Retail Slaves As Custys: Karebear Encounters Rude Hellmart Cashier
NASA's Seven Minutes of Terror Tonight



I know someone like this...


Wicked funny, that train runs from about 15mi north of me to crazy guy. I wonder if he'll strike again


Is this legit? I know this is the kind of thing people like to make fun of, but everyone has their geek out moments. And everyone should have some kind of hobby or occupation to be passionate about, no matter how much the rest of us don't get it. So let your geek flag fly people, the world needs more of that kind of passion.


You should have saw me the first time I spotted a Florida Scrub Jay! I nearly feel off my bike. I was in heaven for the rest of the day.


Aaaaaand I'm spent.


My dad gets like this over WWII fighter planes (of which there are /very/ few left). He'll tell you where it was made, and who made the fuselage, and who made the engine, and where it was tested, and what battles it was most known for. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew what factory made the paint. (Although I must admit he doesn't sound as excited over it as this guy.) :)


ooohhh hahaha that guy had me in hysterics!! excited much?! Got a friend who's a train nut so I'll pass it on.

Queer Geek

Now I want a ciggie butt and a cuddle!


Phew! Was it good for you, babe?


Far out, what a hoot!!


Some use Hustler some use a ticket train. HeĀ“ll use a ticket train.


Hahaha awesome. I think it's great he can find something he's so passion are about but is something so simple.


Perky; my father used to work for the Florida dept of environmental protection, inspecting phosphate mines. He took me out on one trip and gave me a handful of unsalted peanuts, said go stand over there and hold your hand out. I did, and a scrub jay flew up, landed on my hand and snarfed several peanuts, then flew away. Another one came from another direction, then back and forth several times. Phosphate mines are huge, and mostly empty space; the jays probably hadn't ever seen anyone but the inspectors, who mainly didn't get out of the vehicles in that area.

Larry Berry

At first I was rather cynical thinking this guy is crazy, but then I thought about and figure it's great that someone can get that exited about something. That it can give him that much joy. Now I don't wish that it would give me that much of a thrill, but good for him if it does.

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