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It Ain't Easy Being Cheesycotic

ChezHoly snack time, Batman! People really need to chill out about their junk food.

From burglars leading the cops to their doorstep with a trail of Cheetos to schools banning the popular snacks, the outrage over these crunchy tidbits is getting out of control.

We are all familiar with the ever so (unfortunately) common incidents of customers flipping their shit over a minor inconvenience in the fast food line. And now people are taking their grease-laden rage to the snack isle.

In Texas, a woman beat her sister to the point of unconsciousness when the girl was found munching the cheesy goodness.

After the Oct. 11 incident, Deby Mejia, 23, reportedly told investigators thatshe resents her little sister for being born and never loved her, KHOU reported.

Mejia's little sister reportedly brought a bag of Cheetos to their Houston apartment while Mejia was away. The woman allegedly came home to find her sister snacking and went ballistic. She's accused of whipping the little girl with an extension cord, then banging her head on the floor into unconsciousness, according to The Weekly Vice.

The woman was charged with child abuse and put in jail. But investigators and neighbors said this wasn't the first time she'd hurt her sister.

Mejia has looked after the the girl since their mother was deported to Honduras in 2006. A neighbor told KHOU that there was regular abuse, including a punishment that included Meija forcing her sister to kneel on a bag of rice while balancing a bucket of water on her head.

A CPS worker told reporters that there is no record of Mejia or the abuse. Had CPS been informed of a minor caring for another minor, they would have looked into the case, according to KHOU. The victim is now in foster care.

The suspect doesn't feel any remorse for the alleged crime and doesn't think she did anything wrong, KTRK reported. She's scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 13, and her bail was set at $60,000.

C'mon's a damn cheese puff...or a fucking cheeseburger...or a shitty chicken nugget. Chill the fuck out and take a step back to realise how moronic you're acting.




The only problem with this article is the fact that the beating had nothing to do with the damn cheetos. The girl could have been eating a fruit by the foot and her sister would have still beat her down.


Im with Kristina on this. It really has nothing to do with junk food. Its more of a person who should not be raising a child and neighbors not contacting cps when there was known abuse.

The Last Archimedean

Why was the mother deported and nothing done about the kids? Leaving a 17 year old to fend for herself and take care of a 4 year old? Someone really fucked the dog on this one. I hope several bureaucrats are blasted loose from their jobs and sent to jail.


Well... to be fair, Cheeto dust really is a bitch to get out of your skin, clothes and furniture.


Well I think it was banned from schools because the orange from the coating on the puffs would get everywhere. As for the other story, that woman is fucked up in the head and nothing will fix it.


Yeah, there are problems in the family, but...

Guys, junk food/poor diet contributes to aggression.

Headset Hellion

That neighbor should be ashamed. If they knew this abuse was going on and did nothing to stop it, they are just as guilty!

government peon

Okay, okay, blame Cheetos, blame the neighbor, blame the school, blame cps. People who are responsible for beating a ten year old: that bitch. It doesn't go into detail about the circumstances of the mother. The sister could have called CPS at any time, or if she applied for government assistance, could have gotten a social worker involved.

There's a lot of what ifs and unknown goings on.

The Last Archimedean

I'd still like to know why one branch of government was deporting the mom and didn't inform the other branch of government they were leaving behind a 17-year-old girl and her 4-year-old sister, with no parent in the house. SOMEONE should have been contacted at the time.

government peon

Let's try this scenario, not knowing any of the details. Let's say the 23 year old is undoc too. Mom gets picked up, only has the 23 and ten year old (then 16 and 4). Mom has been inundated with information saying that government are bad and that they'll deport the 23 year old and 4 year old. Mom thinks this would be a better life for them than where she was being deported. Mom doesn't disclose the fact she has children, her current address, or anything. Of course when her child was born, she only used her first last name, not her full last name. The children aren't with her when she gets picked up. How is the government supposed to track that she has a family when she has minimal trackable data?

Now again, I don't know all the details, but there often when it comes to non citizens who are not prucol (known to the government voluntarily), the government often only knows what they're told.

Oh and there are a lot of situations where even if you call foster care, if they can't make contact with the family, or the child is non verbal, there's only so much cps can do.

Queer Geek

I agree. Nothing to do with Cheetohs. (Gosh darn, I'm craving some.)

But a sad abusive situation involving a child who should not be in the care of an abusive guardian. Hopefully, the victim recovers and all those involved with this case punished for dropping the ball.

On a sidenote, CPS reform also needs to happen. There was recent newstory about an abduction case involving a 9 year old boy (now 24) who was missing for 15 years. Turns out the grandparents had concealed the boy due to custody dispute with the mother.

The comments boards lit up with personal stories of CPS not assisting in cases where kids in the middle of nasty custody disputes involving neglectful abusive birth parents and fit guardians and placing kids as pawns in the middle. Basically, it seems social services needs to improve the way kids are handled in these situations so that they are placed in homes where they are cared for.

government peon

There are a lot of government services that need to be reformed. The extremes are often the go to for examples. The grandparents concealed the child I assume from the mom? I'm interested in the details because there would have to be major cover up going on.

NC Tony

From what I understand the main problem with CPS is there are thousands of cases and only a finite number of workers to deal with them. Unfortunately some cases slip though the cracks and never get any kind of proper handling, if they're even glanced at. For every case CPS catches where there's abuse of either the child or the system, there's probably ten where nothing ever happens until it's too late.

That being said, I hope the little girl never sees her sister again. It sounds to me like she needs help, and if she doesn't have any mental problems and is just a vindictive bitch, then she needs a severe ass kicking.


Hello folks this is exactly what happens when the richest 1% doesn't have to pay a fair share of taxes and most major companies drastically underpay their employees. You get underfunded government agencies with absurd case loads and shit slips through the cracks, you could blame them but that is really unfair. The people who work for CPS probably didn't have any idea about either of these kids the mom left behind. Seriously what are they supposed to do check door to door for abandoned kids? The only two people responsible are the abusive sister, and the mother who failed to report correctly to INS when whe was being deported.

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