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Oct 002Hey ya'll it's Samzilla again.

I have amazing news: I got a job located in the state I'm trying to move to! You are now looking at a shiny new Halloween store employee :] I was interviewed this past Saturday, got the job same day, and starting working that Sunday. We're not open yet, just still building the fixtures, but let me tell you something. I have never been so excited and happy at work. It felt less like a job and more like friends hanging out and building stuff. The manager says it only gets better from here on out, so I can't wait till I work next.

Of course, it's still retail and I'm sure I'll have some fun and not so fun stories to share in the future once we open the store to the public. For now though I'm enjoying putting life into my store. Now to start looking for a place to live. It's tough commuting 2 hours from NJ.

See ya'll soon!





Congrats! Halloween can be fun but be prepared for the custys!


What?? Halloween Already? I remember one year around this time I found myself in Kmart. Seems like they forgot back to school sales, labor day, Halloween and Thanksgiving and went straight for Christmas trees.


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