Retail Balls Award: Discount Rat Gets Told
Scheduling Hell: Working Late, Opening Earlier



Did you expect a Hello Kitty tattoo?


It's at least spelled right... I think. Hard to tell with all the curlycrap on the first word. Could at least have made the arches even...


I'm willing to bet he's not an employee.

NC Tony

I've never understood people who get things like this tattooed on them. Admittedly McDonald's has been around since the Stone Age, but really? Getting a corporate logo permanently inked on your body, it's right up there with the idiots that get tattoos of memes. Sure, it's funny or cool NOW but you're gonna look pretty stupid years from now when (if the movie "Demolition Man" is to be believed) Taco Bell is the only restaurant, and all the memes of today are outdated and no longer funny, having been replaced by new ones.


I take it this man is not an employee.


lol this is one of those idjits that considers this "SWAG" and probably utters "YOLO" every 5 minutes.


A tattoo should have some personal meaning to it, yanno?

This? This is just a fucking abomination.



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