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From Huff PO: The next time you try and sell your P.O.D. CDs to Chicago record store Laurie's Planet of Sound, you might want to crosscheck your collection against their "Do Not Buy Never Ever List." Not only will it save you time, it will also spare you a bit of public embarrassment.

The extensive list was reportedly posted by an employee. Some of the artists on the list include Lilith Fair staples Melissa Etheridge, Natalie Merchant, K.D. Lang and Alanis Morrisette, as well as "Most '90s Bands," "60s/70s Artists' CDs from the 80s/90s/2000s" and "Everything Pitchfork." Looks like we'll have to save out Dirty Projectors LPs for another year.

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Larry Berry

The problem is the sign actually says "do not never buy" Which means they can buy them.

slappie jones

What's wrong with "obscure punk comps "? Also, I still listen to the Alarm on occasion and Perry Farrell (before he sold out) .


Yeah, not impressed at all.

I'm not a fan of the whole snobby hipster attitude of "I am so much more enlightened than you because I don't listen to mainstream music."
To the people who wrote that list, I say fuck you! I listen to what I like, and I'm not at all embarrassed to say that there are plenty of artists on that list who I do listen to. Not all their songs, but they have made songs I like.


Fuck that, I love Foreigner.


I can't believe classics like Kiss and The Eagles are on that list!


Chicajojobe I'm with you on the hipster nonsense and no doubt that's who wrote this list. Sevendust? Pfft

Unfortunately I have a roommate who's what you get when you mix cheap booze loving hipster with old never got far punk band member.

No one's music taste should be held against them...except for country fans and brony music fans.


Given that a lot of these artists are absurdly popular, it's quite possible the 'do not buy' just means 'we get way more people trying to sell these to us than we could ever sell to others.' It just means the market is saturated, that's all. I know everyone and their brother has 'The Eagles Greatest Hits' and it doesn't mean it's a bad CD, just that everybody and their brother's already got one and there's no need for more.

pizza pimp

The Eagles?!??!

Crazy Cashier

I think Kuroneko has it right , that's the only reason for the Eagles to be on there. How is Justin Bieber not on the list?


Some of them (ie The Eagles) are probably from already being over saturated in stock. Glad to know nothing I owns on the list except my obscure punk comps, but those are never leaving my cold dead hands.

Book Diver

The list has 'Journey' on it, and is therefore irrelevant.



Thank God someone feels the same way. I mean I listen to popular artists, but I've also been known to listen to Sea Wolf and One Drop and many, many other sufficiently esoteric music, but I don't feel it makes me better than anyone.
Hell, I don't even hold it against country fans. I'm not much of one myself, but to each his or her own.
In reading over, though, I do think it might actually be a "We don't buy these because we already have too many" list, which is fine, but they should have been more clear about it and not used no double negatives ;-).


Love the "60s/70s Artists' CDs from the 80s/90s/2000s" entry. Also, I think it's good that these places won't buy most of this stuff. It's good, therefore they want people to hang onto it and give it a re-listen every now and again. I mean, it is clearly a list of "Employees, don't buy these CDs because we won't resell them", but it's good that they're forcing customers to keep their good, old CDs.


I don't think the artists on that list are there because they are bad. They are likely there because either they can't sell them or that they already have a boatload.

I tried to trade some of my old CDs awhile back, and they explained to me that they rejected several of mine because they already have five or more used copies.

Book Baby

I have...eclectic tastes in music. My kids are the same way. I have a CD that my boys ripped for me that has Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Muse, and Trans Siberian Orchestra--all on ONE CD!

I irritate the hell out of my DH because I don't like Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan (great lyrics, LOUSY singer),Tom Petty OR Nirvana. Ehhh, to each his (or her!). own!


People are so weird about music and I just don't get it. I listen to a fairly large variety myself and don't get people who judge others by their taste. I'm not a fan of Justin Beiber but if you are by all means enjoy it. On any given load up of my I-pod arists might run the gamut from Clannad to Miles Davis, and Muddy Waters to Ace of Base, to That Victorious kid my little sister likes so much. The only thing a list like that makes clear to me is that I don't want to shop at a store like that.


With the comments about being overstocked on titles, I wonder if this isn't a list for the *employees*, not the customers. As in, "Don't buy these if someone brings them in to sell/trade". It would make a lot more sense than trying to dictate what the custys should buy.


I pretty much stopped listening to music in the mid 90's when rap and hip-hop became popular. I just can't stand it. The weirder music gets, the less I like it. I freely admit I'm turning into my grandparents. Now I can safely listen to the "oldies", but I just got out of the habit of listening to music. There just aren't a lot of groups I could name that I like, but The Eagles is one of them.

At least if you're going to make this list, explain yourself correctly so we know what the hell you mean! That sentence at the top makes NO SENSE! This is what happens when you sleep through English class.


At my last record store gig we didn't have an actual physical list, but made mental notes as to what we had way too much of. Alanis and Hootie were the biggest offenders. We were near one of the wealthier burbs so people were particularly put out that we wouldn't buy back things that 3492387 other people bought, since they obviously had such unique taste!

Queer Geek

Everyone makes a good point. I agree that if this particular music store has an overstock of one particular artist or band they should put up a sign that says that the following is not being purchased by the company at this time.

Other than that, the picture looks like it is being snobby toward thost particular artists listed.


*adds "Anything from this store." to the list*

My bet is that they're Hipsters.. probably wouldn't want to shop there anyway.

Soft Ice Girl

They have Kiss on it? I hope they step on a lego tonight!!

Hapax Legomenon

If you read the first sentence, it's clearly for the employees. It's not a judgment, it's "We have way more people trying to sell us these CDs than customers trying to buy these CDs from us."


Boz Scaggs? KMFDM? Fuckers probably wouldn't know good music if it slapped them in the face.


Working in a store that buys/sells cds, this list is accurate. We cant unload these cds at $1. Not to mention the fact we already have 85728752852 copies of said cd. It may be good music, but from a business standpoint, they are poor investments. Trust me, I LOVE Pearl Jam, but if I see another copy of Ten come in for trade, I will roll my eyes.

The vacationing NC Tony

Am I the only one who noticed that Melissa Ethridge and kd lang were highlighted? Why do I feel someone homophobic did that?

Larry Berry

Like people said, I'm sure it's a matter of what they can't buy from customers, not a matter of taste. Much like a used book store I like that has a sign that they can't buy some books, mostly Stephen King. Obviously it's not a judgement on his writing, but the fact that they have 2 full shelves of King.


Do not never buy 90s bands? Looks like an employee has a serious Backstreet Boys fetish.


Well I'll admit, I love country music. If that makes me bad, oh well. If loving country music is wrong, I don't wanna be right. :P

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