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The sad thing is my boss wants us to do this, while we are in the store doing restocks, she wants us to make suggestions on what else our members could be buying. For example: a few weeks ago I was restocking paper plates when a member asked about a smaller size plate. I found the item, and the member said it was for a party she was hosting. I knew my boss was in the isle over, so I started making suggestions, "oh, did you know our deli does wonderful sandwich trays?" member: "No, it's more of a coffee klatch" so I replied "Oh, then you should stop by the bakery and pick out some cookies or pastries." The member was getting annoyed by now and said "I have the food picked out all I needed was the plates. Thank You."

I could see she was getting annoyed so I told her if she needed any more help to let us know. The member walked off, and then my boss who over-heard EVERYTHING came storming around scolded me for not trying hard enough to up-sale our member. She said I did not try hard enough, I did not mention the new Keurig Vue coffee brewing system we got in, or suggested coffee brands, or walked her over to the kitchen good section to see if we had any cute matched coffee mug sets.

Well yes, if the member wasn't already annoyed. But the member wanted help with the plates, I found the plates for her. I made a few suggestions, but then the member was getting annoyed, there comes a time to back the fuck off or you will piss your customers off and they will not want to come back. But for some reason some stores do not seem to understand that.

Also when we are not busy our boss will send one or two of us out to talk up gold rewards. I hate it. Or the worse, is will send one of us to the electronic department to sell warranties. I don't mind selling the warranties, but people assume because I'm there in the electronic department I can answer questions on all things electronic--a subject I know very little about.

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