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Old Tower Records Commercials With John Lennon


One of the first places I went to when I moved to LA was Tower Records. I loved the murals of album covers on the outside walls. A large portion of my Big Fancy paycheck went to Tower!


From WOW Report: In 1973, Lennon had post-Beatles product to sell, and everyone in LA bought their vinyl and tapes at the big red-and-yellow Tower Records store on Sunset Boulevard, the LA landmark that stayed open until midnight and closed forever in 2006. Here are two versions of the commercial. (via Dangerous Minds)

via worldofwonder.net




More than thirty years later, we still miss you Johnny...

NC Tony

I used to go to Tower Records in New York because they sometimes had the rare hard to find albums I couldn't find anywhere else.

Hellbound Alleee

What happened to the video?

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