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An Uppity Bitch And A Loony Clown Are Bravely Defied by An RHUer

I bestow upon thee the mighty and coveted Retail Balls Award, for your steadfast adherence to the rules (and laws) without buckling under the pressure of two obnoxious freaks.


Ok so yeah, new here and whatnot. For all intents and purposes you may call me Skullsy. Allow me to set the scene.

I work at Hell-mart. I do not bring a change of clothes in with me, so if I ever have to buy things after work I get the "Can you help me?" from apparently blind custy's.

Normally I just say what aisle the item is on, or say "Sorry I'm not on the clock," and leave it at that.

So here I am trying to pick out a new cell phone and this woman and her daughter comes up and asks where the posters are. I work in grocery, I don't really shop in general merchandise so I point in a general direction and say "I think they're that way."

The custy, who I will now refer to as Uppitybitch, gets in a huff and tells me I need to show her where it is. I tell her I'm off the clock and she goes batshit, she starts telling me off for not helping her and asks me for my name.

Me: Why do you want to know?

Uppitybitch: To report you to management!

I flat out refuse to give her my name saying, "If I am off the clock I am not allowed to help people, it's company policy." Also the law... "How would you feel if I went to your place of business and bothered you off the clock?" by now I was very irritated.

Then I shit you not, a clown on an electric buggy comes up: hereafter known as Loony Clown.

Xmas2009 220Loony Clown: Did I just hear her say she won't help you? When you're in uniform you represent Hellmart!

Me: Not when I'm not being paid.

Loony Clown: If you're not going to help someone call someone-"

By this point I cut her off; Uppitybitch has walked away at this point, and I'm raving mad.

Me: I am not allowed to operate the phone, that counts as working off the clock, which is not allowed by company AND state policy."

Loony Clown doesn't like that and demands I grab someone to get her a new cart since her battery was dying. I do so just because I'm sick of her shit. When I leave I see a CSM leaving,

I ask her if she's getting the cart and she says "Hell no. I'm grabbing someone else, clowns creep me the fuck out."

Moral of the story is, if I'm not being paid to help you, don't expect me to. I'm sure plenty of you agree.


NC Tony

That's one of the reasons I usually remove (or cover up) anything that identifies me as an employee when I'm off the clock. It's a lot easier to do at my current job since we don't have a specific uniform (or "company colors") we're supposed to wear. As a matter of fact, since I work overnight on ad set, I usually just wear my normal street clothes and my name tag. It was a little harder when I worked at the Bullseye, and had the red and khaki on, and literally had to walk all the way across the store to get to the time clock.

That being said, I do one of three things when I'm off the clock and someone asks me for help.

1. If they simply ask where something is, and ask nicely, I'll point them in the right direction. If they're rude about it, I'll just point and say "Over there somewhere."
2. If they require more assistance than just knowing where something is, I'll either page or find someone to help them.
3. If they're a total asshole, I'll say "Hold on, let me get someone to help you." and then go on my merry way (which was even more fun at the Bullseye when I was leaving for the day).

Queer Geek

I get that alot when I use for Big Fancy. I'd be in my suit and tie and be in a Big Red Star shopping when someone always has to come up to me asking questions. HELLO! DO YOU SEE ME WEARING A BIG RED STAR NAMETAG? Ask someone who ACTUALLY works here!

Hellgreens Slave

That's my #1 pet peeve. Like when I'm off the lock on my lunch, outside by the back, smoking a cig & some asshat walking in stops me to ask me stuff. piss off!!!!!!
Thankfully I don't work in my hometown - but I used to about 7 yrs ago - and if I go in that store to pick up a few things people still think I do - when I'm in jeans and a tshirt SMH

My fav response to when I'm actually on clock & get asked, "Do you work here?" is "SOMETIMES." most people ignore it or laugh but once a girl looked me and seriously asked, "Is one of those times right now?" So I said no and walked away LOL


i abso-fucking-lutely hate when people see you fucking shopping with a cartload of things after work and ask you questions about useless shit only an asscandle would want.
i want to look them dead in the eye and ask them in the screechiest tone, "do i look like im on the clock to you, motherfucker?"


I used to work at a popular Swedish home store, Ykea. The uniforms are blue and yellow, like the Swedish flag...and people would still ask me if I worked there! Sometimes I'd say 'No, I just really like the uniform.'


I used to work at a Golden Arches located inside a Hell-Mart. My uniform included a blue button-up shirt (I was a 'team leader'), similar to the blue vest that the employees had at Hell-Mart.

Whenever I had to do a garbage run or grab something from the freezer (which was at the back of Hell-Mart), I got stopped by customers all the time. I would tell them that I didn't work there, and most of the time, they were cool with it. Those that weren't usually got pissy and stormed off, or else demanded that I help them anyways because, you know, I "worked in Hell-Mart", and therefore, must know how to do all the stuff the Hell-Mart employees do.


I actually got stopped today while shopping at my local Food Shitty while in my McHell's uniform (I don't bring a change of clothes to work with me, either). I was literally pushing a cart with groceries and my purse in it when some lady walked up to me and asked if "we" carried an item in the department I was in. I told her "I don't actually work here, but what were you looking for?" and tried to help her find it (something she honestly could have done herself if she'd taken two seconds before flagging down an "employee", everything was very clearly labelled in big colorful letters), though to no avail (she was looking for some kind of greens they apparently don't carry). We both got a laugh out of it, though, as we both found that a store usually carries something until you actually go looking for it.

Bored at the Bookstore

I do sympathize with you... I get asked that question all the time when I'm in my store, at really stupid times. It's a small shop - sometimes I'm the only one there, and I'm sitting behind the counter, at the register - "Do you work here?"

But as a handicapped person (the state I live in says I am, anyway), I do vaguely sympathize with the person, loony or not, clown or not, whose cart was dying. I recently made a jaunt to the local Hellmart, took the only "functional" cart and embarked on my shopping. The cart showed as fully charged, but just as I reached Electronics at the very back of the store, the cart croaked. No power. Wouldn't move an inch. I was stranded, unable to walk back to the front on my own, using only a cane, without my walker. Fortunately, I had my brawny son with me, who set to and pushed the cart, with me on it, alllll the way back to the service area. Where I sat, alone, while he finished getting the things on my list. NO ONE from the staff, NO ONE, offered me assistance or asked if there was a problem. Not even the suddenly "very busy" person at the service desk.

My son completed the list, checked out, and fetched my walker from the parked car so I could leave. I tried to attract someone's attention without success... Maybe because I was raised not to yell at people in public as the workers carefully avoided me.

And I swear, I wasn't acting "loony", dressed like a clown, or raving and ranting... I'm really a quiet and polite person, honestly.

Maybe this is why some people do go nuts on retail slaves - it sometimes seems it's the only way to get a problem solved.

That said, I am sorry you get pestered by passers-by when you're on your own time, and they should be able to accept a simple, "Sorry, I'm off-duty now."


Im the OP on this and wanted to thank ya'll for commenting it means a lot. For a few things, I do normally bring a jacket but I had forgot it in my car. And I always go out of my way to get people new electric carts, but there were several on the clock employee's around me and she asked ME. Made me mad because she could have asked anyone else.


I'm confused, why didn't you just walk away when the woman started going off on you? I don't waste my time arguing with idiots, I just smile, say "Ok!" and walk away.

CO Slave

The worst is when its stock take and no one is in uniform except the people who are on customer service duty for the day, the rest of us are there to count. The reason we are out of uniform is so that we wont be bothered by customers - its the sole reason! Yet so many people seem to think its ok to come and interrupt us mid count anyway "Oh I see you work here, can you help me with this?" I AM NOT IN UNIFORM FOR A REASON - GO ASK ONE OF THE BLUE SHIRTS! Seriously, how do they not understand that we are not in uniform, so that we will not be interrupted! Thank you for making me restart counting these 1000 dividers again.

Miss Red

I never have understood this phenomenon. We retail slaves must have a look about us, because I have been stopped several times in stores while shopping (NOT in any kind of uniform or vaguely uniform-looking clothes) and asked questions about the store, or asked if I worked there. More often than not, I know the store's layout, so I can usually answer the question, but I start out with, "Well, I don't actually work here, but...". It's getting to the point where I dress so far away from any kind of uniform-looking attire, which is either fancy-looking or one step up from grunge-rocker, so I can be left alone to shop in peace.
I think the next time someone asks me a question like I work there, I'm going to purposefully send them in the wrong direction for fun.


When I was 15 or 16, I was digging through a bargin bin at a Hell Mart when a lady came up to me and asked me where she could find something or other. I told her I didn't know where it was and went back to digging. She got pissed at me and told me I needed to be more helpful.

I got pissed back and yelled 'I'm 15(16), does it LOOK like I work here, crazy woman?!'


I worked at a branch of the store where Djalicat works with those bright yellow shirts with a big bold logo on the back and still people ask: Do you work here. Gave them the same response though. Also just last week I got stopped at a to me unknown supermarket by an old lady. I was just wearing an orange shirt which apparently looked vaguely like their uniforms (red). I helped her find what she was looking for as I can't get bother explaining that I didn't work for the company. After I found what she was after she said: "Now I see it, you don't work here... Thanks for helping me though!"


Not saying you're at fault here, OP, but after working with a grocery chain that really emphasizes quality customer service, I can hardly stand to walk into a "Hellmart." All I'm saying is that it goes both ways - and I've encountered a disproportionate number of rude and unhelpful employees there. I'm not the kind of person to make formal complaints about specific people, and I do sympathize with people making minimum or near-minimum wage (since I'm one of those), but I want to say...make a little effort, please.

At our store, everybody - from the general manager to the lowliest bagboy - goes out of their way to help a customer. It's not terribly efficient, but people generally appreciate it.

Mrs. Lovett

Morgan, a major part of the reason that there are so many rude and unhelpful employees at Hellmart (and of course there are many wonderful and helpful employees as well) is that Hellmart is an awful place to work and people there tend to feel expendable and unappreciated. This leads to low morale and low motivation because there are rarely incentives for doing their job well.

And why should Morghen make an effort when she's off the clock. Beyond the fact that she's not getting paid and it's unfair to expect her to work in her off time, it is actually illegal to work while off the clock. If a supervisor witnessed her working off the clock, she could be reprimanded or fired for violating company policy. Hellmart could be sued if there were an expectation for employees to work during their off time, so management tends to be strict about things like that to avoid lawsuits.

Bottom line, the customer was the one in the wrong in this situation, not the OP.

Duke of URL

I'm more than happy to tell someone where something is, I'll even show them if it's not too far away. But beyond that, no. And if I don't know where something is exactly, then I'll give my best guess but I won't try and take them there.

And then there's times when my only response can be "I'm off the clock, sorry."



Not to be a bitch or anything, but I worked at HellMart for two years. They were VERY specific about helping people when you're off the clock. It's a big NO-NO and Skullsy could've gotten in a lot of trouble for it. Not trying to be a bitch, once again, but why should she, being off the clock, shopping on her own, have to deal with the crazy masses, just because she was wearing something "uniform-like"? Just because I wear scrubs at my job, doesn't mean if I go to a hospital after work for whatever reason and don't change that I can be made to do something. it's just common sense and some people are just rude asshats...


I was in a hell-mart once, looking at something, and someone came up and asked where something was. I blinked at her a bit...I'm 6'3, 300# at the time, long red-brown hair and huge bushy beard, wearing black jeans and a black and orange striped shirt with a huge snarling tiger face on the front, and another (more mellow) tiger on the back. Didn't even have any blue on me, let alone a blue vest or anything. (that particular shirt has scared children into both silence and screaming at different times, and startled a SA bellringer into jumping. I like it a lot. :D)

I helped her out as best I could, reaching something down for her and putting it in her cart. I apparently give off 'helpful' vibes, because I get asked for help in stores a lot.


The thing is, if you are in uniform, you *do* represent your employer, whether you are on the clock or not, whether you are *on the property* or not. Think about the girl who got fired from her job at an assisted living facility because she took a joking, but seriously offensive, photo at Arlington Cemetery.

I can understand Wal-mart's off-the-clock policy. If they don't have that, it's too easy for people to complain that they were forced to work off the clock. One disgruntled employee and you've got an expensive investigation and perhaps masses of fines. It's why 7-Eleven employees are forbidden to chase robbers out of the store, and sometimes fired over it. You have to have a policy of not engaging the armed suspect, or you run the risk that someone will and get hurt or die and you will be blamed.

The problem is, though, that you look like you're on duty. And even if you politely say, "I'm sorry, but policy is I may not help you, as I am off the clock," people will get a negative opinion based on your behavior. So, seriously, get yourself an oversized t-shirt or a hoodie or something and wear it over your uniform as you exit or leave the property.

Empress Whatchamacallit

TychaBrahe, bottom line it is violating the work policy to work off the clock. I wear a hoodie and will shop and people at my job (not Hellmart) try to bother me. I ignore them and keep walking. On the clock? I am happy to help you even if you're a twat waffle. I am being paid my pittance to do that. Off the clock, whether lunch or just getting dinner? That time is mine and I won't let you have it. I refuse to help anyone while I am off the clock. If they are insistent I send them the wrong way. It isn't my job to hand old even nice people off the clock. They need to use their eyes. Regulars with whom I am also friends out of work? OK I've been known to help them. But, that is as their friend and not as an employee. I do not represent the Corp when I am off the clock. My job has a wonderful little policy about Social Media and recognizes that our off time is just that, our OFF time. So don't ask someone who is off the clock, or says they are, inane questions. Just find the item yourself or ask someone else. It is not difficult to read aisle signs.


I went into my place of employment this weekend, I was off and doing some christmas shopping. I was not in uniform or anything that could even be mistaken for a uniform. I was on the phone with my friend when one of our regulars came up to me and started to ask me where stuff was. She was like, "I know you're knot working today, but I need help finding blah blah blah...." I would not have been so annoyed if I wasn't talking on the phone or if the lady would have said excuse me or waited till I finished my conversation.


To those who say that if you are in uniform you represent the company, I say bullspit. That only works for the military and I am not a government employee. Off the clock means not getting paid, means on my own time.

This happened a few years ago to me, but I remember it fondly. I got off work about 8PM, had a cart full of groceries, and was talking to my husband on my cell, when I hear this woman holler, "HELLO! WHERE IS SO AND SO". I had ignored her question about 3 times, when she had the nerve to wave her hand in front of my face, and demand that I give her attention.

I asked my husband to hang on a second, and proceeded to tear her a new asshole. I do not care who you think you are, if you see me with a cart full of food talking on my phone, in uniform or not, you do not put your hand in my face and demand squat.

People are rude to retail employees because they know they can get away with it. I have no problem telling a customer off, and I have no problem calling the cops and having a cussing rude abusive customer arrested for verbal assault. You talk to me with respect or you face the consequences.

As a manager, I NEVER allows my employees to be abused by customers.

And when I am off the clock, leave me the hell alone.

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