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Bookstore Slave and Pandemics: There Will Always Be Another

BookstoreslaveBookstore Slave with a story... No, wait, let me try this in Wollyhood style...

It's coming! The horror to end all horrors! You cannot escape it! You cannot fight it! [insert woman's scream] Coming soon... TO GET YOU!!

In 2001, 9/11 and the postal service brought you Anthrax!

In 2002, the West Nile Virus struck like a crocodile!

In 2003, SARS paralyzed the nation with dread!

In 2005, the bird flu flapped its way into the country on wings of death!

In 2009, you quivered as H1N1 struck terror into your hearts!

In 2011, Whooping Cough seized your lungs!

Freddy2 003aAnd let's not forget the annual FLU SHOT! OH MA GAWDZ! This year is the WORST! It has mutated in new and horrifying ways!

It's always a new disease and IT'S OUT TO GET YOU! It wants to kill you! It is sentient and plans to eat your soul! You will shit your soul out while hemorrhaging from your eyes! Get a shotz nao cuz yur next!!

Pandemic Panics!

"There's always another one!"

*cough* Okay, yeah I dunno if you thought that was hilarious, scary, or a little of both (in more ways than one). Let's face it, I volunteer in a hospital, and the very next DAY that flyer warnings about Pandemic A comes down, Pandemic B is slapped in its place, screaming about a brand new horror. There's ALWAYS a Pandemic Panic as some new disease gets spotlighted, and everyone runs in circles with their arms flailing uselessly. They are screaming for vaccines and shots and magical ways to bury grandma's apron in the backyard under the full moon while splitting the atom and singing the Star Spangled Banner backwards. Sure, that'll cure ya.

Carolanne2-088aFor the love of all that is holy, it pisses me right the fuck off. Because it was required in order to volunteer without one of those crappy strap on masks over my mouth and nose, I got my H1N1 shot. I completely ignored the bird flu and the whooping cough. Mystery of mysteries, I never caught any of them. I also do not get the annual flu shot. Want to know how? 

1) volunteers aren't exposed to people who are still infectious. 

2) I practice hospital recommended sanitizing methods (singing "happy birthday to me" x2 while rubbing my soaped up hands together with antibacterial soap before rinsing)

Everyone who gets these stabs with the needle on a regular basis squawk about how much more terrible it is this year as opposed to last year. Um, yeah. Dude. Just like the year before that. And the year before that. AAANNND the year before that. And let's not forget the year before that when everyone in the whole wide world turned into mindless zombies and stormed the stores, spreading their virus to hapless, formerly healthy retail slaves... oh wait... sorry, that happens every year in retail. And everyone... EVERYONE who gets these shots decides to save my soul like some god fearing Bible thumper every time I say that I do not get my shots.

Shot Whores: Oh but flu shots work! 

Jason2 057Bookstore Slave: Oh yeah? Then why do I hear about people getting fevers, get sick to their stomach, get runny noses and all around show symptoms of the flu after they get zapped? 

Shot Whores: Oh, but they either already had the flu before the shot or else are just showing the symptoms as their body fights off the dead or weakened injection.
Bookstore Slave: I-it-what- ok ok ok , wait. Stop the train. Time out. You're telling me that this "dead or weakened" virus, makes you break out in alllll the symptoms of the flu as your body fights it off?

Shot Whores: Well yeah, that's your immune system doing its job.

Bookstore Slave: Okay, sooo, let me lay this out for you. I never get a flu shot. Ever. I stay healthy for a whole year, or MAYBE get the flu for one week and then I'm fine. OR I can get a shot and experience the EXACT SAME problem only I don't actually have the flu. I'd rather avoid the whole mess. I'm not going to freak out over this. 

Shot Whores: ZOMFG! You're not getting a shot?! AIIIEEE! PLAGUE BEARER!

Yes I have heard all the excuses. Some people don't even get the symptoms blah blah blah. But it could prevent your getting the flu blah blah blah.

1) I am terrified of needles. My ears aren't even pierced. I tried to face my fear by training to become a phlebotomist, and I had to quit because I was stressed and miserable after every class session AND during my internship. Even when I got over my unreasoning terror, I still couldn't handle the damn thing as a career. The doctor has to sneak up on me to to hook me up to an IV in the ER, and then I shake and sob uncontrollably until I'm exhausted. There is no way in hell I'm going to volunteer for MORE stabs with a needle.

 2) Flu shots protect you from LAST YEAR'S strain of the flu. Chances are good I'll get sick anyway if I'm going to get sick.

3) You know there's going to be another panic over something next year, and the media will blow it way the fuck out of proportion anyway. It's just not worth the headache of yet ANOTHER shot.

May your customers be nice and your pandemics be forgotten,

--Bookstore Slave





I also have needle issues (thankfully not as bad as yours). For years I ignored the "you must have a flu shot!" preachers, or told them flat out that I'd rather get the flu than a get a shot. Then, due to a medical condition, I had to have blood drawn somewhat regularly for what seemed like a long time. After a while it got easier. Then I was diagnosed with asthma. And my primary doctor, her nurse, and especially my asthma specialist, all went apesh!t insane over it. YOU MUST GET A FLU SHOT! So now I get the shot. Even the year there was a shortage of vaccine, because I'm "high risk." I've had bronchitis a lot, and pneumonia a couple of times, but as far as I know I've never had the flu (even before I started getting the shot).


It's important to get your pertussis booster, but I feel the same way about the flu shot. I've never had it and I've also never had the flu.

Also, I'm new to this site and I can't figure out what NAT means. Someone help?

Book Baby

I feel the same way you do. I have to get the damned vaccination now because of health issued (pre-diabteic) and it drives me batso. I NEVER get sick. Hell, I have HUNDREDS of hours op sick time accrued because I DON'T GET SICK. So now I have to get a shot that MIGHT make me sick to keep from GETTING sick? God protect me from the medical establishment!


I'm supposed to get all sorts of shots every year because of health issues. I don't. Not because of any needle issues, but because I would rather not risk getting ill from the vaccine. If I HAD to get them for a healthcare job, then I would.


Well for me what I was told was the flu shot actually gives you the flu and therefore your body can produce teh antobodies it needs to protect itself.

The last time I took the flu shot was when I was in highschool and it was mandatory for the first year. I was sick every year that I got the flu shot. After my last mandatory one I have not taken the flu shot what so ever and I have not been sick.

I only sneeze ever once in awhile from dust and thats it to be all honest.

I have always washed my hands like a fiend, my aunt was a nurse, so I was taught from a young age how to properly wash my hands.
I always have something on me to keep my hands clean just in case.


I've never gotten the flu shot, ever. And I've never had the flu. I've had common colds, and the like, but never the flu. So whenever anyone flips out over the flu around me I just ignore it. Your body, your choice.


I too have always shook my head at the shrill squawkings of the local hens constantly going on about how I simply must get the flu shot. I rarely if ever get sick, and they get every freaking sniffle that goes around. Funny, that.

And SandwichArtista, NATs are the vermin we all would love to catch in action: Nasty-Ass Thieves.


I share the pain of needle phobia, whenever I have had no other choice but to get blood drawn or a shot, it always starts with "okay now just a pinch" then "OMG put you rhead between your knees quickly and take deep breaths"! Yeah I get sick twice a year at most usually when summer, and winter start, and it's mild cold symptoms at worst. Yet i never get that accursed flu shot.

The Last Archimedean

I have no fear of needles, having had them stuck in me twice a month as a kid to test the level of anti-epilepsy medication [phenobarbitol! yes it was that long ago] in my blood.

I refuse to get injected with a virus to "prevent" me from getting sick. I eat as healthily as possible and wash my hands a lot. I haven't been sick with anything other than a cold in 20 years.

CO Slave

I get the flu shot most years simply because they come to my work and give it out for free. I've had glandular fever once (prior to when I started getting the shot) and I know I never want to repeat that experience ever again. However in all the years I've been getting the shot I've never experienced any side affects or gotten the flu.

The way I see it, if it stops me experiencing anything like how it felt to have glandular fever, then one small prick on my arm once a year cant hurt. But as I said, I'm young and healthy and haven't experienced any side affects, that sucks for any people who are more sensitive to those things.


I agree that the hysteria over the latest disease is crazy, and I'm one who has never gotten an annual flue shot, but I did get the H1N1 vaccine. Note in history how a flu has killed off massive amounts of people about every 100 years, and it had been about 100 years since the last one. Fortunately with technology/communication, what could have been a disaster was not.

The Last Archimedean

CO Slave, you couldn't pay me enough money to take a flu shot.

Now, a flu PREVENTION shot, that I might be talked into doing if there's a good reason. When I was in middle school, if we didn't get the shot we couldn't attend. That's a good reason.


Used to be, I didn't bother with the shots...but now my dad's on an immunosuppressant for RA and psoriasis, so we all figured it was a good idea, just to be on the safe side.


The hysteria of swine flu/H1N1 was over hyped, but still relevant. Like many epidemics, it killed the weak: infants, pregnant women, immunocompromised, and elderly. Look at any national health statistics for that time, and it is reflected there. Many people carried this virus but experienced it as a mild cold. However, by remaining infectious they exposed many others to this strain. If you can handle the needles, you can save infants and children by getting immunized.

When it comes to "I've heard that people get sick from the flu shot," think of how many people have colds in November. 5/100? 10? Causation does not equal correlation. The dead virus you are exposed to is incapable of causing disease.


I don't get the flu shot for many of the above reasons. I get sick about once a year, usually with some kind of cold or face-gland infection. But I haven't had anything that made me vomit for years and years. I may have gotten H1N1 in 2009 - but I'm not totally sure. I had what my sister had - she's the one who went to the doctor and the doctor said all the flu coming back as this type was swine flu. I don't really count that as a definite infection of swine flu, though. (I honestly wasn't impressed by it - they crazy 102 degree fever I was running when I had to take midterms one year was much worse.)

Kelly Farrell

OK, I get why you personally don't want a flu shot. But please let's actually look at facts before you just start word-vomiting that they don't work. If you said something like, "this study (link) says that flu shots are ineffective in x% of the population including the middle-aged, caucasians, and the immunocompromised" or something, that's one thing. But honestly, this is just self-justification otherwise. And if that's how you want to look at things, whatever. I'm not going to try to reason with you. But don't go acting like this is some sort of substantiated claim unless you want to give us that proof.

(Note: I'm a student in the sciences. I've had the flu, I've had the flu shot. I also know that these two facts do not conclude anything about the general population.)

The Last Archimedean

Kelly, read Walene James and Haris Coulter's books and post again. I have read them.

That is why I don't inject anuthing into my body that I'm not legally obligated to.


I never got the flu shot until I started working in the health profession, but now I'm realising how important it is. As others have said above, you cannot actually get the flu from the flu shot, and healthy people who do not get the shot may be infected with the flu and pass it off as a cold which exposes immunocompromised people (those already with other illnesses, the elderly and young children - some of whom are unable to get the flu shot themselves) they are around to a disease that can potentially be extremely dangerous and life threatening.

Of course, the flu shot does not protect you from every strain of the flu, but it seems better to be able to prevent the transmission of a disease as much as possible (if you are able to handle the needle) if the only cost is possible symptoms of a mild cold after the shot.


I agree about pandemic panics, although, let me add my own personal pet peeve about the flu shot...for the love of God, people, it DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE FLU!
If vaccines gave you the disease they were vaccinating against, Edward Jenner would be called a mass murderer not the father of immunology.
Seriously, I heard a nurse once say she believed that and pretty much lost all my faith in our education system.

I understand the need to vent, but please don't judge all people who do get the flu shot. It's a personal choice. I've gotten the flu shot about five years in a row now and it didn't give me the flu, it didn't give me any side effects other than a sore arm. Also, no I don't go out of my way for the shot and then whine about it to the person giving it to me, about my only complaint is the build up pep-talk "Just a little pressure. I'll be quick."
Yeah, yeah...just stick me already! However, out of respect, I'd never voice that.


I don't get the flu shot because I think it's a scam. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think a lot of the prescriptions and what not are scams as well. I think everything is about the almighty dollar.

A long, long time ago, I was on anti-depressants. Not only did they not make me feel better, they made me feel worse. I stopped taking them and haven't felt better.

So either way, I don't believe in taking vaccines or prescription meds. I'm 30 years old, and have never been healthier.


Influenza used to kill 100,000+ people a year, and every thirty years or so there would be a strain that killed millions. Ever hear of the Spanish Flu? Nowadays it's usually a minor illness that you can get over in a week. However, because so many people aren't immunizing, new strains are are now developing at a rate faster than the CBC can produce new immunizations.

What you fail to realize is, when you get immunized, you're not just protecting yourself. You're protecting everyone you're in contact with that you could potentially infect, and everyone THOSE people could infect. It's called "herd immunity," and every weak link compounds the problem exponentially. Maybe you're healthy enough to sustain an influenza infection with minimal issues. But your neighbor's kid, your classmate's grandma, your friend with asthma... the flu, or secondary pneumonia/meningitis/fungal colonies, could kill them.

No hospital wants a potential plague-barer or Typhoid Mary walking the halls shedding virons, which is why you have to get your damn shot to volunteer. When flu season hits here (often twice a year), I don't let anyone in the house that could be infected, because my stepmother has COPD and a good case of pneumonia would probably kill her off. I get my shot, even though I'm allergic to the preservative and it makes my arm swell up like a balloon, because I'm a responsible member of society. In the same vein I recycle and don't feed my family expired food. If you don't give a shit about your fellow man, by all means, continue your life as a walking, coughing agar plate. But if you think it's a matter of personal choice and what you do doesn't affect people, think again. -_-

Hellbound Alleee

Your own personal experience and "things I heard" are not science.

Science is science.

I do not know what a "shot whore" is, but I couldn't concentrate on your post after I read that. All I could think of was "confirmation bias."

nursing slave

I just want to clear something up, because it's a common mistake, and one that annoys the hell out of me:

If you're suffering from vomitting/diarrhea, with the exception of young children, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FLU. Influenza is a respiratory infection. It has no gastrointestinal effects (with the exception of those with poor/compromised immune systems, and even then it's primarily only young children, not the elderly or anyone else). If you're vomitting/suffering from diarrhea, it's some form of gastroenteritis, NOT influenza. So if you get the flu shot, and you start vomitting, barring an allergic reaction, you cannot blame the flu shot. It's something else you've come down with.


What Nursing Slave just said. Vomiting/gastro-intestinal problems, diahrea = all much more likely to be caused by food poisoning/improperly prepared food. Considering what news sources report are being added to foods ['pink slime', anyone?] it's a wonder it doesn't happen more often.

Herd immunity is important. As long as vaccinations are in the 90%+ range, then it is unlikely that you or I will be infected with whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella [and so on] - all of which are nasty arse diseases with a more than 1% mortality rate.

I am a canary in the coal mine of life. If there is an airborne disease floating around in the cold/flu season, I -will- catch it. Or rather ... I would catch it, except that I -do- get a flu shot every year. Since I have been so doing, I have only had 1 case of influenza in the past 5 years [YAY!] and only 2 colds [also YAY]. I also hate needles, but the trade-off of health for a needle stab once a year is something I prefer to live with.


This issue kinda drives me nuts.

I'd LIKE to get flu shots every year, but since H1N1, I literally can't. I'm under strict doctor's orders to NEVER have another flu shot, as it could literally kill me. (Nearly did, too, when I ignored my doctor's advice to just not get it it the first year people were up in arms about H1N1 - not the smartest thing I've ever done, but paying for it with a good twelve hours of severe seizures drove the lesson home.) So now I just don't go anywhere during flu season, wash my hands like mad, and generally do whatever I can to avoid getting even the slightest bit of sniffles. It works, at least.

It does cheese me off when the idiots I have to coexist with in this stupid world tell me I'm clearly going to cause a worldwide pandemic ALL BY MYSELF because I literally can't have a flu shot, though. I suppose they'd rather I die?



That is sad considering people like you are the exact reason herd/group/collective immunity is important for vaccination to work.
There are certain people who can't have vaccines because they have life threatening reactions, or because they are infants who are too young for certain vaccines. These groups are very vulnerable to infection, but at least they/their parents know it. There's another group that's vulnerable and that's people who got the vaccine, and, due to whatever combination of genetic and environmental factors, did not get immunity from it. With the exception of those who have had testing for antibodies, these people don't know who they are.
Most of them don't get sick, though, because enough of the people they live and interact with were also vaccinated, and did gain immunity. So there simply aren't enough vulnerable people in the population for the pathogen to spread if it's introduced.


"Bookstore Slave: Oh yeah? Then why do I hear about people getting fevers, get sick to their stomach, get runny noses and all around show symptoms of the flu after they get zapped?"

Yeah, if people are telling you that they "got sick from the flu shot" they are LYING.


When I was away at university I had to go to the school-run clinic for weekly allergy shots. One day, in the fall of 2009, I went in for my regular stabbing and the nurse forced an H1N1 vaccination on me as well.

I say forced because before I could protest, she sticks the needle in my arm THEN tells me what it is. I had consented to the standard flu shot because whatever, but she jabbed me with that H1N1 vaccine before I had time to blink, let alone utter dissent.

Her rationale for injecting me without seeking consent was that I have severe allergies and am asthmatic and am therefore at high-risk for catching illnesses like the flu (which is true). She just assumed I'd consent to the H1N1 vaccine since I'd consented to the standard flu shot. I never said anything to her, but I was pissed.

Guess who caught H1N1 anyway?

Ted the 'Flayer

I don't get the flu shot, because I despise my coworkers and custies in a very passive-aggressive sort of way...

If I was at risk, I'd get one. As a man in his early 30's with no respiratory issues and is in general good health, I don't see the point. If I have respiratory issues, or immune deficiencies, or came in contact with children or the elderly, I'd get my shots.

~Bookstore Slave

Shot Whores are people who leap into the hospital at the first sign of a sniffle or a sneeze to get a shot, or they believe that they must get every shot to prevent every contingency, regardless of their body's need. If you do not fall into this category, please do not chew me out for using the term and slap the label of "confirmation bias" on my post.

Now I'm not dissing people who get shots for their own health reasons. Far from it. If you need it, get it. But shoving your "ZOMG YOU ARE A THREAT TO SOCIETY" at me is just like shoving your religion down my throat. You can spout statistics at me right and left, but that doesn't change that my phobia of needles is very strong and that I see no reason to inject my body with shit that I don't need. Please consider AGAIN that I rarely get sick. And when I do, I immediately remove myself from the workforce.

Davy Jones

You clearly don't get it. By the time you start having symptoms, you've already had a few days to spread the flu to other people, some of whom can't get a flu shot to protect themselves. Your fear of needles is hardly compensation to them.

It's your body, do with it what you will, but don't pretend like you're doing anyone but yourself a favor in this and that no potential harm can be done.

The Last Archimedean

When I was knee-high to a bee we had a massive outbreak of Guillain-Barre syndrome caused by flu vaccine, Davy. I'd much rather get the flu. Which I don't get anyway because I take sensible precautions and wash my hands a lot.


No offense, but that's like saying because in .1 percent of car accidents, the victim died because their seat-belt got stuck, that you are never going to wear a seat-belt. Nevermind that in 99.9 percent of cases proper seatbelt usage saves lives. Nevermind that you're a good driver who obeys all the rules of the road. If you don't like wearing a seatbelt, fine, but don't get all proud of yourself like you've somehow managed to figure out the flaw in the system and you're doing the smart thing.

Kelly Farrell

The Last Archimedean --- I could not even find much mention of one of those books online, and the "vaccinations cause autism" theory has been discredited by many in recent years.

My comment was basically reiterating what others have said, that Bookslave seems to be basing her opinion entirely on hearsay and anecdotal evidence. I didn't really say anything about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of vaccines themselves.

Kelly Farrell

The Last Archimedean ---

"In 1976 there was a small increased risk of GBS following vaccination with an influenza vaccine made to protect against a swine flu virus. The increased risk was approximately 1 additional case of GBS per 100,000 people who got the swine flu vaccine..."

This has not been seen with newer vaccines, either.

The Last Archimedean

You obviously didn't look real hard, Kelly.

Apparently I'll have to give you the titles too. [Do i have to do everything?]

Harris L. Coulter, "Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality"

Walene James, "Immunization: The Reality Behind The Myth" and "The Vaccine Religion"

Harris Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher, "DPT: A Shot In The Dark"

Seth Mnookin, "The Panic Virus"

Louise Habakus and Mary Holland, "Vaccine Epidemic"

Barry Glassner, "The Culture of Fear"

Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher, "The Virus and the Vaccine"

Wendy Lydall, "Raising a Vaccine-Free Child"

I'm sorry I omitted 1 letter from Mr. Coulter's first name in my earlier post. i hope it didn't confuse you too much.

By the way, that was 5 minutes of online searching to turn up all those books. Of course, it helps that most of them are on my bookshelf and the ones that aren't I have read. Come back in 2 months after you've finished your reading list and let me know if you still think vaccination is the be-all and end-all. I personally don't approve of deliberately injecting toxic substances and deadly bacteria/viruses, even if they've been "attenuated", into my body.

The Last Archimedean

Forgot to add, if you don't have access to those books through your library you can find them all on Amazon.


For those of you who do not want immunizations: do what you like with your own bodies, but for the love of Pete please stay away from young children and people with immune problems. Especially if you don't get the whooping cough vaccine. You see, whooping cough is no more than an annoying cold in most adults. However, if you give it to a baby who is not yet immunized, it is likely to KILL them. Not just make them sick, KILL them. Handwashing does not prevent you from getting or giving this disease, since it is airborne.

For anyone who is curious, I have worked in children's intensive care units and actually seen the deaths from whooping cough. It's horrible.


WMDKitty, Nursing Slave, Minidoc and Chicajojobe... Thank you SO MUCH for actually knowing your ass from you elbow when it comes to vaccinations.

I used to argue until I was blue in the fucking face trying to explain the science and stop people from spreading misinformation. I still get a pain behind my eye when I hear people parrot the garbled third-hand psuedo-scientific word vomit that spreads from the media after journalism majors misinterpreted an (already questionable) study.

I tried to do good, I really did. But what makes someone an idiot isn't not knowing, it's the close-minded "if I don't understand it, it's wrong" or "I've never experienced it, so it's impossible".

Human stupidity is just too large of a problem for the 1% of educated people to manage. Frankly, if someone refuses to vaccinate themselves or their children because some "doctor" on an infomercial told them not to, the gene pool is better off without them.

Kelly Farrell

The Last Archimedean
I'm going to be honest. I'm very disappointed. I really loved your articles on RHU and now you're being a total dick to me. My original comment had NOTHING to do with the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of vaccines. My comment was NOT "Oh, BookSlave doesn't lke vaccines. How hilarious." My original comment was that BookSlave hadn't really given any rationale for her arguments.

Now you are portraying me as someone who apparently cannot read or procure information because I googled the books you gave me and didn't find much of anything, particularly not by scientists/journals, which is mainly what I was searching for. Did I spent several hours? No. But all I found in 10 minutes were links basically saying that the books existed, and very little about what they were about.

Even if I think you're wrong, I never once insinuated that you were in any way unintelligent. I think you should get off your high horse and realize that plenty of other people on here have said the same thing that I originally said, and none of us deserve to be insulted.

Polite Spine


Kelly, my uncle was the researcher at the CDC who first made the association between Guillain-Barre and the swine flu vaccine (I was so stoked when I got to that part of Gina Kolata's Flu and found his name), and he now says he thinks it was coincidental and not causative.

Folks, the ones who are saying that flu kills the weak, the immuno-suppressed, the young, and the elderly are partly right. An ordinary flu does tend to target those groups. Of course, when I say "targets," I'm speaking euphemistically. Influenza is *the only thing* that causes a noticeable change in the weekly morbidity and mortality rates. 35,000 people die of it in the US alone each year. But, the thing about H1N1, and the reason that it sends epidemiologists into panics, is that it targets the young and healthy. We now believe that it sets off an immunological overreaction called a "cytokine storm," that floods the lungs with fluids. During the 1918-19 outbreak, people would get on the trolley to go home from work, apparently healthy, and die before their stop.

Second, you are not getting vaccinated with last year's flu, at least not generally. In fact, the 2011-12 season was the first one in at least a decade where all three included strains were the same as last year. What happens is that right now it's flu season in the southern hemisphere, and researchers in Australia are looking at influenza infections. The US CDC and WHO people confer with them and decide which strains will be included in the vaccine for next year. It's a process of educated guessing, but it's the educated part that is important, and there's been precious few failures, the H1N1 being one of the most noticeable.

Claiming something is stupid just because you don't have the education to understand it...well, it isn't the thing that's being stupid.

Patient Hell

I am a receptionist at a medical practice in Australia. I have no opinion about the flu shot, I have the choice to get it every year and generally will for no other reason than it is offered for free.
About a month or so ago it was the end of the flu jab season, all the people at risk had already had theirs, so there was only the very occasional person coming in for one.
Then came a huge media outcry of the 'killer flu' and everyone and their mum was freaking out about getting one. We had very little in stock and it was the same story with our suppliers.
So we had to deal with a lot of healthy and extremely abusive patients convinced they were in horrible danger while we were purposely holding back the only thing that could save their lives.


If you don't want to get a flu shot, that's your choice as a member of the general public. However, if you choose to work/volunteer in a health care setting, then it's completely different. You can be a carrier of the flu for several days before you show symptoms. If you infect those with compromised immune symptoms, heart or lung problems, you can kill them. There are very good reasons for your employer's rules. Can't handle needles? Work somewhere else.

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