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LosersFrom Tired TA:

Below is an email I felt compelled to write to Wendy's corporate office after a pretty bad experience. Just thought I'd share.

"My husband and I were on the road coming back from Christmas with his parents. We had been stuck in traffic for 2 hours due to two accidents on the highway when we were finally able to pull off to get something to eat and some gas. We pulled through the Wendy’s drive-thru at the Travel Point gas station/Wendy’s/ DQ somewhere near Ocala, FL in Marion County.

We gave our order and got our food. My husband pulled around to get gas and I checked our order. We were a hamburger short and I went in to get our order fixed. I also realized we had not been given a receipt; please note that there were signs were posted that the meal would be free if a receipt was not given.

I told the girl at the front that our order was wrong and she called up the manager. I explained what happened and that I had no receipt because one was not given. He actually found the receipt at the drive-thru window. 

He then told me he would have to charge me for the hamburger I did not receive because the girl didn't type it in and if I wanted it he would charge me for it.

I pointed out that my meal should be free anyways because I did not get a receipt. He then grabbed a hamburger and THREW it into my food bag, saying “There it’s fixed.”

He rolled his eyes, crumpled and threw away my receipt, and walked away. 

My husband came in right then and I told him what had happened. We spoke to the other manager, who turned out to be the person who handed us our food at the drive-thru. She said we were lying about not getting a receipt and then turned and walked away.

I begged my husband for us to just go because I was tired, hungry and emotionally spent (I lost my grandparents in a car accident and passing two of them in an hour was upsetting).

I don’t often frequent Wendy’s but this experience has turned me off of ever going to any branch of your franchise again. The behavior of your MANAGERS is unacceptable!"

What would you have done?

--Tired TA



Kimberly Bundy

To be honest, I try to keep from writing to corporate because as a retail worker I know what kinds of hell this usually brings down.

However, in this instance, I would (and have) done the same thing. When you make a complaint to not one, but BOTH managers on duty, and BOTH of them act the way you said they did, then that's a problem that needs to be dealt with by the District Manager (or whoever is in charge of them).

I had a similar series of incidents happen at a Burger King, where in spite of repeated complaints to the manager, it was not fixed. When I finally did write to corporate, the DM got in touch with me immediately to rectify the situation and take care of the managers who were refusing to take complaints seriously from their customers.

So, in this instance, I absolutely would've done it. But I don't like to if I can fix it face to face with the manager.


I've had a similar experience when trying to hold Wendy's to their "No receipt=free" policy, except I was told there was no manager on duty. I know better than to believe that so I called the location and I don't recall ever getting a call back. I check all drive-thru orders at the window anyway so I just haven't bothered to push the issue since then. I figure I was planning on paying for the food anyway, so why stress.

Lately, however, I've run into a new problem with getting slightly wrong food in the correct wrapper (i.e. grilled chicken in a crispy box). I'm still not sure how to combat that one without having to open every single thing.

Bored at the Bookstore

There's only one fast-food drive-thru in our area close enough to still get the food home reasonably warm. It's a Wendy's. And dam* near every time, they get something wrong. The "plain burger, just a patty and a bun" arrives with cheese and all the fixings. The "grilled chicken wrap, no mustard" arrives with extra mustard. They forget a sandwich, but throw in extra fries or chili. There's always something, and the only thing you can do is to park the car, and open every single item to check for errors. And then go 'round again to get it fixed. At which time, they'll create a new error.

If you drive home without checking, it's juuuust too far to return and complain and still (a) have a hot meal and (b) eat with everyone else.

Phone complaints net an insincere apology and a promise to do better.

The one time I complained to the higher-ups, they sent a more-sincere-sounding apology and coupons for stuff no one in the family will eat (maybe no one else does, either, so they have extra?).

And yet, we still go there. Why? Because it's the only fast-food place in reach. Talk about a captive audience.

Oh, and this is a "training store" - so the people at the register and in the kitchen are ALWAYS newbies.

Dark Driver

It's usually not a good idea to mention that you don't frequent an establishment you're complaining about. Why should management care?

Sales Agent Guy

Honestly, if both managers are acting like that, you should call their District Manager. They're the ones who keep the managers in line, and if they aren't in line, they need to be taken care. Hopefully.

Legal Minion

Wendy's is my favorite fast food joint, food wise. Service wise? The local one could do better. There's usually at least one small thing wrong with our order--ice in the drinks when we said no ice, or they forgot the "no onions" on my husband's burger, or they gave me plain chicken on my Asiago ranch sandwich when I wanted spicy. That last one, I didn't find out until I got home, and it's JUST far enough to not be worth making the drive again.

My favorite Wendy's experience was walking in on Halloween and one of the teenagers who worked there looked at my costume (we were on our way to a party) and asked me, "What you is?" I mean...seriously, kid? Don't they teach you that shit in school?

The Last Archimedean

Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've never had a particularly bad experience at Wendy's.

But if I had something like what was described in this story happen, I'd be taking names and kicking behinds. Corporate would get a very angry complaint. That is absolutely unacceptable behavior -- and from the MANAGERS no less!


@Legal Minion, now I'm curious. What was you?


Yeah teh food at our local Wendy's growing was pretty tasty, but once we found out the typical special ingredient was usually salmonella or e. coli, we stopped frequenting it.

Not that we had to worry about it, around the time I hit high school it was closed for good and the entire brand banned from my town due to repeated hepatitis outbreaks, no lie.

So no, I don't really go to Wendy's anymore, anywhere.


This really depends on a few factors. Time of day:was it rush hour? Crazy busy? Since it was over the holidays I can understand how some employees/managers get burnt out. They likely would rather be somewhere else. Do you carry a smartphone? One with a good camera? Knock yourself out snapping pics of the managers in question, the location, everything, then email the pics along with your complaint to every single corporate email you can find. That'll get attention. Pics speak a million words and back you up.


I never have a good experience with Wendy's. it's usually ice cold, absolutely dripping with grease and the order is never totally right. Once my boyfriend's friend was even given a moldy baked potato and when he went back all they said was "so?" And wouldn't even fix it. Now I avoid Wendy's unless I want a frosty, which is the one thing they don't seem to mess up


I have to say if anyone is near Pasadena, Maryland, that the Raynor Blvd. Wendy's is surprisingly well-run.

I think new management took over a few years ago because now the food orders are always correct, there are enough people working and everyone is friendly.

The folks who work there are heavily pierced, dyed and tattooed and that may turn off some customers but, I could give a rat's a** as long as they're pleasant and compatent!


I've never had a really bad experience with Wendy's. Their food has always been hot and very good, and they have good prices/value (until the last time I visited they'd completely done away with their 99 cent menu - what the hell?). My only complaint has ever been that you almost always have to wait in line for about 5 minutes plus before even getting to place your order, as they have one cash register and one cashier manning it, making drinks/ice cream and setting out trays/bags for EVERY customer. It seems very lazily put-together. Also, the last time I visited, their chicken nuggets have majorly shrunk in size - probably about 45-50% smaller than what they used to be - and as I said, they're not 99 cents anymore for a 5-piece (in fact, they don't even have a 5-piece anymore, just 4- , 6- and 10-piece). I felt very ripped off.

This,, sounds like these managers need to be re-trained in dealing with customers. There also shouldn't be signs claiming your order is free if you don't receive a receipt if they're going to do everything in their power not to honor it.


Our local Wendy's usually screws up all the drive thru orders as well. I avoid drive thru's in general anyways. I figure if I'm gonna chow down on some grease laden nommage...I can waddle myself into the shop and order at the counter,things are usually more accurate and are easier to correct if there is a problem.

Slave of Arch

The Wendy's near me has yet to mess up an order.
The food's always good, and it's always right.
The only problem is, as Mollywobbles pointed out, they only have one person taking orders, making drinks, running the food, etc.
Now, at the Arches, during breakfast rush, that isn't uncommon.
But during a dinner rush?

Copy Center Dude

If a manager is that willing to be lazy and treat a customer badly I am fairly certain they treat staff equally bad. Shit rolls downhill and so do shitty attitudes. It has to be pretty bad for me to complain about a regular employee, but I hold manager's to a higher standard, they have more responsiblity and more salary.

A good manager is good for the customers and the employees, a bad one is bad for everyone.

Hellgreens Slave

Eh I can totally understand your frustration but there's always three sides to the story.

But I don't eat junk food often but the few times I've been to the Wendy's by me.. well the first two times I remember it being okay... but the 3rd time I was shorted 2 fries, a burger and they gave me the wrong beverage. I just asked for a manager & had him give me a refund, took my money & went elsewhere. Plus, he wasn't very friendly about me being upset for being charged for food I didn't receive. SMH


Slave of Arch: At my Arches, yes, there is usually only one person taking orders, but at least our soft drinks are self-serve and usually we have someone else making drinks. The runner or the person handing food out in drive-thru will usually make ice cream/milkshakes and the McCafé stuff (coffee, lattes, frappes and the like). Sometimes during lunch/dinner rushes we'll put two people on registers, but that's not very often as usually the cashiers are pretty competent.


You did the right thing by writing in. As a customer service rep, my first reaction would have been to shake my head in sympathy and make sure the district manager followed up ASAP. However, every time someone writes "I never want to go to one of your locations again," I roll my eyes and think, "Great. Someone else looking for free stuff."

NC Tony

Depending on my mood (and shitty traffic always puts me in a shitty mood), I probably would have made some rude comments about the service and (lack of) professionalism, possibly asked for (or - due to the managers attitudes - demanded) my money back. If my wife managed to calm me down enough to make me think like a rational human being, I probably would have gotten their names and included them in the letter. Either way, I probably would have turned into a crusty and let the managers know that I was not happy with the service.

That being said, the Wendy's by me (about a five minute drive) has never screwed up my orders. The Burger King next door on the other hand...


The Wendy's right around the corner from me has had their share of problems (forgetting a sandwich here, putting ice in a drink when my husband asked for no ice, etc.), but it's never really been a huge issue. There was a rude manager there when we first started going regularly, but she's been replaced by another person who was working the window when we first moved in. The new manager always makes sure everything is right and often gives us bigger drinks or fries if we've had to wait a little bit for our food to come out (we're usually there pretty late at night).

In that instance, I would have gotten incredibly ticked off and probably demanded names and a phone number for their district manager. I once had an issue like that at a Burger King and immediately called their DM the moment I left the drive thru. Behavior like that from not one, but two, managers is absolutely unacceptable. They're the ones that are held to a higher standard and are supposed to be setting an example for their employees.

Library Diva

It's interesting to read these comments. There is a Wendy's about a mile from my house, and it's a regular stop on "oh shit I didn't pull anything out for dinner" nights. And they fuck up our order regularly. They usually make it right, but they have rotten attitudes in there, and when we're ordering, we always have to repeat everything several times. I figured it was just this branch, but it sounds like a chain-wide problem, as these commentors are presumably from all over the country.


Meh the local Wendy's where I am is fine. The service you recieved and the adressing of the complaints by management in that fashion, needs to be reported to corporate. They no doubt want their stores to come off looking better than that, and the only way they find out when the problems are that severe is when they get a compliant. Look at it this way there is likely at least one or two decent employees suffering from working with management that terrible, you are probably helping those folks out.

Larry Berry

Definitely should have written in as you did. The second manager accuses you of lying about not getting a receipt After the other manager found the receipt that clearly hadn't been handed out. I would have asked the second manager if they thought I had snuck in and planted it? If they're going to lie, they need to at least line their stories up.


The Wendy's near where I live is an older store, 15 years or so, and for some reason the whole store just smells musty. I can not eat in there. I've had ok food and service from other Wendy's but I refuse to go the one near my home.


For what it's worth, I've rarely had any problems at a Wendy's.

The local Taco Bell, on the other hand...


We live in an area with a large assortment of Wendys. There is the Stoner Wendys in Saratoga Springs NY--exactly as it sounds--local druggies- dealers and a surprising number of HS kids hang out there. The orders are rarely right the place is ALWAYS freezing and one day the Drive Thru order person got MAD at US because the DUCKS from the local park were in the drive thru lane. Like WE brought them WITH US!!!!

The Wendys in Glens Falls is bigger and much nicer--considering the relative economics of the two towns this makes NO sense---but the orders, if placed INSIDE--are usually right. IF done thru the Drive Thru--every single time SOMETHING is wrong and we have to unpack the ENTIRE ORDER and figure out the entire thing and end up inside ANYWAYS.

There is a tiny one in Clifton Park that has been OK. And them there is one in the Albany area---well! I think the stoners RUN this one. They have a NEW caramel Frosty that is really GOOD--but when I asked for it to be made with CHOCOLATE Frosty slush--ya know the ORIGINAL Frosty Flavor??? The MANAGER said that it "Could not be done as HE would not know HOW MUCH to USE." Um---the caramel comes in a SQUEEZE BOTTLE that is used to gob some you know caramel into the BOTTOM of the cup--Frosty goo is poured in and the thing is whizzed in a mixer for a few secs. Then the TOP is drizzled with more of that high tech caramel and topped with Whipped Cream. This is NOT rocket science.

The HS Senior Whiz Kid behind the counter was game to try but the Manager REFUSED to let him! Now since I am NOT the Customer From Hell--or at least not THAT day---I let it go and got a Vanilla--which was fine. But when the Manager walked off--I leaned over and told the kid--Now THERE is an idea that YOU should send to CORPORATE--making a CHOCOLATE FROSTY! HE and I got a good laugh and a few eye-rolls outta this. Sadly I live no wheres near this one so cannot check back on a regular basis and the only other time I have been in there Kid was not in evidence. Hope he didn't try something too radical on his own and offend Manager.

Like making a Frosty Caramel Shake with--CHOCOLATE.

PS--if we encounter REALLY GOOD counter help my hubs will sometimes try and "recruit" them for his NON FAST FOOD RETAIL business.

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