Durex and The End of The World
It's Raining Crazy Custys! Hallelujah!



Of course, they go wild by the end of the year because they have to fill up some kind of quota for traffic fines. Last years trick was to stand by particularly icy slopes and fine cars that lost their brakes and therefore 'drove' too fast.


@L do they have quotas in Sweden like that cause in the US I don't think they do anymore. Now the bastards can write as many tickets as they want.


Actually, at least here in Finland (and the Helsinki area more specifically, as it's the most densely populated part of the country and for some reason has had more than its fair share of snow these last couple of winters), illegally parked cars are quite a big problem in the snowy season. They get in the way of trams (causing not just one but often several trams to be blocked -> not fun when you're trying to get to work), they get in the way of snow ploughs, etc. In the worst of cases they may blocking routes that should be kept clear for emergency vehicles. So the fact that it's been covered in snow (which might even indicate it's been "abandoned" here for days or weeks) doesn't make it any less of a nuisance, if it was badly parked an getting in the way in the first place.


One time when I was still a kid, my dad got home really late at night. At some point during the night, the battery came loose, fell, cracked open and somehow ignited the engine, causing the car to burn. We slept through all this blissfully unaware. In the morning, we went outside to see a burned out hulk of a car... with a fluttering ticket attached to it for parking in a fire zone.


Wow, Amee, that is one douchebag cop.


Look at the background in that picture. The road has been plowed. There is very little snow on the other cars. The snow storm ended some time before the picture was taken.

My city has a law that every car must be moved at least once every 24 hours. We also have odd-even parking on snow days. On an odd number day you park your car on the side of the street with the odd-number houses, on even days you park on the even number side. This allows the plows to clear the odd side of the street on even number days and the even side of the street on odd number days.

Badly-plowed roads make life miserable for fire trucks, ambulances, and other larger vehicles. Jerks like the owner of that car make it durn near impossible for snow plow drivers to do their jobs. That car owner earned the ticket. He's lucky he wan't towed.

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