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The Many And Varied Ways A Custy Cannot Be Helped


The Last Archimedean

We need one of these to deal with the jackass crustys where I work...


Gaah! Is that the Cheshire Cat's evil cousin?


That is one freaky looking pussy. If I had a nickel for every time that was applicable on the internet...




at the pic and the comment ..they both are rolf ffunny


Only peeing

poo and puke!


Thanks y'all...I did the graphic myself ^_^

NC Tony

I think cat vomit would be much worse than cat pee.


Nah, cat pee penetrates everything and it takes nearly a nuclear blast to get the smell and stain completely yak is just a lumpy glob of fur or underchewed food. (I've had a lotta maybe I'm a little desensitized)


Use "Natures Miracle" to get any pet urine out of stuff. It seriously works miracles.



i think from my experience with cats it will be easier to get the stain out than the smell.

Perhaps should the cat "suffer" from diarrhea and tapeworm


Isn't it funny that the conversation has gone from the meme itself to considerations on pet-stain cleanup? I find it amusing. XD

P.S. I swear by a mixture of peroxide, vinegar and baking soda with a hint of citrus oil.

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