.
Stay safe and keep us updated!


I'm glad you're safe, glad you have friends that look out for you and glad you went to the police! Stay safe. If you need us for moral support again, you know where to find us. xx


Wow, that certainly sounds like a scary movie plot unfolded there, but thankfully with a good outcome for the good guys! I was so worried for you after reading the first post, I'm glad to hear you went to the police just in time for them to nab that creep-o before he got to you and your kids!

Seconding and thirding everyone's good advice here about steps to take to make sure you stay safe during and after the court business is settled. And doing a little happy dance about the new job, and your landlord being awesome about the move as well! Hugs and well wishes :3


yeah!!!!!! so happy that everything has worked out for you. you deserve it :)
you have an awesome freind (tank) and an awesome landlord!

Lady Red

I’m so glad you updated, and that everything worked out well for you. I knew pet was a creep and I’m glad you weren’t home when he tried to break into your home.

I’m also glad you quit and are getting a lawsuit against your former employer who did nothing to stop Pet’s behavior. I hope things continue to look up for you and the restraining order keeps that creep pet far far away from you . Also your friend Tank and your landlord are awesome and deserve a big hug and a high five.


So glad to hear that you and the kids are okay! You're very lucky to have some good people in your life to help you in this situation.

Please keep us updated, I know I and a bunch of others will be thinking of you!


I was just thinking about you at work today. Wow, he was breaking in? That is TERRIFYING! I'm so happy you had plenty of help from the police, your landlord, and Tank (who should be baked a big cake at the first opportunity). It really warms my heat that these people have your back.
Since we convinced you to go to the police, I hope we can also convince you to move forward with that lawsuit. PLEASE teach your old boss a lesson he needs; it could make all the difference for any future women they may want to hire. They need to be hurt in their wallets NOW and you deserve the padding for what you went through (as others said, since painting your car, changing your hair, changing your plates is a really good idea your former boss should have to pay for all that).


Glad to see that the situation is looking a bit better, but like some of the others have said, don't let your guard down yet. This guy seems to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic and if he's gone this far, then he won't give up easily. Keep that officer's number handy along with the police department's other numbers and don't hesitate to call them if you see him hanging around again.


God...can I just say thank god! If I could hug you I could. Keep us posted girl!

Durango Deli Slave

Great to hear karebear! Although I do have to parrot some of the others above, don't let your guard down. Seriously, look into some basic self defense classes. THIS one might behind bars, but there sure are a lot of nut jobs out there! Stay safe and good luck with your new job!


Wow, you have a great friend, landlord and daycare lady. The amount of support from all of them and the police, that you have described, must have been a great relief. It gives me a bit more faith in humanity (excluding the fools who managed you in your job). The least I would have expected them to do would have been to suspend Pet immediately pending investigation.

Damn Yankee

I'm so glad to hear that everything worked out! Keep us posted on how the lawsuit goes, because goodness only knows that you've got a hell of a case! I'm just so happy you're safe. THANK YOU for going to the police. And I'm with the Archimedean, I'll buy Tank a drink.


I'm just going to add that changing your appearance and your car's appearance isn't going to do much since he knows which daycare you use. If he got out of jail, all he would have to do is stake out the daycare to find you again.

Legal Minion

Glad things are improving for you, and happy to hear you have so much support. The good news is, most states have laws for repeat offenders--with any luck, the charges will stick and he'll get sent to prison.


I agree with the poster above who said not to give your old boss your new address, but I disagree on one point. Do not give the old boss your parent's address. Think how you would feel if Pet showed up there! If the old boss needs to have a way to reach you, give him your attorney's contact information (and yes, that means follow through with the lawsuit - and it has an added bonus of one extra layer of protection for you). It's much safer that way for everyone, and legally, once you have an attorney and file the lawsuit, old boss would not be allowed to talk to you anyway.

Queer Geek

That's freaking scary. Hope they lock this psycho up for good this time!

NC Tony

Gonna jump on the "Thank goodness you're safe and have a guy like Tank looking out for you". Nice to hear your landlord is also looking out for you. I'm also on board with buying Tank the drink of his choice, hell, one for your landlord too! Good thing the police got to Pet before he got into your apartment! I don't blame Tank one bit for his reaction. I wanted to reach through the space-time continuum and beat the living shit out of Pet myself. I'd like to think the nickname you saddled him with is going to have a totally different meaning in prison! Let us knows how the lawsuit goes, give that asshole manager hell!


A) Thank [insert deity of choice] you're safe! Also, thank Tank and tell him he is much loved by all of us! He is getting a collective hug from the whole RHU team!

B) Follow everyone's advice on changing address, using an anonymous address (not your parent's), painting/getting a new car, changing your hair, and getting a new care-giver. You might also consider changing your name. That guy is clearly a danger.

C) LARGE, NOISY DOG. Considering the trauma you have been through, start seeing a therapist and tell them you would feel better with an Emotional Support Animal. Then go to the local shelter and ask for the BIGGEST, MEANEST-LOOKING, but SWEETEST dog they have that will BARK IT'S HEAD OFF. I will work with you on training it when it can and cannot bark. A landlord cannot deny an ESA under the ADA. It would be a reasonable accommodation after the trauma you have been trough. It won't have public access (you can't take it to stores, etc.), but you can travel with it if you need to. Just be sure it is well-mannered enough. I can set you up with groups to help you with that. Contact Freddy and he can get you in touch with me.

Love, Hugs & Safety, Humor Me & Endless SD

Book Baby

I see BIG money in your future when your attorney get through with your former employer. You could retire to the Bahamas or Costa Rica and NEVER have to worry about pet finding you. That man is seriously waaaackoo.

You my want to rent a mailbox from the UPS store and use it as your primary address. They won't give your contact info out without a search warrant. I worked for them when they were Mailboxes, Etc. and this is how we ran things. NOBODY got info from us at all until we saw the search warrant.


Thanks guys! Right now he is still locked up, and if he were to get out, the police lady said she will try her damnest to find out and tell me.

At the moment, I am still using the same daycare. Partially because I don't want to uproot my kids anymore then they already have. Also, Tank, being the hero he is, drives me to and from work and the daycare, walks me up to the door to either pick up or drop off the kids. So I feel a little safer about that with him there, and I am not even in my own car. So hard for Pet to find me if he were to get out.

I'm still looking at apartments, but Tank said I could stay with him for as long as I want. There are apartments available in his complex though, so there is a small chance I might take one of those. (I do feel bad for Tank because he is currently sleeping on his -too small for him- sofa, and the kids and I are hogging his very nice king size bed. He wouldn't let me take the sofa >.>)

I also did get a PO box, and my old employer has that. He also has my lawyer's number if he truly does need to talk to me. I refused to give my cell number again.

The new job is pretty sweet. I'll have to post about that sometime in the future. Not retail, but still deal with clients. But they are so unbelievably nice!

Also wanted to say thank you. I saw on the FB page that you guys were concerned about me, and that was really sweet. For privacy issues on this whole ordeal, I decided not to comment on it, but I did want to say I did see it and thanks!

Gosh this is long...^.^


Oh i'm so happy that you and your children safe. I really Hope this Creep will Never ever be able to threat you. I Hope to that your new Job will be as Good as it sounds!


This is a story worthy of Hollywood. I am really glad things worked out for you so well! Hooray for Tank and the policewoman and the happy end!


Just going to basically echo what everyone here has said: Thank the freaking STARS you and your kids are okay. I remember being disgusted by Pet's and your management's behavior from you first story, and I remember thinking to myself that these stories usually take a day or two to publish on here, and I had hoped that nothing serious had happened to you and your kids in that time. Your first story stuck with me for a few days, and seeing this follow-up, all I could do was shake my head that such a string of circumstances could lead to what has happened. The guy was trying to break into your HOUSE!? Jesus Fuckballsing Christ, what a FREAK!! It made me so happy to see that justice has been served on this psychopath. Also love that you've got a new, better job and are suing the BALLS off of your old employer (something I would have done as soon as my employer told me "You're not pretty enough to have a stalker", but at least you had time to document their inaction). Screw buying Tank a drink, throw a damn barbecue in his, your landlord's and the lady cop's honor! But don't forget, it was you who had the strength and courage to do something about your assailant instead of sitting idly by waiting to see what he might to. KUDOS TO YOU, KAREBEAR!!!


Thank the Universe you're ok! Tank is being SO gallant! (you can quote me on that, LOL) He sounds like a real gentleman, ya might wanna hang on to him... ;-) You have a wonderful support system in place. Good for you for seeing it and using it when you needed to. (There are some who wouldn't have the nerve)

Now, go bust some butts, balls, and whatever else those insipid pieces of weasel scat stick out there!

I nominate Karebear for a Badass Retail Slave award, for having the courage to stand up for herself and see justice done!! Who's with me?!

"Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it." --Mark Twain

Wilde Child

Wow....3 warrants and he was still allowed to work?? That makes no sense to me...

So glad to hear everything worked out in your favour! You have an awesome friend in Tank...never let him go!

As for Pet, I hope he rots in jail. I can't believe he tried to break into your house.

Keep safe!!


Tell Tank that he is AWESOME! Glad you're ok, and hope you stay safe and that court works in your favor.

Bored at the Bookstore

Whew. You are most fortunate in your friends, my dear. It's good to have someone to watch your back.... And between Tank, the daycare lady, the cops, and the landlord, you're definitely in good hands.

If friend Tank actually imbibes all the drinks we owe him, the poor guy will be working off a three-day drunk! Not to mention the various pies, cakes, and cookies he deserves.

Here's hoping that your next update tells us that Pet is in the deepest, darkest, dankest cell they've got - the one they lost the key for... And that your former idiotic employer is going to pay through the nose, in very large denominations, for a very long time.


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