Downton Arbys
Money Doesn't Buy Taste



I didn't know KFC took checks, that's a lot of chicken and grape soda.

NC Tony


Sarah Park

Awful spelling and handwriting. The teacher of this person must be very disappointed.


It's gotta be fake.....


That Loch Ness Monsta said he needed about three fiddy.


Wow steve youre a racist jerk.....


Wow. Spelling and grammar. Otherwise a debit or credit card. It's sad to think that cursive is now being dropped from a lot of school systems. How will kids learn to sign their names on job applications, college entrance letters, and those rare times they actually have to... write a check.


I think they do still bother to teach them their names in cursive. You don't need to know the whole cursive alphabet & all the rules for that - just your name. Plus most people's signatures are illegible scribbles anyway. Mine is one of the few that isn't - and I don't even sign my last name in cursive. I sign it in all caps, which goes to show that signatures don't even have to be in cursive.

In 5th grade they forced us to write the second half of the year entirely in cursive. They told us we had to because in middle school and high school you were supposed to write only in cursive. That was a damn lie. They don't want you to write in cursive because it's hard to read! They want you to write as legibly as possible - type it if you can. However my hand writing has never been the same after 5th grade. Now I write some kind of bastard combination of print and cursive.

To that end what you're really lamenting is how they no longer teach PENMANSHIP in schools. Ever wonder why the writing on historical documents pre-typewriter always had the same handwriting? Because everyone was taught the same handwriting. Makes me wonder exactly how valid handwriting analysis would be back then if everyone was taught the same. I actually like practicing handwriting - and as such I can change mine at will. I could probably seriously complicate an investigation that hinged on handwriting analysis.

Bitch Boy

@Nomnom - Lucky... My handwriting is a bastard combination of legible English cursive and legible Russian cursive. Mine sticks out like a sore thumb.

Jason Thorn

"Why should fools have money in hand to buy wisdom, when they are not able to understand it?" - Proverbs 17:16

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