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Parking Entitlement

    Ok, dude, seriously? I know there's a lot of empty spaces, but that still doesn't give you permission to park like an assbasket and take up three spaces. You are not that awesome.


The Last Archimedean

That calls for more than just keying.

Anyone who does that deserves to have their car towed away. Flag down security and have them call the parking authorities.

Book Baby

Plus, it's a CHEVY econobox. Usually, I see this sort of parking from Porsche drivers!


It's in the middle of flippin' nowhere and hurting nobody. What I'm looking at is a car with a bad starter motor, and a poor person trying to park in a way where they can coast into a bump-start just in order to get home.

Yeah, they should fix it. No, they probably haven't, but as a workaround this isn't that bad.



This past weekend I was at my local Target, which is part of a larger shopping center. It is ALWAYS busy, and even busier than usual because it was the Saturday before the super bowl.

I was leaving, driving in the proper lane in front of the store heading towards one of the exit, when another driver pulls in, and instead of driving in the opposite lane, is barreling towards me. I slam on breaks to avoid a head on collision. The woman in the other vehicle--an SUV--stops right in-front of the store, and hops out, she then opens the side door and pulls out largish child toy. By then me and other drivers behind me are honking at her to move her car so we can get around her (there is too much on-coming traffic in the opposite lane to get around her.)

The woman yells out to us, "I'm sorry I just have to make a return, it will only take a minute." She then waves and runs into the store.

With the on-coming traffic it took several minutes to get around her SUV. I could not believe what an bitch she was. I really hope someone keyed her SUV.

NC Tony

Perky, I would have gotten out of my car JUST to key her SUV.

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