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Coworker Hell Revenge: Playing a Prank On Turkey

From Luna:
Heyyy, I played a prank on Turkey (click here if you have not read the Turkey Tales). Since she steals what I like, I made a big fuss over a horrible shirt that makes you look like a christmas tree. Then she had to try it on. Hilarity ensues.

The first picture is me, the way the shirt is supposed to look. The next picture is Turkey and how it looks on her.






Queer Geek

Oh God! That shirt is hideous! Nice job on turning the tables!


OMG I love it! Revenge is so great!

Fortune Cookie

That has got to be the ugliest shirt I've ever seen.

Sales Agent Guy

Pwned, retail style!

NC Tony

Good Lord, that thing is HIDEOUS! I hope you find more awful shit for her to wear!


Hah. Amusing and not-harmful prank.

Bagel Bat

Wow! And here I thought Hellmarts Christmas sweaters were heinous :0 Side note: You are made of win.

Finder Queen

wow doesn't she know that those shirts aren't supposed to curl like that? She's oblivious to many things isn't she?


I don't get the joke... it looks awful on both of you because it's a hideous top.


@Tanz - Go back and read the story. Turkey likes to take any clothing that Luna likes and buy it for herself, usually in a size or five too small. So Luna pretended to like this one in order to get Turkey to try it on.

On the subject of the shirt - ARG! Why do fashion designers and clothing manufactures think we fatties look good in that stuff? I've been looking for a nice formal gown for an event in December and 99% of it has horizontal pleats and/or is sleeveless or otherwise just something that would make any woman in the plus size range look like she belongs on People Of WalMart. (And frankly, makes many of the skinny girls look like crap too.) And don't even get me started on shirts. I've been getting most of my work clothing from The Salvation Army anymore because I have the classic PCOS belly and most tops now adays are made too short and show that damn stomach off.

I really wish I knew how to sew.

I hope that Turkey is the only one stupid enough to buy that top, Luna.


@Jami, I know your pain! I have the PCOS belly, too! The best place to get formal wear is and They have lots of gorgeous and modest formal wear, and most of it comes in plus size. I think fashion designers should have consultants of every shape and size.


Well done!


@Photoslave - Thanks. And yes, they should. But more importantly, we need to learn to not blindly buy these things because they claim we look good in them. I've known too many women who, like me, are in what doctors call "morbidly obese" who squeeze themselves into things too small and revealing and claim it makes them look confident and sexy when really they look like 50 pounds of mashed potatoes in a 5 pound bag. And they claim I'm the one who needs psychological help. I'm not the one who's flesh is oozing out of my clothing like toothpaste being squeezed from a tube.

Course I've seen skinny girls do this too. Many is the time I've seen a woman who has a model perfect figure shove herself into low rider jeans two sizes too small, causing that muffin top look. There was even one lady who not only had done that, but had a paisley print tramp stamp on her back, making it look even larger.

We need to stop letting them sell us things with horizontal stripes, busy patterns, capped sleeves, those sleeves that slash inward towards the armpits, too short tops, and basically everything that looks bad on even the mannequins.

Of course, what with fatty fashion being mostly in the hands of men like Ralph Lauren who fire women for being a size four, of course they don't really care we look bad. They don't want us wearing their clothing in the first place.


@Jami That's why I read fashion articles BY plus size women. And I try EVERYTHING on before I buy it, unless I get it online. And even then, I go to a store and try on something similar. I've found that with prints, a wide belt goes a long way to lengthen your torso.


@Photoslave - I've never learned well by reading. I learn better by being shown and doing. That's why I wish every time I have to go clothes shopping that Tim Gunn would magically appear to help me. He's about the only one in that whole business I have any respect for. (I always want to punch Clinton & Stacy and their UK counterparts right in the nose.)

I always end up going shopping with my mom who's very good at talking me into buying stuff that I never wear because when I decide to, she suddenly goes from "You look good in that, you should buy it" to "you look like *insert name of a woman we know who weighs close to 500 pounds* in that." Then denies she told me I looked good in it back in the store.

The Worst

@Luna - You are awesome. Just... so much awesome, all in one place. This made my Tuesday!


God I don't think I could EVER pull off a wide belt. Boobs are far too large for that. I own approximately one thing that involves a belt and it makes me look ALL boob.


Just fyi, horizontal stripes do not make someone appear fatter!

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