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Introducing Spritzy Posts!

Howdy doody y'all! I have recently been initiated into the elite group of RHU Blog Post Experts! Whee! *Happy Dance* And so, for my first post, for practice and amusement purposes...a pic and a vid for all to enjoy.
Sock tiger

"The elusive Holiday Tiger stealthily stalks it's prey, hidden in it's natural habitat of striped festive socks." 


Foamy is so insightful, isn't he?



Welcome oh Mighty Spritzy! The power rush is quite glorious isn't it? Mwhahahaha!

Also Foamy = Awesome.


I mostly and just giddy with excitement at a good chance to do some creative writing/pictures/stuff.
I also need to figure out how to remove videos/pictures so I don't accidentally do a double of the same video like I did there.


Love Foamy the squirrel. J.I.Mathers is even starting up new epeisodes on the youtubes. Woot!

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