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Canadian RHUer Needs Advice: Is Creepy McDonald's Manager's Touching Sexual Harrassment?


Call me Screaming Off Key because I'm a terrible singer but I like singing anyway, even do it in front of the custys!

I work at the all too familiar McDicks where all the people who come through are McAssholes, McDouchebags and McBitches.

I'm currently being groomed to be a manager (Dear god I'm not looking forward to that, I've seen what they deal with and it's not pretty.) Six months and counting, I've been slaving away behind that wretched counter when I have to listen to the complaints of "I'm not paying a whole .24 cents for sauce!" or "I GOT THIS YESTERDAY AND THEY HAD NO PROBLEM WITH IT!" Half the time I just want to say "BITCH! Treat me like a human being and I'll pretend I didn't feel your spit hit my face!" But right now, my complaint isn't about the custys.

It's about the spineless, perverted asshole that is the closing shift manager.

Let's put something out there:

I am scheduled 4-11 on weekdays instead of 4-12 like everyone else on my shift. Why? Because I need to be awake at 7:30 the next day and ready for my boyfriend to pick me up so we can go to HIGH SCHOOL. I have home work, I write essays, I do projects and assignments all while supporting myself working for fifty cents less than everyone else who works in this town. My rent is $600 a month and I survive without food most days.

Meanwhile, I've got Grabby McPervert (who will be known as such from now on) hitting on me, touching me when I've expressly told him not too, and forcing all the shifts chores on me because I don't return his gross affections. This man is almost twenty years older than me, married, with a seven year old son. 

But of course, that doesn't matter where he comes from because it's totally fine to hit on someone once they're eighteen or older.

Today, he rubbed my shoulders in front of a customer. Now, I'm not like most people. I hate hate HATE being touched. I have issues with it due to some child hood incidents that I haven't been able to get over completely, and I've expressed this to Grabby McPervert that I don't like being touched, but he persists anyway. He tends to poke me, grab my arm and squeeze and rub my back and shoulders every chance I get.

I've told him on multiple occasions, before and after he became a manager, that I do NOT like being touched.

He's ignored every request and I need to know from the Canadian population of RHU:

Is this considered harassment or am I just being a whiny little bitch?

--Screaming Off Key




Harrasment. No question.


Not Canadian but yes that is harassment! Document everything and report him!


This is ABSOLUTELY sexual harassment. Document and report!!! I didn't and it bit me in the ass huge!! Please please protect yourself!!


as another canadian, yes this falls under harassment. you have told him to stop, repeatedly. it doesn't matter whether or not he or anyone else thinks it's innocent, he is still doing something you expressly said no to. go to the day manager, demand HR and the DM's phone numbers (not email, corperate mailbocxes won't always receive from hotmail/gmail accounts). raise hell, because the guy is a skeez.


Yes, do report it. This is inappropriate behaviour in any workplace, especially after being explicitly told on multiple occasions.


In most civilized countries, YES, that is sexual harassment. Follow the three D's of RHU. Document, document, DOCUMENT.

Tatiana Silver

Yes this is absolutely sexual harassment! Document everything, ( times, dates, what happened, what was said, etc) then report it.
Get the day manager, HR and the DM's phone numbers. Call them right away! If they don't do anything tell them that you are and/or will be contacting a lawyer.

This guy is a huge sleezeoid and needs to be out of there a.s.a.p!


What the others have already stated. This is sexual harassment. You've stated you don't like it, yet he does it anyway, you're finding yourself doing more chores as a result of your protests. I've worked in franchise businesses and it's one of the main notes in training that any touch when unasked for and unwanted is harassment. ANY. It is wrong and very illegal. Call corporate, call human resources and call the labour board. Report him immediately.


This is definately harrassment. Document and report. Tell him one more time to not touch you and if he doesn't stop, report his perverted ass.

maya marie

time to "accidently" hit him in the face or throat with your elbow. whoops, didn't see ya there!

Mrs. Lovett

Like everyone above said, document, document, document. Absolutely do not let this drop! What he is doing is absolutely illegal and would definitely be considered harassment at the very least!

This scumbag probably (falsely I hope) assumes that because you are in high school, you won't do anything about it. Guys like this often pick on young women (or young men) who they see as naive and powerless. It's time to show him that he has absolutely no power over you.

Take your documentation to his superiors, and if they don't do anything, take it higher. Be sure to use the term "sexual harassment" and try to drop the word lawyer in there if they don't seem to take you seriously. If serious actions aren't taken, really go and speak to a lawyer. If the company does not take your allegations seriously, they are opening themselves up for a lawsuit for failing to protect their employee from abuse. I bet you'd have no trouble finding a lawyer who'd take your case on a contingency basis, especially if you have good, clear documentation, which means it won't cost you a penny unless you win or receive a settlement.

Good luck!

former retail peon

so totally sexual harassment! turn his creepy a$$ in!!!!


I think no matter where you go, this is harassment. You've told him multiple times prior to this shoulder-rub that you DO NOT LIKE TO BE TOUCHED, and yet he insists on bursting your personal bubble? And as the chocolate icing on the shit cake, he shunts the shit work onto you when you don't reciprocate? You need to document this any way you can. Go as far over his head as is possible. Keep on letting him no "No touchy" even if he doesn't listen, and be sure to do it loudly where your co-workers can hear you and testify that you did, in fact, tell him to knock it off.

I'm also with Maya Marie up there, the next time he does, see if you can't get an elbow in somewhere and claim it was a knee-jerk reaction or that you simply "Didn't see ya there!" You might get reprimanded, but then you can come right back with "Well, if you weren't CONSTANTLY in my personal space, as I have asked you REPEATEDLY to stay out of, it wouldn't have happened. Does the term 'sexual harassment' mean anything to you?" See how he handles that.



The sweet thing about Canada is that many lawyers will help young students in a pickle because if you win you don't have to pay your legal fees, he does. But the other thing about the Canadian Law System is that if you go through it, it will take years before your case is settled. Go through upper management first. Usually McDonalds is very good about keeping their image as clean as possible, so you say the words "high school" and "sexual harassment" and "lawyer" all in the same sentence, they should be very quick about fixing the problem. But make sure you follow the three D's of RHU, DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT. Without proof its a he said she said game and its usually the one with more inside connections who wins.


Absolutely harassment.

Also, the shoulder rubbing isn't something most people would be ok with. I have no particular problems with touch, but I'd be incredibly weirded out if my boss rubbed my shoulders at work.


Depending on your province's laws, this may be a criminal act as well; in my state, that's sexual battery, which can get him hauled off to the jail in handcuffs. Seek legal advice.


Canadian, harassment. Document, document, document.
I'm in Hamilton, Ontario - if you're anywhere near by, I can drop in when you're on shift and see if I can catch it in action, and make my own complaint to McD head office.

The Last Archimedean

Document it and go straight to the police. Then after he's arrested, got to HR and demand he be fired.


Oh, this just gave me the heebie jeebies, lady.

Definitely harassment, and definitely document.

Under no circumstances should anyone, regardless of gender or age, have their personal space/body touched and/or invaded against their will and express statements not to.


Not sure about Canada, but in the States if ANYthing makes you uncomfortable, even something that others are saying or doing to each other, you're able to file for harassment simply because you feel harassed by it. Don't put up with this shit, it's not worth it.

Former Healthcare Slave

Not only is it harassment but he is also creating a hostile work environment by "punishing" you. I don't live in Canada but in the states that word alone can cause an employer fear. So, I would included that in the same sentence with harassment. Don't let this guy get away with this. Just because you are in high school and young does not mean you should have to put up with being harassed. I would consult a lawyer immediately.

Mick Waukee

Hostile work environments suck. Especially so when the COMPLETELY USELESS president of the union is in the head H.R. manager's (back) pocket.


Harassment, yes! Report him.


That is harassment to a T. If anything a coworker or boss does to you that results in you being uncomfortable is considered harassment. Report him to HR and the owner of your location. He is using his higher status as a way to do what he wants, which in your case is touching you. Get him away from you!

Sales Agent Guy

Like the others have said: REPORT HIM! (And document, document, document!)

Seriously, if someone were doing this to me, I'd write it down and then tell my manager. If nothing happened, I'd contact the DM, and continue all the way up the chain. I don't take shit off anyone, and you shouldn't either! The fact he's forcing you to do chores for refusing his advances isn't right either!


Thanks for the answers. I wasn't too sure because I've never had to deal with anything to this extent.


Do NOT doubt yourself. You are being harassed. It is NOT ok and you should NOT have to deal with uncomfortable situations in the workplace or anywhere else. Say something and do it as soon as possible. Good luck.


Don't know about there, but down here, so far as I'm aware, if you warn someone that if they touch you you're breaking something, there's little from a legal standpoint they can do if you follow up on it, since they violated your right to not be touched and you did something they were clearly made aware would happen to them.

Book Baby

Don't forget to step back quickly and STOMP on his instep. When he howls in pain, look back and innocently say, "Oops!" You could also "accidentally" drop a cup of hot coffee...behind your back.

I agree with everyone else: get his ass fired NOW.


Harassment. Definite harassment. That guy sounds sick and creepy and should not even be allowed within 50 feet of a female.

And to give you an idea on how us fellow Canadians treat personal boundaries in the workplace... I was once written up for playfully poking a coworker. It was incredibly slow, we were doing nothing, so I kind of smiled, said 'poke' in a high-pitched voice and touched her arm. I was called into the manager's office, had to sign an official write-up and everything. For a poke that was intended as nothing more than 'OH DEAR GOD WE ARE BORED AS FUCK LET ME DO SOMETHING THAT WILL CAUSE 2 SECONDS OF NON-DRULLERY!!!'.

Go to the boss, go to the main office, go as far up as you have to. If someone came up to me and rubbed my shoulders, especially if this was repeated and something he had been told not to do already, I would probably just scream "STOP FUCKING TOUCHING ME YOU FUCKING PERVERT!!!" no matter if there was a family full of toddlers standing in front of me. Because he has NO right to touch you in ANY way, especially when he knows you don't want to be touched AT ALL by ANYONE, and honest to god I'm pretty sure if that happened the customer would back you up. I'm actually pretty sure I would feel ill if I saw someone being treated that way from across the counter.


This is so harrasment it's not even funny. Seriously pervy. I hate being touched as well, and this BOGGLES MY MIND. Document, report, speak to the DM as soon as possible and make sure to mention your age.
Also, I'm a bit of a bitch, and would probably inform his wife. But only if corporate doesn't do anything - and they probably will, since they would be scared to tarnish their rep.
This perv should be FIRED. And barred from being anywhere near women. Ugh.


Agreed with Book Baby. Most pervs are so insipid that no matter what you say, it translates to: "Oh, please keep doing that because I'm a perv, too". He has NO right to touch you, EVER.
Report him. Now. In the meantime, get yourself to some self defense classes.
Here's a suggestion you can practice at home: if he tries to be "nice" by massaging your shoulders, get the urge to stretch. Bring your elbows up, brace and turn suddenly so that his face (or other body part) collides with your elbow.
Oopsy! X-D

Crazy Cashier

If you have friends that live nearby , maybe you can see if they can get something he does on videotape. Although I don't know videotaping laws in Canada.


You could go the "blackmail" route and wave some papers in his face, saying they contain his wife 's name and number. "So, would your wife and son feel about the fact you keep sexually harassing a teenager?!?" "Oh...and the next phone call is to corporate...." If that doesn't work, push the fucker's hands in the fryer.

Legal Gopher

This is so not cool ... heck my daughter works for the big M (in Ontario) and if she came home and told me that a "manager" was touching her when she told him not to do that I would be flipping my SH*T.

1) I agree with everyone that you should be documenting all reports.

2) Also, do you notice this happening to other girls or guys at work? If so try talking to them about it (outside of work). More power in numbers.

3) Is this a Corporate McD's or is there an Owner? If there is a Owner, get his number and call him! He won't like even the thought of a possible harassment charge. If it's a Corporate store, call them! Type up a report of what’s going on (and include your feelings), so that you can follow-up with that if they would like it in writing.

4) Talk to the other managers/shift managers/crew trainers/ anyone. Get the word out that you are not happy!

5) Don't make it about you getting the "crappy work" because you're objecting his advances. Although that sucks and can be of some importance, the more important thing if your safety!

Please, please don't do nothing.... if he would do this to you, he will do this to others :(

I'm in Ontario (Toronto/Durham Region)and willing to help out if I can.


It is harassment,no doubt about it. Document, video tape if you can, pics if you can, loudly proclaim you want his hands off you so co-workers can hear you, talk to his boss and go as high up the chain as necessary, talk to a lawyer, talk to the RCMP, basically everything everyone else has said. He has no right to touch you even before you say no. As for rubbing the shoulders, that is WAY more serious than touching. If you let it go on, it may escalate and that would not be good.
As for you being "punished" for refusing his advances, that could be harder to prove. For now, just deal with the sexual harassment.


Considering how clear cut this is and how evidently you've already made up your mind, I'm not sure why you bothered to pose this as a question instead of just a shared story.

NC Tony

This is all about the 3D's of RHU.


Also check out anti-bullying laws, which are in some case stricter and would cover this. I know BC has one, not sure who else has passed one.


Report the fucker, and threaten him with the cops, the higher-ups, his family. If he gropes you, fuck him up- you don't have to stand there and take it. Is there any kind of security camera or the like that could have recorded these assaults? If so, keep that in mind.


This is absolutely harassment. I would even say it counts as sexual harassment. You've stated to him that you don't like being touched for specific reasons, and yet he continues to do it. In front of CUSTOMERS, too?! What a douchebag. Document the cases and report him to his own boss. Like other another commenter said if they don't do anything then go even higher all the way up to corporate if you need to. Get a lawyer involved if nothing else works.

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He's lucky that wasn't me he was touching, I never leave home without pepper spray and my two folding knives...

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