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Snobby Shoe Store Custy Gets Told

Freddy rockstarI was working at a very famous shoe store some years back when a custy and her kid came in right at opening. I was all alone and it was one of those mornings... You know the ones: phone ringing off the hook, paperwork to be done and about a zillion other things.

I greeted the woman no problem while her and her kid plopped on a bench for a chat for about 10 minutes ignoring me. Rude, but fairly normal.

She asked me for a few sizes and I got them for her, while juggling ups delivering shipment and phone orders. I got them for her, she decided on some and began her purchase.

As she goes to leave she turns to me and says, "You know I would've bought more if you would have actually helped me."

Before my smart ass brain caught up with my mouth I said to her, "Well ma'am, typically when people need or want help, they ask for it."

This woman looked like I just beheaded her child. She looked that offended that a retail slave would DARE speak back to her. She turned on her heel and left... but didn't even complain. One of my finer moments of sticking it back to the assholes who bring it.

--Bra Bitch



RHU needs a Like button, but short of that, *Like*.

The Last Archimedean

The fact she didn't complain means that in spite of her trying to salvage some pride by giving you "the look", she knows you were right and she was wrong. Hopefully she learned from the experience.

Soft Ice Girl

Very nice! Seems like a glorous moment :)

Soft Ice Girl

I mean "glorious", of course.


You greeted her and got her the shoes she asked for....I would consider that helping...what did she expect, for you to hover over her and guide her through every motion? i bet if you'd done that she would have complained that you were treating her like a potential thief.

Womens Retail Slave

On a semi-related note. I am a guy who works in a womens store, so sometimes I get ignored as an employee. I hate when I am standing there and can hear the crustys bitch, "no one is here to help" or "i wish someone could find me xxx" So I pipe up, and say, "oh can I help you?" 9 out of 10 times I get "no, im fine" Then why are you bitching to your friend that you cant find something or that you need help.

Bra bitch

Ugh that's the worst especially when they're talking to their friend about a specific something and you go up and ask them if they need help and they say oh no we're fine and then walk out!

NC Tony

I guess she didn't notice (or more likely didn't care) that you were the only person working, and therefore had other things to do besides wait on her hand and foot (no pun intended). She probably had the entitlement complex most crustys have "I'm in the store so it's all about ME!"

The Last Archimedean

NCT, for your next wish list, a device that zaps the entitlement complex and asshole-ness out of customers as they walk in the door and turns them into polite, patient human beings.


TLA, could you set that up to look like a metal detector or sensor device? Nobody looks twice at those anymore, and would never notice the zapping. And while we're at it, could we have a setting that sterilizes absentee parents that come in with a load of demonspawn? ;)

NC Tony

TLA: I'll keep that in mind.

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