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Custy is actually right here, 15% of $23.60 is $3.54. 18% is $4.25 (roughly), and 20% is $4.72. Still kind of funny they felt the need to point this out, but I probably would have done the same.


I can't appreciate the retail hell of a company that actually does try to scam its customers.

Su Chan

I'd suggest a company that lies to its customers will get more dislikes than likes on Facebook, but hey....


Well, the actual 15% tip is only 4 cent higher than what they gave. I'd be pissed if a place tried to pull that in me.


I wonder how many inattentive patons have been duped like this. I have no problems leaving a decent tip for decent service, but this place wouldn't get my business a second time, regardless.


I'm going to play devil's advocate for a second... What if there was a coupon and the business was quoting based on the original price of the bill. Yes, I know that's most likely not true since this is the swiped copy, but just throwing that out there.

Book Baby

Lamer, then the coupon would be for about 20 bucks. It would be interesting to see it this were true.


I did the math. If you assume that the second meal was similar in price, and they both got drinks which were full price, then it's not a far jump. But again, who knows.


That just seems really innapropriate to put on a reciept, the list of tip percentages right or wrong. As I always figure you tip based on service. Roughly 15% for standard 10%-0% for poor to harrible service, 20% or more for above average to excellent service.


It's supposed to be for convenience. But it's a little tacky.


I identify 100% with the custy!


I don't think it's tackey to suggest tips especially considering a lot of people genuinely complain about not knowing how to calculate a tip.

However, I'm with the custy on this one. That is wrong, and it could just be an error not that they were trying to scam custys or it could be a coupon and that was the pre-discount amount or any number of other things, but it makes the business look bad.


I imagine if you were to bring this to the attention of management, they wouldn't be able to tell if it was accurate or not anyway.


The coupon thing is something I'd believe more than what we SEE of this 'receipt'. That's just a sign slip. The only numbers on it are the ones he/she is actively having to pay.
Suggestive tips are incredibly helpful and an entirely passive aggressive way to tell douche bag slime-ball cheap ass crusties that their .50 cent tip is shit.
What I do NOT agree with is simply ADDING gratuity onto a bill. So this? We have no idea how 'legit' this is. Having a 'BOGO' coupon can easily do this. No reputable restaurant would so blatantly lie to a customer like that.. especially not somewhere where they are required to get a signature (something a custy would more intently look at then a simple receipt).

The Vacationing NC Tony

Considering the fact that every phone either has a tip calculator or just a plain calculator. If I saw something like that, I would double check it against the tip calculator on my phone, and tip accordingly (to the service). I don't know if I'd correct them like this guy did, but I would figure the tip based on the service and not their suggested amounts.


All three suggested tips work out for a meal price of $43.50. So I would have to go with DBag cutsy who doesn't feel he should tip on the portion that was payed for with a coupon.

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