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Black Friday Custys From Hell: Bloodsucking Mother and Daughter Torment Walgreens Store

BlackfridaycarolFrom Hellgreens_Slave: 

So all has been well at the Hellgreens.. I was promoted to Assistant Store Manager in June 2010 so I've been super busy! I hope you had a great turkey day - with my seniority I get to have xmas eve, xmas day off, new years eve & new years day off so I had to work thanksgiving which worked out cos I got to wear my turkey hat which kept all the crustys in good spirit because when they're mad & want to yell at a manager & then see my turkey hat they just started laughing LOL!

But I do have some unfortunate news:

Being with Hellgreens for eight years - the last 2 1/2ish of being a manager I've seen some crazies in my day (and I'm only 25! LOL) Some crustys never come back (yay!), others are regulars that are just a bit crazy and then there's this: 

OCTOCAROL 352Now, after bouncing around different stores for a few months I was placed in my current store in July 2010. As the manager somehow I manage my staff, Cosmetics & Cafe W SWIS departments, the rest of the store and take care of accounts payable as well as having to deal with the insane people of this town I'm stuck in.. it's not so bad being only a 30 min commute and I try to tell myself it could always get worse until it did. This area is mostly normal, middle-class working people but is about 10 minutes from a super-rich area so we get a random mix of customers and most of my regulars are super awesome.. some even found out my bday and chipped in to get me a card and a small gift each year! It's really awesome having nice customers - nicer than any town I've worked in - for the most part. 

But today I want to share my newest horror crustys.. a mother & daughter duo. 

Now these 2 put my usual crazies to shame!!! So they first came in (to my knowledge since according to some employees that were in the store before I got transfered in these women used to come in all the time & then disappeared until about a week ago!)

And so it begins... I got paged to the photo area for a refund.

OCTOCAROL 351The mother greets me with a "Hello sweetie how are you?"

And I processed her refund like any other - during which a girl about my age came up for help on the kiosk. The mother turned to her & asked if we were sisters or mother & daughter (wtf? I'm 25 and have no kids!!! and this girl & I didn't look anything alike!) lol.

So anyways the two women spent about 4 hours harassing my staff with every last insane request. (oh get more from the back - this package looks weird.... where is this? that?) She took three of my employees and made them wait on her hand & foot throughout the store until I quickly broke that up.

So then she started randomly singing songs to some random lady.. grabbed another customer & put her arms around the woman & got nose-to-nose with her while asking her really personal questions until the woman shook her off. She even dropped a bottle of nail polish all over our newly waxed floors and over her daughter's pants.

My photo tech filled me in that the day before (when I was off) they had come in & spent hours harassing everyone, had called him a jerk, had told our Hallmark lady she needed anger management and flipped on people for not saying, "Yes ma'am, No ma'am" to her, SMFH.

OCTOCAROL 350Finally she was ready to be rung up. OH LORD. She made my cashier ring her $600 worth of crap up in separate transactions.. and then inquired about a movie that's official release date was in 2 days. Now when a movie is set to release on a Tuesday we put it on display starting Sunday with a sign up saying "this may not be sold until XXXXXX date" and no one ever argues except this crusty.

She wanted that damn movie and wouldn't accept that when it's scanned the register tells us "ITEM MAY NOT BE SOLD UNTIL XX DATE" so of course I get paged up front - now I had four registers going and about 40 people in lines/shopping around up front.

I get to the register they're at & she's screaming at my cashier over the stupid movie. I tell her that the official release date isn't until the date on the sign right by them on the shelf behind the register & that there's no override function for it & that she'd have to come back & that we'd gladly hold a copy for her if she'd like.

Of course she didn't accept this & then her face got all red, her breathing all heavy, cheeks puffed out and then she started to cry like a baby who has a wet diaper - through tears & sobs this 70something y/o lady started to cry hysterically while gasping out a "but Hellgreens_Slave, baby, doll, sweetheart I need this movie for a little girl... wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

OCTOCAROL 276Ok. People that know me know that I DO NOT tolerate "bullshit crying" from anyone over the age of 10. If you're crying over a death in the family, a tragedy, a super sad movie.. ok I can relate & understand but crying because the movie can't be legally sold for another few days is just ridiculous & if the powers were vested in me I'd give her something to actually cry about. SMH so I turned to her & said, "Ma'am the movie cannot be sold until XX date, there's no override for this & crying is NOT going to change that," and calmly walked away to the office to laugh my ass off.

So, a few days went by & I thought we were in the clear - until about 0900 today. All I know is I was working in an aisle one minute & the next hearing "Hellgreens_Slave where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?!?!?!?!" in that all too familiar voice.

I attempted to hide in the pharmacy for a bit but that plan got foiled when I got paged up front for some codes - and then got stuck with her for ten minutes.. all the while she had a disposable camera & was trying to get me to let her take my picture until I literally had to pawn her off on one of the employees so I could duck out & take refuge in the office.

Luckily, they left after only an hour. The weird part is the daughter seems so normal & polite.. said hello, asked how my turkey day was, and thanked me for helping her find something.... except my co-manager told me the daughter told him his pants are too low in the back - which is odd since he wears a belt so obviously she just checks him out (kinda gross cos she's like 40 and he's 19.)

The mother wanted a train set which one of the guys had to get a ladder out to get off a deck - they're stacked up with one faced forwards - well she didn't want the one on the top of the pile nor the one in the front - he had to pull 36 of the them down for one in the middle that she wanted & then she ended up not even buying it.

Then, she walked around wearing a holiday hat she never ended up buying, either. She made my beauty advisor wait on her hand & foot and kept trying to shove that damn camera in my employee's faced.

AHHH! What's worse is I can deal with the occasional angry customer but this monster of a crusty will never stop coming in & thinks it's perfectly fine to harass my staff because she spends like $1,000+ a week in our store, HAHAHA.

I can't wait to find a reason to ban her! Which, sadly, corporate will probably find out about & will punish me for.

ARGG. Can it get worse?

I hope not. 




Is there a way to ban her for her constant harassment of staff? I'm pretty sure that if she is keeping them from preforming their duties, you can get rid of her for the day, plus, pretty sure you cant take pictures of people without their permission.


On the issue of the movie: I would have simply told her it was an empty display box, even if there was a movie inside it. It might cool her off on that one subject, at least.

And yeah, taking people's pictures without permission is a big fat no-no.

Hellgreens Slave

I seriously wish I could ban her. I even had to hide in the office and pharmacy! My employees & I explained to my boss how she acts but since there's no hard evidence there isn't much we can do - though everyone except my one beauty advisor refuses to help her LOL. The beauty advisor has known her for years though, as a customer, so she can tolerate her craziness.

As far as the movie thing - I'm big about honesty & fairness. I don't lie nor bullshit customers over matters like this.. we even showed her how our circular states it will be available starting Tuesday & when she didn't comprehend why should couldn't buy it two days in advance I just let her cry.

The photo thing I've sort of gotten under control - since she develops her pictures in our photo lab I've made it the "law of the land" with my staff that when she develops pictures I have to approve the prints before she's told they're ready. That way I can pull out ones that are of my staff that she didn't have their permission to take & also so I can remove the negatives so she can't try to get reprints. It worked twice already - she didn't say anything about them missing lol

I honestly wouldn't wish this customer on anyone. lol


Since she grabs customers couldn't you ban her for that? I know you don't believe in lying, but it would be great if you could convince a friend or two to come film her with their camera phones. Then you'd have evidence and if she grabs a customer, especially if it's one of your friends, someone could call the cops on her for harassment/assault.

Book Baby

Isn't this crap on the security cameras? I know you won't have sound, but she can be seen grabbing other customers and getting in your workers' faces, right?

Fortune Cookie

You could also try to grab her for invasion of privacy after explicitly telling her not to take your picture. Assuming she'll do it anyway.


Is this hellgreens anywhere in the state of Fl? if so I'll write in as a a crusty and say I was there on so and so date and she was following me around and bothering me, blah blah blah....maybe that would get her band, lol.


From her behaviour you might be able to phone an anonymous tip to the police and get her taken to a psych ward she honestly sounds like she is supposed to be taking meds.

Hellgreens Slave

lmfao y'all crack me up! We're in New Jersey.. and of course Hellgreens doesn't like to let managers work near the town they live in so I live about 45 min from my store otherwise I'd totally have my friends come in & drive them out. lol
What stinks is there always isn't a camera nearby but I've come up with a small plan: next time I see them in my store I'll just follow them around, when they get in a customer's face I'll just call them out on it.. when they try to take pictures of me then I'll "accidently" knock the disposable camera out of their hands & "accidently step on it hard" lol. I'll just keep asking if they need help & if they ask why I'm following them I'll sweetly reply the magical words "Because my employees cannot stand you & as their manager I need to watch out for the safety & sanity of my workers & customers that you two do not show the slightest respect to."

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