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Sabriel Jones

Well look like someone needs to be in Canada's Worst Driver. Seriously though how fast do you have to be going to do that!

DeptStore Diva

I saw this a while ago. I forget what brand car it was, but somebody in corporate saw the video and gave the car owner a new car. They did catch the woman driving the SUV, but I don't remember what happened to her.

Duke of URL

Don't need to be going very fast at all. All it takes is a vehicle with a higher than average ride height (such as any standard pickup or SUV), that little concrete block parking divider to use as a ramp, and the other vehicle with a average or lower ride height (any standard sedan, coupe, or station wagon). I'd say 5 MPH would be sufficient with those conditions, though it looks as though the SUV sped up at the last second, and was going more than 5 MPH to start with.


Obviously they were coming in too fast and slammed on the gas not the brakes. Then they hit the little concrete bump to signify the end of the parking space and it popped the car up enough to land on the others. Hope they get caught and put in jail.

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