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Dumbass NAT Encounter At The Magic Kingdom

MousemasteredHey RHU. Long time, no post, etc. I swear, I had the stupidest fucking person ever come through my line at the Magic Kingdom.

She also happened to be a NAT!

At the end of the order, she goes to pay, and picks through a big stack of twenties, finally settling (or so I thought) on a ten dollar bill. I process the payment, hand her her change, and go to thank her when Stupid NAT comes back with this:

Stupid Nat: "Uhm, excuse me. I gave you a twenty."

Mouse Mastered: "Actually, you gave me a ten."

Stupid NAT: "Are you sure? I could've sworn I gave you a twenty."

First off, I always am grateful for a ten and make a mental note, especially when I'm low (which

I was). But, things happen (and she was sifting through twenties), so I open the drawer.

I KNOW I put whatever it was in my tens slot and,surprise, there's no twenty there. Everything's in order.

Mouse Mastered: "No ma'am, I'm pretty sure you gave me a ten."

Stupid NAT: "No, I'm sure it was a twenty. I said, 'I'm giving you twenty'." (Which I never heard, but whatever)

So we're basically at an impasse. Here's the saving grace in this whole thing:

She was my first guest after I JUST completed an audit with my manager. My manager is still in location

WITH THE AUDIT SLIP, and I remember exactly how many tens I had. So I count them, and guess what?

There's EXACTLY one more than what I originally had.

Mouse Mastered: "Ma'am, I just counted this drawer, and I only had [x] tens. Now I have [x + 1]. You're my first guest

back, so I'm sure that you gave me a ten."

Jason 011zStupid NAT: "Oh okay. I guess if you've got a system, or something. But it's your word against mine."

 All right, fine. I go to get the manager. The manager comes out with the audit slip and shows her

where she had wittnessed the audit, and the mark for the fact that I had only [x] tens, and now I have [x + 1].

She tries to ask my manager if she could "verify on camera" what had happened, but it didn't matter. Stupid NAT gives me a "Oh, I guess I was mistaken comment" and heads off, as my manager heads to the back again.

Over, right?


This stupid fucking shitheaded, fartsniffing, cocksucking bitchy whiny fuckfaced thunderwhore

has the NERVE to come back and ask me for a receipt (which I agree to) and then as I hand it over,  state "because I'm going to go complain about this."

Complain about what?

That I was right?

That I had the nerve to fucking not give you money for free?

That I could back myself up with my leader as well as my other coworker who witnessed that she was my first guest after the audit?

That I had proof and she wasn't able to get me in trouble or steal from me?

For fuck's sake, lady. It's ten dollars. I have no reason to hide that amount of money from anybody. It's about an hour's work of pay, and not worth losing my job over. I have NO reason to steal from you, nor does the company (especially considering how much people already bitch about how high the prices are anyway). Get over yourself.

Until next time, have a magical day (and maybe take a spare one for me?)!




I wonder if she was upset because you didn't completely count down your drawer? I had one guy who's order came up to $14 and change. He hands me a twenty, looking him in the face, I say "$14, out of twenty..." he nods and I cash out his transaction. I'm still holding the twenty in my hand when he see his change and he's like, "No I gave you a $50" I'm like, "Sir, I have your twenty right here I haven't put it in the drawer, and I confirmed with you that you gave me a $20" He was having nothing to do with it and I had to have my drawer counted down by a manager to prove I was right! UGH! And then he was like, "Well I just want to be sure, you never know with you cashiers, ya'll steal so often...."


Ugh, shortchangers.

This is why I got into the habit of setting the bill on my register where the customer can see it, and not putting it in the drawer until I have counted out change and the customer accepts it as correct.

"I gave you a twenty."

"Nope, you gave me a ten. It's right here."

Glad the manager actually backed you here. >_>


Yeah, I've had to start doing that too, just put the money right on the register until I count out the change. Actually, I think I had a potential NAT today, she handed me her money and then started asking me a bunch of questions all rapid fire like, then when I handed her the correct change she gave me this sickly sweet smile and just dripped sarcasm when she thanked me.


I had to smile about what you said about ten dollar bills. I loved them when I was a cashier, too, and loathed twenties. In a five hour shift, I would see, at most, 0-3 tens. And 143,063,063 twenties.*

*the last number is exaggerated for hyperbolic effect.

Bagel Bat

Oh woe for the unloved $10. Unappreciated by the ignorant masses and banks, but loved by cashiers all over. I love them so much, because as Becky points out, in a four hour shift I will get like 50 twenties and 0 tens. ZILCH. And this is when I need them the most usually. :/ Mostly because my boss figures "O hey closers do not need to make change! u get yelled at at ur problem! :p lol!" He's really not that smart. :(


I had a customer do the same thing to me yesterday. Her order came out to around $90. She hands me two twenty dollar bills, I told her I need more and she hands me one more twenty dollar bill. Repeat till I have five twenties in my hand and I count them out, in front of her, verifying the amount. I go to get her change and she snidely says, "Just so you know, one of those was a fifty." I pick up the stack of twenties and leaf through them, lo and behold! No fifty. She then moves her hand to open her wallet and she's holding the fifty dollar bill! I look at her and she sees the bill in her hand and sheepishly says, "Oh, I thought I handed it to you." I'm guilty of doing this too; but I suppose she thought I was counting her twenties in front of her just for fun.


Oh god...i HATE THESE PEOPLE!!! Back when i was young and crazy and worked 13-14 hours a day (between the hive and dunkies), i had one of those....cue memory fog first customer of the day, new drawer, and claimed she gave me a fifty when she really gave me a ten, count out the drawer, and lo and behold, i'm not over the 6.50 that they had JUST GIVEN ME for their food...and they still had the gall to complain..granted there were the one or two times i did count a 20 as a 10...which i profusely apologized for, and immediately rectified once i opened my drawer and saw a 20 in the 10 slot...But when someone questioned the change i gave them, i immediately checked and if there was a problem i fixed it...

The Last Archimedean

Short-changers really hate getting caught, don't they? This one must have been furious when your mangaer backed you up. If there's one thing a scammer can't stand it's when management backs the employee up, because that's their plan B is to sucker the manager.

Good for you for holding your ground and good for your manager for showing some common sense.

NC Tony

I picture them mumbling "Curses foiled again." as they walk off. Perky's comment made me laugh though, when the customer said "Well I just want to be sure, you never know with you cashiers, ya'll steal so often....". Yes, cashiers have nothing better to do than risk their jobs by stealing from the company. The company that makes it a point to count down the registers every night. The fact that these shortchangers try to turn it around on us is another one of their many plots to steal from the company. And then they wonder why prices are so damn high.


Several places I know make that part of the standard cashier training, actually--lay the bills across the top of your drawer while you get the change, for just this reason (and the 'Oh wait, let me give you this bill instead of those', which is usually either a need to break a larger bill, or a different scam.

Of course, of some of the others point out, even with that, there are customers that are convinced that cashiers are sleight-of-hand experts, and the bill across the drawer isn't the one they handed over..


I've dealt with this too many times to count.

However, I want to warn you who still work in cashiering: guard the bills you leave on the drawer. I've had NATs (usually working in pairs) try to distract me with a bunch of inane questions (which I had to answer or be accused of not giving good customer service) and then because I made eye contact with the questioner, the other one reached in and snatched the bill back.

Sadly, it was a Benjamin the first time a pair of NATs pulled this on me, and I didn't realize I'd been had until after they were out the door and lost in the crowded parking lot. So they took off with about $95 of merch they didn't actually pay for, plus the change, plus the $100 bill they had handed me to pay with.

I wasn't fired, but there was a very long talk about the importance of controlling the transactions better.

Larry Berry

"Well I just want to be sure, you never know with you cashiers, ya'll steal so often....".

Response: "I always make sure to check, because you never know with customers, you guys try to con/steal so often.... But I always catch it".


I think this is another reason I'm so glad all our notes are different sizes and colours. Makes it so much easier - I don't know how you guys in the US cope with notes that are all the same size and colour!

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