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Kindergarten Hell: Mom Rants About Lack of Supervision

From Karebear:OCTOCAROL 191

I have come to vent a little bit to you all. It's not about retail persay, but still been treated like crap over the whole thing. And there is some sort of "customer" interaction, even though I am not buying anything. 

So what has me all flustered and frustrated?

My son's school. He just started kindergarten, and since for pre-school he went to the daycare that did half day preschool other half daycare, this is my first time dealing with a public school as a parent. As a child, I went to a different public school in a different town, so this is my first time dealing with this town's public school system. 

My issue is with the way the kids are brought to school and before they go into their classrooms. Parents aren't allowed into the building most of the time, so we are forced to bring our children to line up outside. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for several reasons. 

OCTOCAROL 206There is  no adult supervision. Sure, some parents, like myself, may stay until the kids have gone in, but what little kid in their right mind is going to listen to a stranger? Kids start lining up around 8:40 and are forced to stay outside, with zero shade, until 9:05. And that's if their teachers come out right away to collect them. Usually about 3-5 parents there and the school is K-5th grade, with multiple classes of each grade. 24 students in my son's class alone. It's very overwhelming to make sure no one is killing anyone...and is that really my responsibility? 

I have seen basketballs thrown at other kids' heads. Pebbles, rocks, SCISSORS. I have tried stopping as much as I can, but seriously, some of these kids are pretty big and mean. I get alot of "You're not my mom or teacher, so shove off." I have tried talking to teachers about it, and just get the reply they will take care of it, and the next day they are at it again. 

Not only do they throw things, but they hit, punch, and shove each other. My son's line is right in between a 2nd grade and a 3rd grade class. So all these kids are looming over my son, who is kind of tall for his age, but not by much. I turned around once to pick up the baby's blanket, and when I turned back around my son had a bloody lip. Turns out the hit wasn't directed for him, but he got in the cross fire and was the one that ended up hurt. Talked to the teacher, but because my son couldn't point out which kid did it for sure, nothing was done. And still no teacher supervision! 

I have tried talking to the school principal, but each time I get a lame, half ass excuse like "He isn't in yet today." I have tried 3 different times, and school has only been in session since 8/20. My mom has told me to go higher up in the school board, but the thing is...the school district hasn't released any information on who is who and their contact details. I try calling the main office and get told to talk to the principal of the school. It's like...what am I suppose to do? Get the media involved? Wait for a kid to get seriously injured or run off and get lost? (Nearly happened yesterday with one of my son's classmates, but I chased him down and returned him to the line.)


Hasn't rained yet while they are all standing out there, thankfully. Though I am sure the next day half the kids will be out sick cause of it. And soooo looking forward to winter with all the snow. Maybe I will move before then and switch schools...




Medi-Cal Hell and the Runaround Brigade

RHU SkullI am very much displeased. No, fuck that. I'm FUCKING PISSED!
I just graduated a career school to get into the medical field (medical secretary). Now, in order to get into a job for this, I need to get some immunization shots. Namely, Varicella (Chickenpox) and Hepatitis B, which is a series of 3 shots.
I hate needles. I fucking hate them so much. I even went to Phlebotomy school try try to get over my fear of them. I fought my way through the class and an externship, handling the needles and drawing blood. I am no longer blindly terrified of them, but I still just can't stand them. I ended up stressed and miserable every day after my externship, on the verge of tears at some points before having to admit that it wasn't working out and I had to do a career change.
Now, I understand the need for these shots, don't get me wrong. But I have spent the last MONTH trying to get these fuckers.
4 weeks ago:
Call Thursday afternoon to get appointment to get immunization shots with my approved care provider. After being on hold for an hour and a half, I am told that there are no appointments, I gotta call at 7 am, best time is Tuesday morning, because Monday is uber busy and I'll likely get a busy signal.
Carolanne 0483 weeks ago:
Tuesday, I call @ 7 am. After being on hold for an hour, I am told there are no appointments. Try again tomorrow.
Wednesday I call @ 7 am. After being on hold for half an hour, I am told there are no appointments. Try going to an approved local clinic, they accept walk-ins between 1 and 4:30 pm. Yes, they'll accept your Medi-Cal card. It will be covered.
I arrive 15 minutes before 1 pm. All shots have been given out (they hand out numbers to those in line, and stop after 50). Try the one in Nearby City for Friday. I can't make it Fridays... Go out to my car, my keys are in on the passenger seat with the doors locked. Call Mom, mom calls AAA. 45 minute wait, the door is popped, I get my keys and wearily go home.
2 Weeks ago: 
I arrive an hour early and get in line. I get my number (44/50) and wait for an hour. Herp a derp derp, sorry folks now that you waited a full hour, our courier never showed up. We only have children's immunizations, not adult.
I get there at 10:40 am, plunk my ass down by the door and read until they open their doors at 1. I've covered my bases, they won't run out before I get there, they've told me my card will cover it as long as I go to their approved clinic.
I am #3 in line. I wait, patiently, or chatting with the lady in line ahead of me. I fill out the paperwork, hand over my card.
Carolanne 018Her: "We don't accept insurance cards."
Me: Wrong answer.
Her: "No really, this is a drop in clinic. Cash only."
Me: I was told directly by the people on this card that my card would cover my shots.
Her: "No, you have to make an appointment for that. You have to call the number on your card at 7 am and make an appointment. Sorry!"
I promptly sprouted green tentacles, screamed about Cthulhu and the Old Ones and force feed the bitch Unholy slime until she shit out her soul. I then devoured said soul slowly, savoring its screams of agony.

*sigh* ...oh wait, that was only a happy fantasy. Instead I grit my teeth, turn around with the precision of a military officer and march out of the clinic before I commit a mass murder. Whether or not it was the Immunization secretary's fault or not that my card didn't cover, I SPECIFICALLY ASKED the people on the magical number whether my card would cover it. They put me on hold in order to confirm it and they specifically told me, "Yes if you go to our approved clinic."

Please excuse me, I must now find some way to vent my rage without leveling the continent...
May all your customers be nice,