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Retail: The Comic has provided a very accurate and useful term for us to use when referring to those custys who bug us off the clock or when we are on our way to go home/break/lunch.
This is an awesome comic strip. If you don't follow it yet, I highly suggest you make it a part of your morning routine. It's so very spot on!



I've told this one before, and now I tell it again: I have been approached by custies when I was not on the clock, and because the custies were courteous and polite and I wasn't doing much else at the time and didn't need (or want) to be anywhere else I cheerfully helped them.

If any of those caveats do not apply, feel free to just walk away.


NC Tony

When I was at Bullseye I usually went with the "Let me page someone/get someone who works in this department to help you". Depending on whether I was dealing with a customer or a custo-monster/crusty depended on what I did next.

Customer: Paged/found a co-worker and pointed them in customer's direction.
Custo-monster/crusty: Continued to where I was going, especially if I was leaving for the day.

Bored at the Bookstore

Howsabout when you're speeding toward the restroom, and they stop you with a long, rambling description of the item they're looking for, why they want it, who they're buying it for, and ... meanwhile, Mother Nature is screaming in your ear. Gotta hate that.


My favorite? When you're buttoning up your coat, and your replacement for the day is standing right next to you, ready to go.

Who do they always ask?


We wear a uniform at work. It is hard to miss. So it should be pretty easy to tell who is working and who isn't. (We are not suppose to be on the floor shopping in our uniform if we are not on the clock.)

During the holidays I was shopping at my store in my street clothes when my brother called. He just found out his wife was having a baby and was excited and telling me all about it. So I was on the phone pushing my cart around when one of my regular customers approached me. She didn't say "excuse me" or anything just launched right into "Do you have any more christmas music cds?"
I'm like, "Uhm, what..." I told my brother to hold on a minute and asked the customer to repeat her request. She then replies, "Well you shouldn't be on the phone when you're working."
I replied, "It is my day off, did you not notice that I'm not in uniform?"
Her: "Oh. Well do you have any Christmas cds left?"
Me: "No we sold out last week."
Her: "Well can you at least go check in the computer?"
Me: "Ma'm as I have told you, I am not working today, there for I an NOT ALLOWED to be on any of the company's computer. You have to ask someone who is working today."
She walked off mumbling how unhelpful I was. UGh.

Duke of URL

I work the paint counter, and that provides the potential for some major clock blocking. Multiple-can orders (more than one 5-gallon, more than two one-gallon, or more than about 4 one-quart cans) take significant extra time to complete. And a single 5-gallon bucket can take more time than some multi-can orders in single gallon cans, if it's a vibrant color that needs upwards of a liter of tint (it's measured in US fluid ounces but I think everyone can understand what a liter is). Some colors require upwards of 40 ounces (1.2L) when purchased in 5-gallon buckets.

I have shamelessly and without malice handed off a large order to a coworker - even mid-order - to avoid a clockblock. I wouldn't do so if I knew it would unduly inconvenience the coworker, or if it was not inconveniencing me.


Somehow all of my custys seem to just KNOW that I work at my store. I have come in, out of uniform, obviously shopping, and had people who are dressed JUST LIKE ME, stop me and go "Do you work here? I need help with X".


My cousin who works retail actually found himself facing product at a store when he was out shopping. Then he realized what he was doing and was like "wtf? I don't work here!"


Nomnom: Heh. I've done the same sort of thing and I've never worked retail. I just see the stockers, and don't want to make things worse for them, so I either take from behind the front if I can reach it, or take the front stuff and move the back stuff up.

I was in a Walfart once... I'm 6'3", huge red bushy biker beard (despite not being a biker; I'm just lazy about shaving) and wearing a shirt with orange and black stripes and a huge snarling tiger face on the front that has frightened small children and started medium-sized adults. A little old lady comes up and asks where something was. I blinked at her and... helped her find it, and then reached it down for her. :P Apparently I give off 'helpful' vibes that overpower my (partially intentional) 'leave me alone' ones. But she asked nicely and I happened to know where it was, and it was nearby, so...

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