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From SellsCells:

Hey there. I've posted a few times, been lurking for a while, and my last job (currently unemployed) had to do with cell phones, so I'll be SellsCells. This rant is actually about that last job, but it should be pretty short.

During my last job, I had two bosses, one awesome (she'll be Coolio) and one pretending to be awesome (I'll call her Bitch).

First, some backstory. I came to this company after working at a factory that assigned hours by order, which is to say if no one is ordering the product, nobody works. I would go weeks without work, and with bills to pay, that wasn't really cutting it, so I bit the bullet and applied around, looking for another job. When I walked into this cell phone/wireless place, I said hello, that I was looking for a job, and the next thing I know I'm already being trained and the leave me to lock up the store on my own. I hadn't even been there three hours! I pretty much walked in and got hired! I thanked my lucky stars and put in my two weeks at the factory, and dove head first into retail once again.

The job was fun. Coolio was awesome and quirky and Bitch acted like she wanted to be Coolio but failed miserably. I was pretty much their only employee, but then I found out they had one other location which quickly became three while I was working there. Yep, the store was in its first year of business and I helped make it successful.

But do I get appreciated? Oh hell no. I did more than my job; I installed hardware, built shelves (nailed to the wall kinda stuff), fixed their stupid mistakes, wrote business letters, faxes, and even did their accounting, and what happens? Bitch cuts my hours.

I confront her about it, and here's her stupid fucking excuse.

Bitch: "Well, you weren't cleaning at night so we didn't think you needed all the hours."

Me: "Who says I'm not cleaning?! Every time I'm here I clean!"

Bitch: "You didn't check off the list."

Me: "What list?"

Bitch: "The cleaning list."

Me: "Let me say that again. What. List?"

OCTOCAROL 168Bitch: "The cleaning list by the computer."

I ask her to find the list, and low and behold, she can't find it. I literally MAKE one for her, right in front of her, save the file on the desktop so even her dumb ass brain can remember where it is. She then offers to give me back my hours on "the benefit of the doubt."

Oh, and then my favorite part. She then says, "We do appreciate all you've done here and this company is what it is because of you."

Bullshit. I'd believe it if she didn't cut my hours to 16 hours a fucking WEEK. I had been working 30.

So, next day, my hours are back up, and I talk to Coolio about it. She says she had been talking to Bitch about some unnamed employee, and her method of getting teenagers to quit were to cut their hours until they went somewhere else. She hadn't realized Bitch was talking about me, because apparently Bitch was saying I was dicking around on the computer all day and not doing my job.


There were quite a few days I wanted to punch Bitch in the face, but that's a story for another day.

Thanks for being there, RHU!



Soft Ice Girl

Wow, Bitch is a telling name...
Hope that your job went well otherwise and that you will find a new one soon :)

Hellgreens Slave

oh geez.. I've had too many bad managers cut my hours to try to get me to quit.. but I always fought back cos that's just a dick move. Some "managers" need to learn how to manage. lol.


Hmmmm... I think I may have worked for Bitch. Definitely someone like her. What do you want to bet that Bitch ended up being the downfall of the company after you left?

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