Another Boner Costume: Happy Camper
LOL Video: Cynical Cat Rips Halloween


Box Office Wench

I kind of have a problem with the red section.

I love Halloween. Always have. And I love dressing up for it! But ever since I hit high school, AEONS AGO, it's been harder and harder to find a costume in the store that's not Sexy Whatever. Sexy Princess. Sexy Witch. Sexy Bumblebee. SEXY MRS. POTATO HEAD (I am not making this up.)

And I work. I don't always have the time (and I sure as hell haven't always had the money) to make a costume of my own. So my choices are basically either go as Sexy Thomas Jefferson or don't have a costume at all, and there are plenty of other women in the same boat.

It's funny to some people, I guess, but it's not funny when you're shivering all night and getting honked at and having pictures of yourself & your friends tagged on Facebook with "LOOK AT THESE SLUTS" when all you wanted to do was dress up and have fun.

Bitch Boy

Honestly, I'm not really all that surprised by this...


"Zombie" is a great go to costume. Find some of your old clothes you would normally throw out and destroy them a bit. Then half an hour of hair and make up and you're golden.


I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but I found greco-roman works pretty well for homemade costumes. You might not even need to sew. A couple flat sheets, some safety pins along the top, and a rope belt. I've been working and in school the last two years and I've been plenty warm in my Roman costume. Add a third sheet as a shawl for extra heat.


and why are we surprised by this?????

heck go to any bar district during Halloween and the patrons make the Rocky Horror Picture show look like a church picnic.


Young people dress in sexually suggestive Halloween costumes???

Dear Lord! Next thing you'll be telling me they also text in class!

heavy melvanova

I've seen some goodies back in my college days: drunken monks, pregnant nuns, my fav was two guys dressed all in white with white bathing caps on and US Fallopian Swim Team written on their shirts, ha! I went as a sort of Barbarella, thanks to a thrift shop rabbit fur jacket made into a vest and boot covers. Pirates were popular, aaarg!, togas aplenty, cross dressing was big (damn it when the guys look better in your skirt than you do).

The best was my friend went as Sam Kinison after the accident. Took a tan raincoat and ran it over with a car with muddy tires, left great tire tracks on the coat. A tweed newsboys cap, stuffing in the front for weight, steering wheel around the neck, and I made a great toe tag.


I have the same issue, have to make my own costumes usually because the awesome kids' ones are too small, dudes' ones are too sophomoric and the women's ones are too skanky.


I actually think it's a little bit on the progressive side for the simple fact that women can dress provacatively at all and go in public. Yes there is still a long way to go as sexualising women simply because they are women is still quite sexist. Give it time keep looking and when there is enough demand there should be less demeaning outfits available.


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