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McHellHello! I'm Screaming Off Key or SoK either is cool.

Today I worked a short shift at my own slice of McHell. I'm one of the very few people who speak English as a first language and without an accent (I sound very flat with and I don't use slang, it's irrelevant but just telling you) so I get put in back cash for drive thru a lot. My restaurant has a rule that you can only have one order per vehicle in the drive thru, if we do otherwise we could be potentially written up.

Incoming Miss Bitch. It had been about an hour since I got there, no one has really annoyed me yet which is a good thing because I get annoyed easily in drive thru. I live up in the more northern part of Canada, I am full blood native/first nation/indian whatever you want to call it. My "people" still annoy the SHIT out of me because they're stupid and expect everyone to kiss their asses.

Suddenly there's a beep in my ear, que "Hi! Welcome to McHells can I take your order?"

I don't get a response, just some muffled talking into a cell phone for a good minute and a half. I don't know if there's a line and I can't tell if she's ever going to order.

Finally I hear "Hold on I'm getting food," and she places an order. And then she says "That's one order and now I'm going to place another one." I turn off the mic for a breath and say, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I can only take one order per vehicle in the drive thru."

And the screeching. Miss Bitch takes it upon herself to tell me how ridiculous that notion is, that she NEEDED to place two orders and how I was inconveniencing her and eating up her precious time.

At this point, my manager who is on the other end tells her, "The crew members do not make the rules we just have to follow them and if you need to make multiple orders come inside or go around again because there is nothing we can do." She decides to just make one order, after racking up our drive thru time to seven minutes and leaves.

I sighed and got ready to put on my fake smile for the next person to come thru, I hate working drive thru. May all your custies be intelligent.

--Screaming Off Key


Larry Berry

I would have loved that rule when I worked drive thrus. Most annoying would be the people that would try to place all orders at once rather than one at a time. For example, "This is going to be 3 separate orders. All 3 combo meals. One of them a #1, the others a #2 and #3. One one of them, they want onion rings instead of fries (Which one?), a milkshake instead of soft drink on one (again they don't say which one) and one of them supersized (The onion rings or the french fries? and is that the one with the soda or the shake?).

Even when they did order all their separate orders one at a time, too many times, I would have them pull to the window and Then say "just take it all out of this $50". Okay why didn't you just put it all on one order then if you're going to pay for it all together anyway? So since they were all separate I had to pay for the first one with the 50, make change, bring up the next order, pay for that with the change, bring up the next order pay for that from the change left from the second order......

Sales Agent Guy

I just don't get people who make separate orders, unless they have a legitimate reason (e.g. they're buying items for themselves, and some for a business and they need separate receipts.)

Seriously, I swear some people must deliberately ask for separate orders just to test our patience.


Hooray for that manager! I can't stand it when you're following rules that you'll get into trouble for breaking, and when the custy complains, the managers mutter "Just do it."

The Last Archimedean

If the manager wants to break the rules, I always log out of the register and have them log in so that if corporate gets upset, the manager's name is the one that is associated with the evidence of giving away the store.

Slave of Arch

I hate people that insist on that.
Like, really...most of the time they want to pay for them all together anyway, sooo...why not?
If you wanna split the cost with your friend, take the receipt and a calculator. Not that hard..
As for the managers (in response to CoG) we have one manager who will let this rule slide (pisses me off) but one manager who WILL NOT BREAK THIS RULE for any reason. I love her so much for that.


That particular manager is pretty good on following corporate rules. Some of the others aren't great though.


I practically dance with glee when I call for a manager, and the one that shows up is the one who will stick to the rules. I have to keep myself from sticking my tongue out at the entitled custy! :D


I do do multiple orders sometimes, but only if it's for more than just me. Cow-orker gives me money for food when I go out to lunch, I pay for his with his money and mine with my debit card. Have run into the no multiple thing a couple of times, but never understood why...


Yeah, that's a pretty crap policy IMHO.


My McHell's just put a limit on multi orders in drive-thru two years ago: no more than five. I wish we had the "one order per vehicle" rule.


With multiples orders placed in drive through it just seems like asking for chaos. Way to easy to give the wrong food or not enough to someone. I always figured that and just go inside if I have more than 1 order. Kind of nice that corporate somewhere actually made a good policy.

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