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The Voices In My Head Say Hello

RHU SkullMwahahaha! Greetings helpless victims... er, I mean, um... Hi everybody! *innocent smile complete with halo*

Freddy and I chatted back and forth (a conversation that has NOTHING to do with blackmail photos whatsoever) and he generously offered to let me post my own stories, as well as help keep the site active with posts, links and vids. I, of course, do not plan to abuse my power in anyway whatsoever, (KNEEL PUNY MORTALS!) and hope you will enjoy my submissions (or else...).

Hang on, are the voices in my head bothering you? Pardon me, I'll just send them off to keep an eye on Freddy... (and make sure he feels safe... and secure... and protected...)

*ahem* Where was I? Oh right: to anyone who is interested, I am actually Bookstore Slave. From now on, all of my Bookstore Slave stories will be signed "Ilia". If any of you are Trekkies, you may recognize my name. If not, but still happen to be curious, feel free to Google it. And don't worry, I have plenty of stories to post in the familiar style you're used to and we can share in the groans, sighs, facepalms and eyerolls.

May all your customers be nice!

--Bookstore Slave, aka Ilia



I, for one, welcome our new android overlord.

Live long and prosper.

JaSoN    RhU

Ilia. JaSoN of RhU here... Welcome to the Underground .. of RETAIL HELL!!! I see you matrix'ed and took the Red Pill! .. OOPS! Your Retail ass belongs to Us NoW!!!! Haaaaa Heeee. Once you went down the rabbit hole, there is no turning back. You are going to linger here for all eternity and rot with Freddy, Carolanne, and of course me.. JaSoN! I hope you brought your SPF 1000 . You are going to need it! Torcherous pleasures await You, Ilia.

p.s. You wouldn't happen to be a nurse or a bartender.. Jason is low on his Meds and Capt. Kirk just stole my cheerios and Jack Daniels... That Starfleet- Toten Bastard! ... Jason setting his phaser to Stun!


Dear Jason:
The blue pill was a suppository, the red pill was oral... The rabbit hole choice was easier than you'd think...@_@

Wonderful to meet you Jason! Just remember, no torturous fun in the store front: the back alley exists for a reason! No, I'm not a nurse or a bartender, but when has that ever stopped me before? Good, rainbow-swirling times, those.

And wait... is being low on pills a bad thing? I always thought the fun really started when the pills ran out.

Larry Berry

What fun is power if you don't abuse it?


@Ilia I thought you were supposed to be off exploring the galaxy with V'ger and Captain (Commander?) Decker? Color me confused...

Oh, well, welcome back! I've read most of your stories and can't wait to read more!

~ EJ (Second-gen Trekkie/Trekker)


Heh, my parents decided that Ilia was better than being "Amy #5" in the classroom. XD But thank you EJ. No worries, more stories to come.


Any statement starting with 'The Voices In My Head Say Hello' get an extra 10 points in my book.


Wow, our first real mod in quite some time (Carolanne, where are you?). Welcome to the higher echelons, Ilia. Time to get a skull mask, eh?

BTW, wasn't Ilia shaved in the movie? Is this a clue somehow?

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