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Walmart Employee Quits and Rants: They Threatened To Terminate Me For Helping Customers

HELLMART2From Meowth, who gets a Retail Balls Award for standing up to Bad Walmart Management and not allowing himself to be subjected to an work environment of fear: 

I wanna share a story about the near-year I had working at Walmart....




What was wrong with it? Lemme try to give a list without screaming.

1. I've got Asperger's Syndrome (a high-functioning form of autism characterized by slightly impaired social skills) and I was hired on through a work program to work in Electronics. But when I came for my first day, they told me I had been pushed down to a cart-pusher.... JUST a cart-pusher! I GOT DEMOTED BEFORE I EVEN STARTED MY FIRST DAY! When I asked why, they never TOLD me!!!!!

2. For the first few months, I got average hours, like 12-15 a week, (I have to rely on a special bus service to get there since I'm not exactly the best driver), which wasn't too shabby.... but when March came (I started in November)....... NOTHING! Between March and November.... I ONLY HAD ONE SHIFT ALTOGETHER!!!!!!!

3. This was the third strike and what led to me quitting. I WILL use real names because frankly I don't exactly CARE if they see this, plus the turnover rate is insane. Come November, I actually started getting weekly hours again and, on my first shift back, I got a performance review, calling me a solid worker and even giving me a 40-cent raise (yay for that), with the recommendation that I ask around for getting training at other departments. So I start offering help to customers in other sections, even getting complimented on my politeness and desire to help out.

But 3 weeks after I returned, I get pulled aside by my manager...... and THIS is what broke me....

Instead of getting complimented on actually being able to help other people.... I was CHASTIZED and told I would likely NEVER get advancement BEYOND being a cart-pusher and that if I offered to help out another customer again...... I'D BE FIRED! All they hired me to do was just push carts...... in shifts upwards of 6 hours!!

BallsawardAAA...I'm gonna repeat that, because it bears repeating.

I was threatened with termination for HELPING customers out when the store was short-staffed and told advancement would NEVER happen!

I actually CRIED in front of another coworker! 

A few days later, I put in my resignation. If that was how I was gonna be treated for trying to help out... Fuck Walmart.

Did I do the right thing?

I know the economy's hard right now..... but I just couldn't take it anymore.




Sounds like there was a bit of discrimination going on. I'm sure you can contact the job placement people, they likely will be able to help. Apply for unemployment by all means but get ready to justify it. That you were threatened with termination for assisting customers and had an unjustified demotion.


Seriously, fuck Walmart.

You're awesome. You weren't appreciated and you can do better than being a hellmart cart pusher.


My dear Meowth! I am so sorry you went through this!

If your manager(s) were aware when you were hired that you had Aspergers -- a condition which affects, among other things, social interactions -- then if your manager chastized you for interacting with other people, you could have a Human Rights case on your hands. An employee *cannot* be disciplined for displaying symptoms of a recognized and known medical or psychological condition. (As in, Asperger's affects social interactions, and the boss chastized you for interacting with customers.)

Write down everything you can remember, including any direct quotes you remember your boss saying, while it's fresh in your mind. Talk to the job placement people and any case manager you may have (especially if you have any doctor or worker who focusses on your Asperger's) -- let 'em know you were first demoted then disciplined *for having Asperger's*. 'Cause that's what it sounds like -- like they were trying to keep you tucked away nice 'n' quiet and not talking to anyone 'cause, y'know, "Oh noes, don't let Meowth talk to customers -- he might say/do something awkward!"

(I hope the above can be read with the tone I intend -- exasperatedly rolling my eyes and sarcastically belittling corporation mentalities that try to stuff non-conformist individuals in limiting little boxes.)

In other news, high fives and a celebratory WOOHOO YEEHEEHAW YEAH BABY!!!! -- helping customers is tough! It's tough enough for someone who is shy, or prefers being alone, or doesn't have the most suave social skills -- I can't imagine how challenging it is for someone with Asperger's! Good on you. Even if your crappy boss and company didn't appreciate it, it was still an awesome accomplishment. Take that accomplishment forward into your next job -- but that manager's feedback? Can stay in the toiletbowl where it belongs.

The Last Archimedean

You handled that much better than I would have. I also have Asperger's. If one of my managers was ever stupid enough to threaten to fire me for HELPING customers, let's just say I know several spots where the cops will never find the body.

Eccentric Lady

Meowth, I'm sorry to hear that happened to you.

I work at a Subway in a Wal-Mart and some managers tried to poach me. How I see it though working for an awesome boss, already doing an awesome job as a closer, and forgiven for not being stellar in customer service area due to autism traits is not worth the stress for extra pay. For if I went over to Wally world they are so undermanned on the overnight shift training would be laughable at this time of the year and gotta figure out how to deal with the inconsistencies of working for more than one manager. Out of the seven or so I know, four of them are PITAs...

Sure it was flattering how they notice how much of a hard worker I am, but I think the morale from City Mouse and Country Mouse applies here. LOL


No one deserves that it sounds like you were discriminated against. You would never advance....that is crushing. *hugs*


While it's unfortunately very common to be hired for a worse position than you were told you would get, it definitely looks to be a case of discrimination. Seriously why are people striking against Wal-mart at risk of their jobs? Oh yeah this shit right here. You did the right thing absolutely.


You should definitely speak with an attorney that specialized in discrimination cases. Also contact the EEOC.


I think you did the right thing but...how long did these shifts go? It seems odd to complain about a shift that's less than eight hours in length.


agree with the others, and i'm not a lawyer, but it sounds like you could have a strong case for discrimination. good luck, i hope you pursue something. you likely won't win against the mega-entity that is walmart, but maybe you can raise a little hell


Oh man, fuck Wal-Mart is right. Those dicks. Bravo to you, standing up for yourself and refusing to accept their abuse! I think you absolutely did the right thing. I hope you find a much better job where your hard work and desire to help will be appreciated, as it should be!

register troll

That just fucking sucks! That is why I refuse to work in Walmart, cuz they pull shit like this on a damn good worker. I know exactly how you feel. I just left what I thought would be a career job because my manager told me I would never move up as long as I work two jobs. Truthfully, smartest thing I've ever done. You will feel soo much better,it's like someone sucking the venom out of your life. Also, I would take their asses to court for what they pulled. Give them hell!


Another Aspie checking in - seriously, people treat us like that and then act like it's our fault? Sheesh. Document as always, and if it's too late for that, if you made any friends on those limited hours, see if they'll back you up.


It sounds like the local management had some serious issues with discrimination and no understanding of Asperger's. At the very least, I think you should write a letter, with a lawyer's help if you wish, detailing the discrimination with dates and details if you can remember them. Send copies to district level, as well as corporate level. This could result in the store manager being investigated, retrained, or even let go. While it more then likely won't help you directly, it could help the current and future workers in that store who are dealing with discrimination from the management.


Ok..... I'm beyond touched by everyones support on this. I never imagined my words would get put up THE SAME DAY I submitted it.

I've actually been subject to a LOT of discrimination in the past, but this one... this was the first time I actually CRIED at work.

Regarding legal actions, as tempting as it is... I just want to put Walmart behind me and NEVER think of my time there again... In fact, I'm DONE with Retail altogether.... the stories I have... oh ho ho ho....

But to everyone whose given hugs and the Retail Balls award.... all I can say is thank you.... from the bottom of my heart.


I should rephrase that... I'm done with MOST retail.... if a job comes along with a manager that doesn't treat me like I'm some diseased leper.... MAYBE I'll give them a shot.

But for Walmart........

FUCK YOU!!!!!!

Kiliana Nightwolf

I have Asperger's too. I got in with DVR, and I've been lucky enough to get a job were they don't treat me like crap because of that and my anxiety (food demonstrator at Sam's for 2 and a half years, now at Costco for 2 weeks doing the same). It's helped me a lot.


I have Asperger's too. Thank you for standing up for those who may be too afraid to speak! I'm sick of stores putting the disabled on cart duty.

When I was being interviewed for Bullseye, the management BOTCHED my interview. Yes, I made the mistake of letting on I had Asperger's. There were two interviews by two different people. I had applied for standard associate. My first interview covered that, and I thought I did well.

Second guy came, and I noticed the questions were wildly different. I asked if they had the correct job, and the guy asked "You applied for cart corral, right?" I said no, but was willing to do either job.

They sent me an email later saying they had no positions.


Also, in some states, like Ohio, employers can apply for a certification so they can pay disabled workers LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE http://www.com.ohio.gov/laws/OhioHandiMinWageLaw.aspx

Soon, I think the disabled and prisoners (also big business) will be the new slave labor. Because we aren't people for some reason.


Your management sucked, and I don't blame you for wanting to just put it behind you and move on. What you could get from the mega-corporation wouldn't be worth it.

I don't have Asperger's, but I do have ADHD. I know that for me, a mind-numbing job like cart-pusher would have been enough to buy me a trip to the funny farm. I get sick of employers trying to give me "accomodations" that I do not need and that are counterproductive.


Wait, what the ever-loving hell? How does that Ohio thing get past the ADA?

All this crap happens all too often, and I think Char's got it: people with disabilities are thought of as lesser by some employers. Hell, I'm in an academic position, not retail, and my supervisor this quarter has asked questions about my physical disability that she cannot, by law, ask.

And, chump that I am, I'm not making a fuss about it because I need this job. (I could sic my very protective department chair on her and watch my chair take her down like a rabid badger on a ham steak, though. Tempting.)


Good on you for leaving, you'll find another job. It's not worth letting those pricks take away your dignity and your drive to improve. Fuck Walmart.

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