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Cashier Rant: Demeaning Custys and Coupon Abusers

AA1Banja gets a Retail Balls Award for how she dealt with abusive coupon custys and not letting them getting away with it:

I'm not nearly as steamed as the last time I posted.  

Now, I'm just tired.  

I worked yesterday for 8 hours and today for 7 - I can almost hear some of you laughing at me; I know that's not a heavy load.  I attend classes when I'm not working, so it's just a bit more than I'm used to.

Yesterday, I had a customer completely trash my goals in life.  

I know I shouldn't have even let it come up in conversation, but sometimes I can't help myself.

I try to be friendly and I talk and sometimes it slips out.  

Here's how it went down:

Custy: "You guys are finally playing some decent music!  Can you hear it?"

Banja: "Not really..."

Custy: "It's [group].  Listen real hard!"

Banja: "Oh, I don't recognize them."

Custy: "You don't?!  What the hell are *you* listening to?"

Banja: [Completely without thinking] "Most of the things I listen to aren't from this country..."

OCTOCAROL 165Custy: "What do you listen to?"

Banja: [On a stupid roll tonight] "Mostly video game soundtracks and J-Pop..."

Custy: "What the hell is J-Pop?"

Banja: "Japanese pop."

Custy: "Why the hell do you listen to that?!"

Banja: "Because I want to live there and teach English someday."

The custy proceeded to go on a rant about how it's an awful place to live and they hate Americans, and how I'm going to get stabbed by needles over there (wtf?!), and rawr rawr rawr I stopped listening and just finished his order.  

I shouldn't have been surprised.  Most customers who find out (I told you, I try to talk to everybody and it comes up) are very friendly and think it's an awesome goal. But this customer reminded me that for every person who thinks it's great, there are twice as many who think I'm a horrible person for wanting to leave America.  So that left me quite down for the rest of my night.  

I privately spoke with a head cashier and she gave me permission to leave register if he comes in again, as long as we aren't too busy.  Right after that conversation, though, he reappeared and went on this rant about the new season of Dexter and how it's great and blar blar blar.  We have no clue why he came back in.  One of my coworkers thinks there's something mentally not right with him, but I just wish he wouldn't go to my register...he kept cursing at me and it actually made me a bit uncomfortable.  As I have a bit of a sailor's mouth, that's impressive.

Couponhell*    *    *

The second big issue I had this weekend was with COUPONS.  

I work at an outlet store, which means that we often sell slightly damaged goods at a lower price.  We accept a few coupons, though we have rules on them.  Namely, that you cannot use more than three on any item.  This rule works like this: Three coupons per item per person per day.  This means you can't exit and re-enter our store and use your other coupons.  Simple, right?

The problem with foolproof rules is that you always have the fool to prove them useless.

We sell these microwaveable chicken nuggets (nasty pieces of shit) for 99 cents, and some of them have coupons on them that are good for an immediate 55 cents off.  I had a customer who wanted to use a bunch of them yesterday, but one of the head cashiers explained why we couldn't accept them all.  There was the obligatory custy grumbling, but she left without much fuss (dumping it on my register to make me put it away does count as a 'minor fuss'), and I knew how to handle the problem if it came up again.  I just wasn't expecting to deal with it so soon.

Today, a family of crustys was going through the line of one of the new girls.  She hasn't been there long, so I try to keep an eye on her and she feels comfortable asking me questions.  I saw the man of the family with about nine of these microwaveable nugget packs, and saw that he was pulling a bunch of the coupons off.  I know that the new girl doesn't know our policies yet, so I spoke up politely.  Maybe it was being nosy, but I wanted to help her.

Banja:  "Sir, just so you know, we can only accept three of these coupons at a time."

Crusty: "Why?!"

Banja:  "I'm sorry, sir, there is a rule that states "three coupons per item per customer per day"."

Crusty: *grumbles something*

Banja:  "I'm sorry?"  (I admit.  My voice got a fraction less friendly.  I don't appreciate you talking crap when I'm standing right there.)

CarolballsCrusty:  "Oh, nothing~  We're just going to beat your system."

The man sent his son to another line with the nuggets, and I went to the head cashier's office and quietly informed her of what the customer was doing.  She thought for a moment and told me to leave it go for now, but if he did it again to let her know.

Not five minutes later, the jackass sent his wife to a different register.  So, I knocked on the door once more and told her what was going on.  She came out, asked me who the person was, and pretended to be busy bagging for the cashier, but as soon as the crusty's wife approached she informed her that we could not accept their coupons due to the abuse of the rules.  

I'm a terrible person, but it made me feel all fuzzy inside to watch them leave knowing they couldn't rip us off like that.

Seriously, guys, the nuggets are 99 freaking cents.  It's not like they'll break your wallet.

But now, after much grumbling, some good news!  The head cashier who's always rude to me for no reason is leaving Saturday, which means her position is opening!  Though my hopes aren't high, I left a note for my manager saying that I am interested if the position is available.  Maybe I'll get it!

Sorry for talking your ears off, but thank you for letting me rant!

Oyasumi nasai,







I don't really see how they broke the rules. Yeah it's sneaky but if the rules are "3 coupons per person per day" then they had 3 people do 3 different transactions.
If they hadn't caused an issue and just gone through separately nobody would have been the wiser.

And to be honest, my family did that growing up too. Unless policy is "3 coupons per family per day" then they really did technically follow it.

NC Tony

I think it was more of a case of the guy just coming out and saying "We're going to beat your system." that got Banja motivated to prove him wrong. If you're going to try and beat the system, don't be so damn obvious about it! That's like a criminal walking into a bank and saying "Tomorrow at 12 noon I am going to rob this bank!" and then being surprised when the police are waiting for him when he tries to rob the bank the next day at noon.


NC Tony pinned it. I wouldn't have cared if he hasn't announced it. But I can see how it might come off as petty...

Thank you for the Retail Balls Award!! I feel honored ^^


Don't let them shake your goals. My step brother teaches in Japan and my sister-in-law teaches in Colombia. Both absolutely adore what they do and have gotten to experience amazing things in their lives.


I listen to a lot of Japanese music myself, and yes, I have gotten the usual "Why listen to it? You can't understand it anyway" BS. Don't let it get you down. Music is music, if it sounds good, it sounds good, whether it's in Japanese, German (Rammstein FTW) whatever. And if you ever do get to live in Japan, Banja, I will be so jealous. The closest I get is watching Lost in Translation and Sailor Moon a million times.


I won't ever let some customer shake me. I actually got to visit Japan once, and I've made it my personal goal to get back there as soon as I can! I can't tell you how happy I am you guys are all so supportive ^^


Trust me Banja, you and I have some of the same goals and I'm facing the same BS where I live and work (with this being the Bible Belt, the apple-pie-defiling-flag-wearers here seem to think I should be hanged for treason). I just calmly explain that my great-grandmother was a war bride from Japan and that I have extreme pride in all the countries of my ancestors, just as any true American should.
(ON a side note, it's always fun to have my intelligence insulted for being into Anime or other nerd hobbies...nothing like calling their mother a whore in Japanese or Rom and having them stare blankly because all they speak is bad english.)


"I won't ever let some customer shake me." Really? "So that left me quite down for the rest of my night...I privately spoke with a head cashier and she gave me permission to leave register if he comes in again..."


I think Banja meant in terms of his (?) goals of working in Japan, not his emotional level.



I feel you on the Jpop front. I'm a heavy Japanese/videogame music listener too, and some people will dis you for listening to that, then pull out the latest (insert stylized western junk here) album.

High and Mighty Color and Tommy Heavenly FTW!

The Last Archimedean

I love videogame music... Final Fantasy 9 is the best one I've heard so far...


Ohaio gosaimasu.

Technically, with 3 per person, they weren't "robbing the bank" more like they were announcing they would be there to make an another transaction tomorrow. And calling that "breaking".




Oh, cool! You want to be a Gaijin than? : D I've heard Japan is lovely and my fiance and I have been picking up the language little by little. Naturally, we're also both into J-Pop and watching anime with the original Japanese voices. Being a Gaijin sounds like it would be a ton of fun.

Book Diver

That is an AWESOME goal. I wish you all the best for it, and with that level of passion, no doubt you'll rock at it. And Japanese music and soundtracks are some of my favorite (and IMO, some of the best) music out there. I highly recommend the Okami soundtrack if you haven't heard it before.


I have a ton of friends who did the JET program back in college, and they almost universally loved it. Many of them have gone back for more permanent jobs! If you love Japanese culture and you love the language, I think you'd have a blast. Yeah, there are some residual shitty sides to the samurai way (sexism, nationalism) but let's not kid ourselves. You're going to run into rude people in America too. I never understood why certain Americans think this country is somehow immune to sociological issues.


Jojo, the person after you was correct. Of course I'm going to get sad about when people treat me like that, but I'm never going to go "welp, all done here" and throw out all of my Japanese books. :)

To everyone else - I can't even tell you how happy I am to have your support ^^ You've all made me smile, and I'm so happy to hear that other people have similar goals or have done the same thing, or know someone who has! It really gives me hope and makes me feel that I really can do it.

ありがとうございます、セラさん! 私は女の子です:)


間違ってすみません!今少し恥ずかしいです。 笑


Hellgreens Slave

OK, the whole coupon this is just silly. As a manager and retail slave for over 7yrs - what you did is just ridic. As long as the store gets reimbursed for the coupons then who cares if the family breaks up the orders?! Is it really worth you getting all pissed off over? No. Ya gotta learn to pick your battles.


Meh probably not worth worrying about the family abusing the coupon rules. I mean they are already authoring their own punishment by eathing 99 cent 'chicken' nuggets. However you did go about it in a very appropriate way which is definitely worth some praise for both you and the cashier lady. Good luck in Japan sounds like an awesome career path to me.


Sorry Banja but the only person in the wrong here was you. Man, Son and Wife are three different customers; they each get to use 3 coupons.


Guys, this was just after a manager told us we can't let things like that happen. I normally would have let it go, but the managers were saying that we need to be more diligent about our coupons. I understand some of you think I'm being petty, but I really wouldn't have cared if I hadn't JUST been told to watch out for people with their vast amounts of coupons. I asked a manager what I should do and she took care of it. Sorry if I wasn't making that clear enough.


Thank you skittles! I appreciate it ^^

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