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Lame Gamefly Commercials Incite Bad Customer Behavior


From BookAce:


So I'm chilling at home, watching Saturday morning anime because that's how I roll, when a new commercial for Gamefly comes on. And immediately pisses me the fuck off.

Look at this:


I get that the company is trying to show that renting games from them saves you money, but seriously? Did they really think they needed to create this dickish of a commercial? Even worse, do they actually think this commercial is clever and funny? Because it's neither.

They're kind of missing THE WHOLE GODDAMN POINT OF A STORE. Game stores SELL games. They're not a rental company. You should not treat them as a rental company. Then there's this fucking commercial that's all "lol game stores rip you off by expecting you to keep the stuff you buy." I want to punch the old hag in that commercial in the face. She's throwing a tantrum like a two-year-old.

I found another one on their Youtube account too. This one's possibly even worse because the customers (who look like college-age people) completely trash the game store, (along with two-year-old-esque tantrums). Really? Is shrieking and trashing a place of business now somehow socially acceptable, just because you bought some shitty game and can't deal with the fact that a store actually expects you to keep it, not return it for full price whenever you get sick of it?

I guess it must be if commercials are actually playing it for laughs.


I probably shouldn't be getting so angry over a dumb commercial, but this is such bullshit. You want to say that renting games from your company is better than buying them? Fine, say that. It's possibly true. But making commercials like this where the store employees just doing their jobs are deliberately portrayed as jerks and who are somehow deserving of being screeched at by some old bitch and having their stores smashed up? The fuck?



Sales Agent Guy

Saturday morning anime? Do you watch your own, or is there a station that broadcasts it? Because back in the 1990s, the Sci-Fi channel (before it became SyFy...) used to show anime on Saturdays.


Well, I mean, it's just a commercial. People who going to act like are going to act like this regardless of a silly commercial. And sometimes it does suck, when you have a game in great condition and all you get is a lousy price for it. Still, that is store policy and nothing the slaves have no control over.
But otherwise, it needs to be taken with a grain of salt and not taken too seriously. I thought it's pretty funny and it's not the first time commercial have used tactics like this to deal with their competition.
And after all, we watch videos with horrible customers and it's hilarious but no one gets angry saying OMG Customers are NOT LIKE That.
That said, I'm not trying to sound like a jerk and I hope I'm not offending you, but it's probably just best to roll your eyes and move on and not give the site your business.


I honestly hate their previous round of commercial too. The ones that have a bunch of 10-16 year old boys saying how great Gamefly is and your parents should sign you up. Because as we all know the ONLY demographic for ALL GAMES EVER are 10-16 year old boys. No girls. No men. Just kids.

I resent their assumption on their target demographic and am offended (being a woman in her 20's and a gamer and all). So honestly, the fact that they would come up with these commercials is not surprising given their marketing department's history with commercials.


Oh, @Nomnom, that was something that bothered me as well the first few times and then I just rolled my eyes at it. As it would seem, the people who make the gamefly commercials do seem to be idiots but it didn't bother me too much because wouldn't ever subscribe to them except for the free trials. I am very careful when I buy games, I know what I will like and what I won't.


The behavior in the commercials is dumb...but as a former GameStop employee I understand why they made their commercials this way. When we sold games we were encouraged to talk up the trade in policy on games...which is what they are highlighting in the GameFly commercials. That trade program IS a ripoff. We were giving out maybe $10 trade credit for games we would turn around and stick on the shelf for $30+. Our customers weren't stupid. They can plainly see we were ripping them off. So while the bad crusty behavior in the new gamefly commercials is ridiculous....GameStop's trade in policy is also ridiculous.


Let Gamefly know what you think about their ad campaign


There are people who do think they should get full price back for whatever they buy, no matter what the circumstances. I used to work in a games shop, and one customer walked in and presented me with a strategy guide that had the front cover torn in two, several missing pages and several other pages with smears of various types of food. I explained that we didn't do trade ins on strategy guides (diplomatically leaving out that we probably wouldn't accept one in that condition for trade in anyway), and they said, 'no, I want a refund', and presented me with a receipt - showing it had been bought seven months previously. When I explained that our returns policy was 21 days, not 7 months, she asked where it said that. When I simply pointed to the back of the very receipt she had just handed me, the response was, 'who reads the back of receipts?'


I totally thought the same thing when I saw this commercial. Any trade in program should be viewed as a privilege by the customer; a way to clear there shelves of old, used games and hopefully get enough to cut the price of a new game down a bit. 9 or 10 dollars seems very reasonable to me, actually....that's right around 20% of most games. And I fully expect the company to mark it up and put it back on the shelves - they're a business, not a goodwill. I feel great when I can get a few bucks back for something that I had no (or should have had no) expectation of being able to take back..once you've unwrapped the game, it's used!! I wouldn't expect to drive a car for a year then flip out and throw things at a car dealership just because they wouldn't buy it back from me!! The entitlement of this era kills me!!


I think its just hard, when having to deal with troubled custys on a day to day basis, to turn on the old idiot box and see the same thing there.

Queer Geek

Custys forget that Game Stop is a corporation. They have their own policies and even though you might not agree with it, it is the companies policy on the trade in price. Basically if you don't like the policy, don't shop at one. Instead go to another retailer and see if their option is any better. If you don't want to buy the game,then by all means to to Gamefly and deal with them. Don't blame the Game Stop slaves behind the counter. They're just doing their jobs and making a paycheck.

Hellgreens Slave

lol I hate GameFly's commercials.. and the whole concept of their company, anyways. but then again I don't believe in rentals unless it's a car when I'm on vacation for an extended time.. but I dislike Game Stop.. a few years ago I bought a game but then 2 weeks later received the same one as a gift.... when I went to return one they gave me this whole run around - mind you I had MY receipt & the game was UNopened. They refused to give me a full refund & only offered a trade in value of $10.. uhm the game was priced at $35.. smh so I understand where people get annoyed. Maybe someone from GS can explain why I couldn't return an unopened game with a receipt lol but I think it may have just been that employee being a jerk.. regardless I ended up giving the game to my nephew.


@ Sales Agent Guy: I was watching Yugioh on the KidsWB. I love my dopey card game anime. x3

@ MahiMahi713: Oh, I know it's not being deliberately malicious. It's meant as a bit of a joke and I agree that taking it with a grain of salt is good. It's even likely (based on you guys comments) that GameStop's trade-in policy deserves the criticism.

BotulismSauce nailed my problem with it on the head. Normally stupid commercials don't bother me. I just got sick of being reminded of shitty customers on my days off too. >.< (Plus it's been a crummy week, so Gamefly bore some of my irritation about that.)


I am repelled and disgusted with ads that appeal to the 'idiot element' of mob mentality. Companies that produce 'idiot ads' - or ads that squick me do -not- get my business. [I no longer buy Carl's Jr food because of their series of revolting slop ads that activate my misophobia.]

Larry Berry

"We were giving out maybe $10 trade credit for games we would turn around and stick on the shelf for $30+. Our customers weren't stupid. They can plainly see we were ripping them off."

Well it's not ripping them off, it's called running a business/making money. You know what they do with some of that money? Paid your paycheck. Honestly paying a third of what you sell an item for isn't too bad. How much is the actual cost of the product in a big mac? Less than a third of what they sell it for. Then they have to consider overhead, pay employees, advertising, and profit.... The same system works for game stores.


it would be great if you would get a price based on the quality of the game you want to trade back. But then I shudder to think what retail slaves in game stores have to deal with when people attempt to return games whose cases look like they have been stepped upon, nibbled upon, I mean, the game is fine but it's like. dafuq happened to the case.


Seriously dude? It's a freaking commercial. No, acting like that is not socially acceptable. It's supposed to be funny.


Don't they wonder why used games are $5-15? It's not because they're being returned for full retail value. If you wouldn't buy a used game for the price of new, why should the store?

Finder Queen

A better way to portray it is to maybe show games that have been notoriously bad in the past/recent history of gaming (x-blades anyone?) and THEN say how renting from them can avoid this.

But to use a retail store and show people trashing the hell out of it when someone decides to no longer keep a game and they are told it can only be brought back for x credit is a way to react to the "lowball" offer?

Please GTFO! They obviously have NO clue HOW returns/ refunds are handled. Yes it varies but general rule of thumb is when opened/ worn/ washed/ beyond return date you are either going to get told no or just a lower price than you paid and only get store credit. That's just how retail works.

If they really wanted to portray other reasons why to rent is better maybe show users submitting a list of games and how soon they got the game. far better and more pleasant then fit throwing.

Larry Berry

Finder Queen explains things very well. The commercial doesn't even show the message that they are trying to make. The message is try before you buy, yet the commercial is about selling back used games..... And it's not like gamefly is buying used games for more than $9 so they aren't making themselves a solution for the problem they claim exists.


I work in a pawn shop so I deal with this on a daily basis.Some people don't realize that some items tend to have a bad aftermarket value such as video games. When people say that I'm ripping them off when I can only offer X amount on an item they want to pawn/sale, I always tells them they have the option of walking out.
Besides, am I one of the few people who gets most of their video games used? Some games to me are worth $60 but are rare but most I would pay is $30 tops.


Finder Queen, you stated it perfectly. That's exactly how I feel. This particular marketing method doesn't make sense. How can you compare a rental company with a retail store? The two things are fundamentally different!

Little Slave in the Big Northwoods

I too noticed this commercial and it dropped my jaw! What exactly are you trying to communicate?! If you don't get your way, break stuff and cry? It IS like a pawn shop, they give you what they can and still be able to make a profit. That's not a lot to work with for video games.
I go to my Game Stop for the employees. They know I'm cheap for myself, but my son usually gets a certain game and it is brand new, but we both get great service. The awesome employees have also helped my mom numerous times so that she gets the right games for her grand kids. The double game thing happened to us at Christmas time and we got a full credit for the game we purchased - no hassle what-so-ever.
ALSO, the manager told my son that the biggest demo is women, ages 25-35. So suck on that Gamefly!


Encouraging property damage because one doesn't like the price is bad and they should feel bad.

Queer Geek

I've been trolling other sites from current and former employees of Gamestop and the general consensus is that the corporation really involves itself in bad business practices.

With that said, I find Gamefly's promotions immature and mornoic. Why trash a company or its employees just to promote their company? This kind of propaganda is no different than political mudslinging. Neither company wants me to purchases their products or services.

NC Tony

Every single time I see that commercial I want to smack the people who wrote it, approved it, filmed it and starred in it, all the while shouting "You do realize what you're promoting in your commercial is illegal, right? If you did this in ANY retail store would get you jail time!"

The thing that makes me laugh though about GameFly is the way they make it seem like you'll never rent a bad game from them. A shitty game is a shitty game no matter where you get it from. Now while I will admit buying my share of crappy games, most of the games I've bought have high enough replay value that I still have them and still play them sometimes even going back through story mode.

My point? GameFly's commercials are stupid.


Ugh, those commercials are so stupid and only promote what's now typical custy behavior: throw a fit if you don't get your way! I mean, Half Price Books is very similar to most game stores, they'll buy books and stuff back but at a much smaller price, and I'm sure they get the custys that rant about not getting the full price back. I've been really thankful for them, when I was going to college I'd sell my books that were unable to be returned, last time I did that I got five bucks back, not much but IMO it's an awesome deal.

heavy melvanova

That's why I usually only buy used games to begin with. My son isn't too picky with games; if he can shoot monsters or drive cool vehicles, he's fine. So I've cleaning out the PS2 racks and bins of my local GameStops. My best was 20 games for less than $20. They didn't have cases, but so what? I have jewel cases at home. And when he tires of them, I'll trade them on Swaptree for other games or movies.

But that commercial annoys me too. You don't get full price, so you trash the place? wtf?

NC Tony

I'm just waiting for the day now where we hear about some shitbag who thinks that the GameFly commercial is the way to act and is arrested for trashing a GameStop when they offer $9 (or less) for a trade-in.


The beauty of a game store is the customer service. If you want to shop/rent online and save money, great. If you want to go in and have a conversation with someone who plays games for a living, and have them help you pick out awesome stuff and talk about upcoming games, go to a game store. They're two different ways of shopping. -sigh-


BookAce said:

'Finder Queen, you stated it perfectly. That's exactly how I feel. This particular marketing method doesn't make sense. How can you compare a rental company with a retail store? The two things are fundamentally different!'

This is very, very true. Under the same thinking, all book shops are 'ripping people off' because they actually expect people to pay for every book they buy, but libraries don't expect people to pay for every book they borrow.


Finder Queen, BookAce, and Smidgy have it right.
Now, I will agree that if you buy a game and return it unopened shortly later you should get your full money back because it should be treated as a regular return, not a trade in.
The people in these commercials, however, even call it a trade in not a return. Meaning "I paid 60 dollars for this game a year ago that I'm bored with, and everyone else in the world is you'll never sell it for that price now, but that's not my problem! I want a quick 60 dollars of beer money, damnit!"

There is, however, one type of bookstore I will call an exception and that's university bookstores. The entire textbook thing is super shady. Publishing companies make lots of money on them, they put out new editions every few years that are no different than previous ones but they can charge more for, they also know students don't intend to keep the books after their classes but even if they return them in pristine condition the buy back can be about 1/10 the original price, they also sign supply agreements with universities and in return the universities require their faculty members to list the books as required for the class. I even had a professor tell me as much once. On the first day of class he put up the information about the book and said "This is the textbook for this class. I recommend you do not buy it, and if you have already return it quickly so you can get your money back. We won't be using it, I'm just required to list a book with the bookstore."

Marten Kemp

The university textbook situation is a perfect example of 'the tragedy of the commons.'

If a textbook were to cost $1000 to write, proof, and get ready for publication and cost $1 each to print and with a sale price of $2, then the break-even point would be 1000 books. If 500 copies are resold on the used books market at whatever price then the break-even price goes up to $3 for the publisher to get the pre-publication costs back. The 500 sellers on the used market get some money back, the used book buyers get cheap books, and the new book buyers get shafted because the publisher has to raise the price.

That's why textbook prices are so high.


Well, sorry, but I don't feel all that sympathetic considering after 4 years of college and 1 year of graduate school, I've yet to have a class where the required textbook wasn't shitty. They aren't very helpful for learning, and with the web resources universities have these days they're not even necessary to effectively teach a class. Even if it's a literature class, then the books you need to read are available outside of a textbook.


This commercial pisses me off too. You try to sell a game back to a used game store? How much are people going to be willing to pay for that used game? $15? The store has to turn a profit, and there is no guarantee that they will even sell the old game.

A guy who hates crap like this

Oh man, I thought I was the only one. The commercial with the douche-y guy who "doesn't want a coupon!" and then trashes the store.

WTF? You bought a game from a store. Stores do not exist to lose money. You bought that game for 60 bucks, and there is no guarantee that anyone will give you whatever you think you deserve for it.

The sense of entitlement in this country is incredible, and I know it's just a commercial, but it's not funny, clever, or amusing in any way. It actually offended my senses that they'd portray a grown man in such a way.

zahara phi

These commercials are so irritatingly terrible that I am turned away from gamefly and will never use their services. Which is sad because if they had just advertised what service they provide without making themselves look like idiots, I probably would have been interested in a subscription


BookAce, you're an oversensitive weeaboo faggot. It's a commercial for starters and shouldn't leave you this pissed off. Grow up, stop watching cartoons, and stop throwing internet tantrums over what's on television.

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LOL This has to be the most moronic rant ive ever read.

As others have said:

1. Its a commercial... who cares?
2. Because you are clearly an idiot, you dont realize that they arent SAYING game stores are rental stores, but merely suggesting that if you buy a game before trying it, you wont be able to get your money back because the gaming industry makes very little profit off of game sales and thats why the returns are very minimal, even for a brand new, unwrapped game.
3. While I agree with the fact that its not the game clerks faults because its just the way the gaming industry is, its still something that aggrivates many people, i included, and it is a commercial meant to be funny.

I have gamefly, and it saves me tons of money because so far i've played a big amount of supposed "great" games, and didnt like ANY of them, so Im glad i saved about 400$ NOT buying those games just to "try them out" and then hate them and either never play them again, or return them for 8 dollars each -_-.

In conclusion, you're an idiot.

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