Custy Leaves Note For Barista
Fiery Drive Thru Hell at The Golden Arches


Kiliana Nightwolf

What is this I don't even.


@Kiliana: The word you're looking for is "physics."


"I don't want the top one." *grabs lowest one and topples the whole stack*

Yeah, you know some crusty would do it. Then leave the mess for everyone else to deal with.


I can't imagine how someone would logically be able to get one from that without destroying it. Seems silly in my opinion.

Larry Berry

I think those are just the display/overstock. You can ones to buy from the shelf. Then when they ones on the shelf (or stacked elsewhere) run out, the crew can start taking the display down to stock from.

NC Tony

Meanwhile in the Matrix...

@ Madrias: The best you can hope for in that situation is that the stack falls on the stupid custy. It might not hurt, but it will be embarrassing as hell!


The merchandiser who did this is my hero. Hearts with hands. *gawks*

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