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Lazy Coworker Creates Hell on Christmas Day

Xmas2009 220Hey RHU happy post holidays from Walking Wench,

Today I have to share with y'all my Christmas Eve and Day at Dick and Balls. Now before you feel bad, I'm Jewish and volunteered to work both days so another coworker could be with her family.

Anyway Christmas Eve was beyond dead, there were four people on the floor, but we only got three tables all day. Luckily I had one of the tables, and spent the rest of the day sitting around playing a puzzle game with a coworker. It was kind of fun though because not only did the restaurant get sandwiches for the staff, but later during the night they served us penne ala vodka and chicken parm, also there were two cakes (one was a birthday cake someone had brought in for the girl who trained him), and a bunch of cookies I had made. So Christmas Eve was awesome, but I brought a book with me the next day in case I spent two hours sitting at a booth with no work.

The second I walked in on Christmas Day I was given a party and a table of four before I clocked in. I was a little stressed at first since I was alone for the first twenty or so minutes because the bar area was swamped so anyone in the dining room, besides me, was moved there.

Xmas2009 219Finally the other dining room staff came in and business became dead again, so I could enjoy the food the restaurant gave us today, and a coworkers cupcakes. After a couple hours of being dead a manager told me and another waitress, I'll call Blondie, we could go home if we set up a party. We did so and when I told the supivisor we were done she asked us to just roll and sort silverware since she had ask Blondie to do so earlier.

Blondie had run off somewhere so I started rolling, when Blondie showed up I said there weren't enough knives to do a lot of roll ups so if she sorted I would roll. Blondie comes back a few minutes later with only forks sorted, I told her she had to sort everything, little forks and spoons too. Five minutes later she says she finished, I told her to tell Supervisor, she did and then left. When I finished rolling, Supervisor checked our work and told me that we were supposed to sort the silverware, apparently Blondie had only sorted some of it and left.  So I had to finish up Blondie's work, while my dad was waiting for me outside.

As I was doing my financials one of my coworkers told me he had trained with Blondie and apparently she pulled this kind of lazy crap a lot. I feel a bit betrayed since Blondie and I have become friendly in the week I have been back (she wasn't there during the summer) and I worked Christmas Eve so she could be with her family.

But now I know to look out for her.

--Walking Wench



NC Tony

You know, it's too bad you'll suddenly be really busy the next time she needs a day off, or needs you to cover for her.

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